"Don't forget about me!"

No one wants to be forgotten by someone they care about or ignored by them either.

You end up walking alone on the cold bleak street with the moon faintly glowing in throughout the city, and your whole body starts to blur to nothingness.

You see in a distance a bunch of people you still remember, who you used to laugh like crazy with and created so many precious memories that it hurts that they are "gone" from your life.

Your heart starts to beat slower and slower as your life force slips away from you.

Your past so call friends are emitting a whitish-yellowish glow around them, and their laugh echoes through you.

You keep on walking through the bleak city, while you feel a drop of clear liquid starting to hit your arm.

The drops start to pick up speed and you start to see yourself becoming transparent, making the drops feeling like a little annoying speck barley touching you.

The memories of you are slipping away even faster from them, making you slipping into oblivion.

Keep telling yourself to keep walking, even though you can barely lift any part of your body to move closer to the light.

Your body moves an inch every second, while you keep getting more transparent that you are looking like a pale ghost moving in the night.

They are so farther away from you, that you have no hope to make them remember and that they memory of you is on the brink of extinction.

Mouth opens slightly, and a scream was meant to come out, yet only a faint whisper is able to make a sound.

You don't want to go, you want to be remembered and be important to people. Your heart pounds with a few last beats, which is signaling this is the end of you.

You have no choice but to give up on everything, and fade into nothingness since no one cares for your existent…


You hear a voice calling to you

Its echoing behind you

You start to hear your beat faster just from the call

And life is breathing back to you, making you not much of a ghost anymore.

They keep calling your name, over and over…

The energy to turn around comes back to you, and you see someone that hasn't forgotten about you.

Someone who cares for your well-being, and is smiling at you

And then you realize there are a few other people behind that someone

And that you may have been forgotten by the past so called friends, but you realize they weren't meant for you…

That these people in front of you now are your true friends and your family that will always be there to bring you back from misery, and keep you in their memories.

A smile starts to spread on your face.