The scene opens on a run down Motel room. There is a girl with pink Dreadlocks and piercing amber eyes lying in the bed. She is in street clothes, a jacket, jeans and even shoes. This is JUSTINE There is a man in a pizza delivery uniform dead on the ground, This is JACK. JUSTINE and most of the room are all covered in blood.

JUSTINE: (Wakes up, and yawns happily) Aaaaah. what a beautiful morning don't you think Jack? (She looks to the deadman as if waiting for a response) It was Jack wasn't it? You never did give me your name formally, you know. But I'm pretty sure your tag read Jack! Then again I didn't get to good of a look before (Trails off) … I got carried away…(Snaps back) Oh well it was fun while it lasted (Sigh)... (Stretches) Thanks again for the pizza, sorry I didn't tip, it's not like you're gonna need it much any way (Laughs) Hmmm (Looks around the room before making a 'humph') (Accusingly) It's really a shame you came, Jack. Just got a new face too… I used the money from my last play mate. He had quite a bit of money, and quite the life! Beautiful wife, nice kid! Shame he wasn't happy with it… Red was a good color on him, though. Good times. (Realizing she trailed off) Anyway's the face is based off this celebrity, can you guess who it is? (Waits for a response) No…. Guess again! (Waits) Closer…. (Waits) That's it! She is awful pretty isn't she? But I think I look even better than she does, don't you think Jack? (Waits) Oh, you're too kind! (Looks around room again) Well, didn't we make a mess playing! You got blood everywhere! Well, if Mama taught me anything it was to clean up after myself. I'm sure your mom taught you the same thing (waits) She didn't? Well nevermind that, you don't have to worry about it, I got it! It's the least I could do for not tipping you. (Goes into bag and pulls out bleach) You know , I may have just got this face but it is looking a little dull don't you think? (starts cleaning) Maybe it was a good thing you came to play! Now I have an excuse to get a new one! YAY! *Stops cleaning to think* I think I'll keep the hair though, I kinda like It (Fluffs hair) (looks over at jack) (Sighs angrily) Oh Jack! I don't know what I'm gonna do with you! People aren't gonna like that new look on you! Dead and red may be in but on you it just doesn't work! I guess now I have to save your dignity and Hide you from the public's judgey eye.. Hmmm, but where? I could dig a hole out in those woods behind the hotel… No there is a jogging path near there, they'll probably find you for sure , darn joggers always find my more fashionably challenged playmates…. (Sigh) Maybe I could put some acid in the bathtub and hide you there? No, it would be rude to leave a mess,...

Oh I'll just cut you up and hide you with rest!