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'Hello everyone my name is Ms. Athens and I will be your sub for Mr. Furlow today. Mr. Furlow is out sick so hes not sure when he will be back. With that being said he made an assignment to do in class that would last a couple of days. He said if he returns you all will continue to work on it as planned. This project is a partner project. All you have to do is pick a century that both partners mutually admire, and come up with a presentation for the class. He also said that it can be any type of presentation from a speech, where both will speak, a time line, slide show, a demonstration, and so on. Now with all that being said you will work with the person to your right. I felt then that Alice planned this. She had to of known ahead of time that this would be happening. I looked at Alice and smiled, and she looked over with an accomplished, evil grin. I turned away, and lowered my gaze. How was I going to get through this class with Alice, and how was I going to be able to work with a clear mind with her close to me. 'Alright so pair up, and begin.' Everyone started to move chairs, and a light mummer could be heard from everyone talking. Alice grabbed my chair, and pulled me next to her. I squeezed my eyes shut, and just hoped this class would go by quickly. 'So what is your favorite period, my pet.' 'I cringed at her "nickname" for me' 'Alice can you just call me by my name please, and I would say the seventeenth century. What about you?' I asked. 'Well after much consideration I would have to agree. So my pet what are we going to do to?' 'What do you want to do?' 'That's not what I asked' she said while wrapping her arm around me. 'Okay I would just say make a time line covering the major or important things that occurred.' 'Well that sounds like a grand idea' she snickered all the while tightening her grip around me. I knew it wouldn't be much longer until she would squeeze hard enough that would cause me to want to back away. 'So why don't you just grab your notebook, and lets begin pet.' 'Yeah you wanna grab yours also so we can knock it out faster?' I asked thinking of ways to get this done faster. She squeezed and it hurt 'Alice please you are hurting' I whispered trying not to draw attention, because I knew it wouldn't help the matter. 'You know Michael if I wanted to do it that way I would have suggested that' she said through cringing teeth, and a tightening grip. 'Okay Alice I'm sorry. Can we just forget I asked, and begin working please.' 'Of course my pet. Now you write' she said while releasing her hold. I feel the pain from that still there 'this pain is going to linger for a minute' I thought. I pulled out my notebook, and opened the History book. I started going through that Century, and writing down key points I thought were best. 'Hey Alice, you just had to go off, and grab the nerd didn't you?' Scotty asked. 'Well of course, and plus he would of picked me anyways, wouldn't you have' she said while wrapping her arm back around me. 'Yeah I probably would have.' Not wanting to argue I just agreed. 'Well Alice how much to you love ole Scotty and Jerry?' 'not much why' 'can you share him? We really don't want to do this assignment' 'it'll cost you' she said while they all laughed. I just sat there doing the work when 'okay class quieten down now'. 'If only I was brave enough to tell them no.' 'Okay what will it cost' Jerry whispered. 'I want some one on one time with my pet' she said while pulling me in. I sighed, and tried to pull away. Alice snatched my pen away which got me to look at her 'what are you doing' 'I'm trying to get this done, and you pulling me in impedes my work.' I probably shouldn't have said that, but she asked and I would have felt it if I lied. Apparently I am a bad liar. 'Michael, Michael, Michael do not do that again. Do not pull away from me, got it?' 'yeah I got it.' I sighed and continued working. 'Alice you got one on one right there.' 'no I mean actual one on one time you know private.' 'Well how are we supposed to do that Alice?' 'I don't know you will have to figure it out, or do your own work' she finished with a smirk knowing good and well that they are just going to do their own work. She turned to look at me, and leaned in close to my ear 'you are welcome Michael' she whispered and licked my ear. I shuttered and wiped my ear off on my shoulder, and she laughed. 'What am I supposed to be thanking her for' I thought 'surely she doesn't think that she saved me from them. They can't do anything to me without their Coach or the Principal finding out anyways. But she probably doesn't know that part. Oh well.' I was finishing up on the last few things when the bell rang. Alice wrapped her arm around me again 'just finish this up at home, or save it for Monday I could care less.' 'Okay' was all I said I really didn't want to do this entire project on my own, but I knew I would have to anyways. I gathered my books, and realized Alice was still just sitting there watching me. I looked over and saw her lick her lips. My body instantly shivered 'gross'. As I finished I was fixing to put on my bag when Alice grabbed it. 'I'll carry it for you my pet even though you should be carrying mine.' 'It's okay Alice I got it' 'really because you look like you are in a lot of pain today'. I looked at her and she smirked. I then looked around, and noticed there was no one else in the room. 'I don't know what you are talking about' 'oh really, because I think you do. I know your secret Michael'. I looked at her 'what secret?' 'oh come on Michael you know about your Daddy.' My eyes went slightly wide, and my heart started racing 'I don't know what you are talking about Alice.' She leaned in close 'you know how your father had his way with you?' My eyes went completely wide this time 'how does she know, how did she find out, there's no way' my mind was racing with all these questions as Alice just smirked, and leaned in closer. 'I know everything about you Michael' she said while running her finger over my chin. 'How do you know about that' I asked hopeful she would answer without any trouble. 'Your friend told me' 'what friend' 'you know Alex' 'Alex wouldn't tell you anything' I concluded knowing that he wouldn't. 'Well you see my pet it's that I have something that Alex wants so when he comes to me wanting it I have to be paid in some way' she said smiling at her slight victory. I just stood there. 'Well what does he need from you so bad then?' 'well that's a secret' 'he told my secret, so what do you give him, please Alice' 'it'll cost you' she finished while crossing her arms, and smiling. 'Well I don't want to know then'. I turned, and started to walk away. 'What if I told you it was something really bad?' I stopped, my body was begging me to keep walking, but my mind grew with concern for Alex. I turned around to face Alice again 'what is it?' I bluntly asked. 'Well to find that out Michael you need to do something for me.' 'Okay what would you want?' I am terrified to find out her answer, but I do not have to do it I will just have to ask Alex. 'That's it' I thought 'I'll go ask Alex myself, it's lunch anyways'. 'All you have to do is kiss me right here and now' I looked at her 'I'm good, thank you though' and I turned to walk out. Well I could tell that was not the answer she was hoping for, because I heard her coming towards me; so I ran out. As I went to run out of the classroom I ran into Scotty. 'My day was going good' I thought. 'Where you off to so quickly Michael, and don't worry your friends are not looking for you just yet either' 'what did you do to then' 'oh we did nothing to them they are just having to stay and speak with the teachers, so you got nothing but time right now, and plus class just ended a few minutes ago. So why don't you just stay in here with Alice for a little bit longer.' he finished looking over to Alice. 'There you got one on one now, our presentation' 'consider it done.' I turned and looked at Alice 'I can't do two full presentations on my own. No matter how smart I am there is just not enough time. I won't do it. I just won't have time too, I'm sorry'. Neither one of them said anything they just stood there. Then all of a sudden Alice laughed 'so you honestly don't think you would be able to do it' 'no I don't' she stopped laughing and closed the distance between us, and I back up forgetting that Scotty was there and backed into him. As Alice kept coming Scotty just grabbed my arms preventing me from moving any more. 'I guess you will just have to figure out a way, now won't you' she stopped right in front of me pushed Scotty's hands off of me. 'Don't touch what is mine' she said while glaring daggers into Scotty. Now you will do both presentations, and you will kiss me right now. Or we will sit in here the whole lunch period.' By this time Alice had gripped my arms. I didn't say anything I just looked up at her, and that just angered her. 'You can leave now' she said while looking at Scotty. 'Fine, fine you don't have to be so pushy you know' with that Scotty walked out shutting the door. So once again it was Alice and me alone. 'Now my pet just give me a kiss, and I will let you leave, okay?' I stood there thinking 'or I can just force you on your knees your choice' she said pointedly. 'Fine all I have to do is kiss you, and you will let me leave no problem?' 'yes' 'fine' I said with a huff 'just do this so she leaves you alone Michael. Its just one kiss' I kept trying to tell myself, but it wasn't making me feel any better about having to kiss one of my bullies. Alice leaned forward, and I slightly did and our lips connected. Our lips connected and I tried to pull away, but she grabbed my head and kept our lips together. I dropped my bag, and instantly put my hands on her trying to separate us. I kept pushing my hands against her arms trying to get her to let go of my head. She separated us, and let me go. I stood there panting from all the struggling I did, and Alice was laughing. She was obviously unmoved by my movements and fighting. 'Well that shows just how strong she is' I said making a mental note of it. 'See now that wasn't so bad now was it' she said while I was bending down to get my bag. 'Aw, come on Michael it wasn't that bad.' She said as I was turning to leave. 'You had to of enjoyed it.' I heard her laughing along with Scotty as he exited the room. I just walked out. After I had gotten a good distance away I propped myself onto the handrail, and just stood there. 'Why damn-it. Why does all this happen to me. I don't get it, why would this keep happening to me. Oh well there is nothing I can do about it.' I sighed walking toward the lunch area where I know Tyler, Tara, and Alex would be waiting. 'Wonder what Alex has going on that was so important he had to tell Alice my secret.'