Star Wars From the Unknown Regions Episode VI: The End of an Age

"The New Republicans lay in there cradle of power…The Imperials waddle in the puddles of instability and civil wars, the Jedians walk the way of the Grey, the Galactic Republic driks from the fountain of Arrogance and the Akkadians drink from the cup of savagery"- Chai Lung, Minister of Offensive Operations of the Empire.

The New Republic had through the major victories gained mass ammounts of territory. The new reforms had ultimately been extremely beneficial for the New Republic as they became a Military and Economic Super Power.

The Empire was on the verge of collapse and many saw no way to keep the Empire from disuniting due to no central leadership and the massive warlord problem.

The Jedian Empire were the same there Empire followed the Grey. The Galactic Republic was still arrogant and refused to stay in the NR becoming independent again. The Akkadians were in massive civil wars fighting for power and to unify the Akkadian Empire once more.

Akkad, 5487

A soldier runs across the ruins of the City of Rivers with his Mark II Blaster in Hand. The road is filled with broken down barricades and body filled trenches. He is panting and sweating as he runs. He then reaches the line and jumps behind a barricade of stone and metal as everyone aims there guns. The street is silent, the barrels aimed down the street.

The men then see Pro Monarchist Troops march down the street, the officer then yells "GIVE THEM HELL! OPEN FIRE!" Everyone begins to fire, blaster bolts fly everywhere. The Monarchist begin to fire back, and many on both side fall down. The Pro Kana Troops andProMonarchist troops fight for many hours before the Pro Kana are pushed back. The Monarchist after a 87 year battle finally take the city ending the last painful memory of Kana and his Empire.

The Akkadian Emperor had finally announced the end of the 235 year long Warlord that had plagued the Empire since the fall of Kana and the Rise of Nejing from the Ko Lai Family. The Akkadian Empire finally reunited its territories then looked to keep peace vowing never to get involved in politics again. The Emperor and Empress announced that the Military would stay armed until the remaining warlords were put down.

Earth 5487

The New Republic has been in a Era of Economic Success, the Senate has been passing effective laws and the President has been attempting to integrate the Empire peacefully. The Council of Peace has been attempting to reform the Universal Alliance in an attempt to keep peace. The people of the New Republic are content and happy with the Government. The New Republic's new quote is "Gott Mit Uns!" (God With Us!).

Shanxi 5487

The Empire of Shanxi and its Colonies are in chaos, there is no true central government and the one there is, is beyond ineffective and unable to handle the warlord problem. The warlords are in2different parties, Pro War with the New Republic and Pro Centralization of the Empire. The Empire is in massive economic collapse as the New Republic is still sanctioning the Empire for crimes committed in the Genocidal War 2,000 years earlier.

Earth 5487, in a undisclosed location

A scientist has a created a portal, the room is filled with a bright light green as a man walks through and yells "SEIG HIEL!"

The End of an Era has Come...