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I think I was in shock as Mr. Gordon agreed to hand over a sum of money larger than any I had ever seen to Warden Merriam.

"Good luck!" the warden told me cheerily, her eyes gleaming with malice.

Mr. Gordon ignored me, still strapped lewdly to the table and pulled out his handheld.

"Listen, I'm bringing in the girl I came to see. I'll prep her here and be there in time for tonight… Yeah tonight. No she's no one important, but when you see her you'll understand…. Ok."

Mr. Gordon swung the handheld towards me and I saw the man on the camera, frustration on his face.

"She's too skinny," he replied sourly.

"Well, whoever purchases her can fatten her up if they want… think of it like a customizable trait…. Look at her tits…." Gordon said, returning across the room where I couldn't hear the man he conversed with.

"Under three minutes…. Yeah, I know…. And get this- she's a virgin… That's what I've been saying!"

I could see the slight twitch of Mr. Gordon's head that must have indicated a roll of the eyes.

"Well, I won't make it in time if I stay and chat… See you tonight."

With that, he hung up and came back over to me.

"What is tonight?" I asked fearfully.

"Nothing to worry about now," Gordon replied. "The only thing you need to worry about is getting cleaned up.

Despite my logical brain telling me it was fruitless, the second Gordon undid the straps I ran. I made it to the door just ahead of Gordon, but it was, of course, locked.

Gordon just laughed, and spanked my ass as punishment- he didn't really seem to care much.

"Let's go wench," he said, still laughing at my failed escape.

Mr. Gordon drug me naked into the hall, but luckily for my shame, only over one room. This room was a large white bathroom. One corner was sunken in to make a deep tub that might have held several people. Next to it was an open shower with multiple heads. Against the final wall was a large mirror and counter, though nothing was set out. Mr. Gordon flipped a switch and warm air began pouring in as he dragged me to the shower. Once I was centered over the drain, he cuffed my hands above my head and turned to the counter, presumably to find soap, as there was nothing here. Returning with several bottles, he switched the nozzle. All at once, water seemed to hit me from all sides and from straight overhead- it might have been nice if the water wasn't so damn cold.

"Shit!" I cried out, struggling despite the fruitlessness of it all.

"It will warm up in a second… If I could trust you to stay put for 10 seconds I wouldn't have had to cuff you and you could be waiting over here for it to warm up," Mr. Gordon admonished in a bored tone of voice.

Within the minute the water did indeed start to warm up, but as it flooded down my face into my eyes, I was intensely uncomfortable, not to mention the man standing near staring at a handheld.

I waited a full minute after the water warmed up, counting slowly to 60 in my head, before I spoke.

"I thought we were on a time crunch," I reminded the man studiously ignoring me.

Mr. Gordon looked up at me in shock. He didn't say anything but slowly began stripping off his shirt, revealing a torso far more sculpted than I thought the skinny man would possess.

"If you bounce around and get my pants wet, you will learn what a shock gun in a shower feels like," he warned me, voice hard and cold.

I froze, unwilling to risk that kind of punishment.

"That shut you up," he muttered, more to himself than me.

Mr. Gordon shut off the water and scrubbed my hair down with a sweet smelling shampoo. I hadn't used shampoo in years, but this had a strong smell of roses, tinged with the chemical smell of artificial scents. Without lingering, he stepped out of the shower, returning the water to full blast. I squeezed my eyes shut as soap ran down my face. After a moment I felt Mr. Gordon's hand in my hair helping to rinse the soap through.

Then the water was off again and he was up next to me, rubbing in conditioner. I thought he took his time with the conditioner, repeatedly running his fingers through my hair. This time, I was ready with my eyes closed, so none of the conditioner got into my eyes. This had the same strong scent of roses, but Mr. Gordon had it quickly rinsed out of my hair. As he slathered yet another conditioner in my hair, I fought the urge to roll my eyes; was I really that unkempt?

Leaving the thick goop in my hair he took a wash cloth and began to wash up my arms. I shook as he washed my first arm pit, terrified that I would get him wet and be shocked.

"Are you ticklish?" he asked in surprise.

I nodded slowly, trying to take deep breaths.

"That's too funny. I swear someone is going to just adore you…"

With that he continued cleaning me, lingering only slightly over my breasts and nether regions. The washcloth felt strange on my now hairless body, I was anxious to have my hands free, curious to see if I had any hairs left at all.

Mr. Gordon turned the water back on, but only the one over my head, allowing me to tip back slightly to have just water, but no soap fall directly on my face. He combed through my hair slowly, making sure that it was perfectly clean of added goop. When that was done, he turned off the water and left me standing there while he went back to the counter. I shivered slightly, but not as bad as I might of thanks to the strong current of hot hair piped in.

Over the next hour, Mr. Gordon directed me to style my hair, the addition of his fancy soaps turning my normally unruly curls sleek and voluminous. I painted my face with makeup far more elaborate than anything I had ever worn before, the final result being someone I hardly recognized. My nakedness had me flushed red through the experience, but at least Mr. Gordon wasn't leering or touching me.

Finally, Mr. Gordon returned with a bright, green and gold bundle of what looked like silk. He proceeded to drape and wrap the silk around me, the green portion barely covering my breasts but leaving my stomach exposed before wrapping around my waist. The dress, if it could even be called that, faded into gold sheer panels that hung loosely around my legs and flowed off my shoulders. It looked ridiculous in my mind, but Mr. Gordon seemed satisfied.

As he pulled what appeared to be to be green silk cuffs out, I had a small hope of escaping, although to where I wasn't particularly sure. However the restraints clicked onto my wrists metallically, and I realized they must be metal in the silk sleeve for decoration.

"Where are we going?" I asked, wondering if Mr. Gordon was the type to be bribed, now that we were outside of the Matrian prison facility.

"You'll get an orientation when we get there if you shut up and get moving," Mr. Gordon said, more anxious than cross as he checked his handheld for the time.

Silently, I sat in the vehicle waiting, wondering what my future would hold. We drove onto the ferry that would take us across the river; no bridges connected Matreus and Patreus. Once we were parked, Mr. Gordon began fidgeting with his handheld ignoring me entirely. I sighed, thinking that being ignored might just be the best part of my future.

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