Sleeping avoids me
As my eyes glance at dark place
Hope to go to dreams.

Animals around
So many species to see
Such amazing things.

Open to the page
As eyes scan the written ink
Creating image.

Countless videos
So much content to watch now
And hear the music.

Headphones in my ear
Let the sounds take over me
Getting lost in it.

Game cases scattered
Various choices to play
Can not seem to choose.

Staring at the screen
Clicking everywhere I want
So much to look through.

Need containers now
So many keychains to place
Dangling off my stuff.

So many fandoms
Love the many worlds they show
And the characters.

Papers piled here
Ink scribbled on their thin lines
With pencil marks too.

The stuff animals
Fun to hold and collect them
And look at them too.

Necklaces, Bracelets
To place around neck and arm
Clinging to your skin.