Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and can't bring herself

To put her feet on the ground

And meet the day

Sometimes she's so exhausted that she can't make herself care

About homework or college or her future

Because she's sure she won't even be here next year

And sometimes her mind is so filled with despair

That she won't shower for a week

All she wants to do is sleep

But at night, when the weight of the day hurts the most

Her mind won't turn off

Hot tears burn her cheeks

Her screams are muffled against the pillow

She presses against her bruises to make herself feel pain

But the injury that's killing her won't bleed, won't ever show

Except in slipping grades and lack of interest

And eating too much and feeling too tired

And the texts to her friend about wanting to die

Even her biggest role models have stopped showing interest

Even her parents are angry about what she's become

The counselor's been told, but has no compassion

There's nowhere left to turn

She's afraid of herself now

She's scared of how often she thinks of

Pills and guns and knives

But every heartbeat pumps through more pain

And life doesn't have anything more to offer her

And through all of this, I've loved her

She is the sweetest person I've ever known

And if you hold her for long enough

And listen without judgement

You'll see the pain that's cracking her in two

And it'll break you as well

She's too far gone to call out for help

She's not looking for a lifeline, she take any excuse to leave

So I'm asking

How do you save a life?

Because this world is going to lose her

The most talented and beautiful girl

If everyone continues to ignore the signs

She's so close to the edge

She's inching forward everyday

I want to scream because she's my sister and my best friend, my everything

She's told me not to tell but if I don't

She'll be gone