Petals scatter down
Hitting the green blades lightly
Painting the soft ground.

Branches whip around
Trying to grab hold of moon
But to none succeed.

Shining star alight,
Brightening up the darkness,
Giving taste of hope.

Chirping in morning
Fluttering and flying prevail
Bugs scatter away.

Spring starts in the bloom
Bees pollinate the flowers
Sun high in the sky.

The Light and Darkness
Having dawn and twilight too,
Balance is order.

Purring resonates
Meowing appears from fang mouth,
Predator nature.

Barking echoes out
Walks needed outside any day
Chasing brown squirrels.

Bonds of the friendships
Keep ties in the nature ways
Holding deep in heart.

The friends come and go
Only few staying in heart
Don't let them go away.

Shallow, ignorant
Run amok in cruel world
Don't give in to them.