Heroes Legion: The Manhattan Project

By Maskedhero100.

Chapter 1: The Final Battle

Silicon's Journal: Entry number 77: "The Manhattan Project"

I find it hard to write this, but I figure I must record this just in case things don't go well for any of us tonight.

I know I'm just writing out my journal like I always do at the end of every adventure or battle I endured alongside my teammates and friends: The Heroes Legion.

But this time I'm writing an entry BEFORE a big battle or the end of an adventure…and for good reason.

It's because I'm not sure if I or any of us are going to live through what will follow in the next two hours, this isn't a journal entry I'm writing it's a record.

My possible last thoughts.

Things are not like they had been in the adventures before this one, those were just battles….this…this is war.

A war that tonight, me and my friends must win.

It hurts me to think that none of us, or some of us might not emerge from this battle alive, but there is no choice to be had.

We are the only ones who can save the city now, and it is our responsibility to do so, because it is just as much our fault that the city has been put under a reign of terror caused by our worst enemies.

I hope no one see's this entry and finds that there are no further entries in this journal to follow after this one.

If you who find this journal entry find this journal after tonight and find this entry the last entry, then I'm sorry to say that it means that the worst has happened.

Because if you're reading this, and there is no further journal entry to follow… it means we failed.

It means that New York is now a smoking crater, along with half of the eastern seaboard and the Dark Elite have won.

How did it all get this bad?

I ask myself this question as I write this down, even though I already knew the answer.

It was because we screwed up.

We let our guard down when we shouldn't have.

We let our guard down because we figured we had won.

We were soon to find out that our supposed final battle with The Dark Elite…wasn't our Final Battle with the Dark Elite.

I guess it really started back then, during the day The Dark Elite came out of the shadows and laid claim to a district in Bayville New York, in an attempt to use the town as a "Tested" for the recovered and fully rebuilt Meta-Gene Activator device that had been pilfered from S.L.E.E.T's vault months ago.

I, my friends and the Last Resort Squad were the first ones to respond, while the rest of S.L.E.E.T was still five minutes away.

We would find out later on that there was a reason why they took their time to back us up, but maybe it would have been best if they had just backed us up the way they usually did.

Would it have made a difference?

I don't know.

But all I know is that day was the beginning of the biggest challenge my friends and I ever faced this whole first year as a superhero team, the begging of our greatest battle with our sworn enemies The Dark Elite.

I still remember the fight in Bayville…like it was yesterday…

Bayville, New York: June 17th 2014: 7:30 AM

The village town of Bayville, New York used to be a pleasant place to live and on any other day it would be.

But not today.

Now the town center was the sight of a battle field, with people screaming and running to get away from the crossfire.

While a golden blur of energy streaked around the battlefield, snatching up innocent bystanders and whisking them away to the relative safety of the town's limits before retreating back towards the site of the battle.

The golden blur made a run towards Bayville Village Hall, where a massive psychokinetic energy barrier was erected around the town center, keeping the golden blur at bay as it continued slamming itself into the sphere in an effort to break it down.

While on the opposite end, an S.L.E.E.T APC and the Battle-Falcon were attempting to do the same with their on board weapons, all of which were firing upon the psychic energy barrier keeping them all out from Bayville Village Hall.

Manning the two vehicles were the Heroes Legion member Silicon, and the Last Resort Squad member Lt. Barbara Murphy.

"Keep firing!" she said on the communicator to Silicon in the Battle-Falcon, "He can't keep this up forever, he has to break concentration eventually and when that happens, the shield comes down!"

"We have to hurry, according to these energy readings we have about 112 minutes to disarm the MGA" Silicon declared over the airwaves, and if we don't find a way to get through this barrier soon. That 112 minutes will pass by VERY quickly."

"What will happen if that thing goes off?" Sgt. Malone asked over the communicator.

"Bayville and most of this section of the New York Island becomes a big M-Radiation irradiated crater, activating potential Metahumans and killing non-Metahumans…and giving Meta-Master both a victory and an army. We can't evacuate the whole village in time, the blast radius will be at least over 15 square miles alone." M-Leader answered telepathically to all friendly forces in the combat zone.

"Wait…how is that possible?" Robo-Warrior asked over the airwaves, "the original blast was NEVER that large."

"That's because the M-Ray crystal that was used originally was degraded. It lost a lot of substance from being taken up from out of the depths of the ocean and therefore half of its original charge" M-Leader explained, "this M-Ray crystal isn't degraded. It's fully powered and set to overload and detonate like what happened with the original crystal…the damage will be 10 times worse as a result."

"Then let's get through that thing…" Sgt Crisp interjected over the airwaves, "Hey Atlanta, watch your six. Depth Charge and Brawl coming in on the left flank behind you!"

Near the spot where Sgt. Crisp and Lieutenant Carter was busy unleashing heavy weaponry upon the shield wall, and trying their best to avoid the laser nail gunfire coming from Dominatrix to the south.

Atlanta was in mid-flight, using her Atlantean stun darts to take down various metahuman acolytes that made up Meta-Master's army.

He had shown up and laid siege to this section of this village with an army of metahumans ranging 500 in numbers, and all were ranging between the ages 18 to 30.

Apparently Meta-Master wasn't picky about choosing "soldiers" to place in front of him, like pawns on a chessboard, delaying the Heroes Legion by playing as human…err…Metahuman shields until it was too late to stop them.

But they were not that big of a problem, they were all Made-Men level metahumans…however, their increased strength and endurance plus the military grade weapons they had. It would have been foolish not to take them seriously.

One good shot while not paying attention would fell anyone of them, or the Last Resort Squad.

But unfortunately for them, the whole Dark Elite was on this side of the barrier shield with these armed and dangerous Made-Men level metahumans.

Brawl grabbed hold of a nearby abandoned car, and tossed it at Atlanta as she floated there in midair zapping metahumans with her Atlantean stun darts.

The heads up that Sgt. Crisp had given he allowed her to react to this sneak attack from her left side before the thrown car could strike her.

She quickly extended her Atlantean battle gauntlet blade and slashed at the thrown car, slicing a big X into the car, and the cut pieces flew harmlessly past her.

But this had distracted her enough that Depth Charge, who had surrounded his armored self in water taken from a water pipe he had exploded in the street earlier when the battle had begun, sent out a fist made of animated and hardened water towards the warrior princess.

But instead of slamming her with a water fist punch, the watery fist opened and grabbed Atlanta, engulfing her within its watery confines.

Normally, she would try and fly her way out of it.

She was an Atlantean like Depth Charge, so water was not an element that she wasn't out of her depths with under normal conditions.

But under Depth Charge's control, water wasn't easy to work with like it usually was under normal conditions.

Her Archenemy had the ability to control water molecules, and that meant he could control what they could do.

Like their movements.

Control them in a way that the surface of the water fist that had enclosed around her into a sphere like cage of water was as hard as the thickest and strongest metal outside of Diatitanium itself.

Not only that, but Depth Charge had been experimenting with his power.

He had taken time during the "break period' between this confrontation and the last one that had occurred before that incident with Legion who stole his power over Water Control...at least until The Dark Elite used the M-50 crystals in their possession to restore their powers once the effects of the power theft had on their M-Gene's had healed.

So had been given PLENTY of time to plan this out before this "final battle" that was occurring between the Heroes Legion and the Dark Elite had started.

He was going to enjoy this!

As Atlanta tried to force herself out of the sphere of water she was now trapped in, she felt like she was being pressed against by the water from all sides….like the water pressure inside the sphere was being manipulated.

She also noticed that the sphere appeared to be shrinking.

This was because Depth Charge was controlling the molecules in the water to compress and compact onto Atlanta within the sphere, with the intention of crushing the heroine like a used car in a hydraulic car crusher.

As Depth Charge watched with absolute relish as his hated enemy was squeezed closer and closer to her doom.

Brawl, who stood beside his teammate rolled his eyes at Depth Charges attempts to kill Atlanta.

"Killjoy" Brawl grumbled, "I saw her first!"

"She's mine you bovine excuse for a soldier, go find another 'superhero' to kill" Depth Charge snapped, "I want her to know what it felt like to have that whale body slam me before she dies!"

Suddenly, something very fast blindsided the aquatic arch villain from the side and knocked him off his feet.

This caused him to lose his concentration on the water surrounding Atlanta, causing it to drop to the ground and form a puddle, while it gave Atlanta carte blanche to test this special modification that Silicon had done to her Atlantean Battle Gauntlet intended for the next time she saw her Archenemy.

She took aim at the armored Atlantean terrorist, and squeezed her hand around the trigger.

Two prong like spike shot out from the top of the Atlantean battle gauntlet and struck the armored villain directly in the armored head.

These prong like spikes happened to be highly electrified Taser like spikes, designed to deliver a charge of 20,000 volts, more than enough to knock out anyone including an Atlantean.

And since Depth Charge's armor was metallic and was designed to retain water so the Aquatic Villain could walk outside of salt water….well…Atlanta enjoyed the sound of her brothers' murderer screaming in pain before falling into unconsciousness upon the ground he stood upon.

Atlanta then looked to the side and saw that her rescuer, Velocity, who was off dealing with the remaining 60 metahumans who were still standing from the 600 that Meta-Master had brought with him before teaming up with Shadow Knight and Ravager in dealing with Brawl and Dominatrix.

She had to admit, even though he WAS a brash, hormone crazed bonehead who liked to hit on her a lot despite her distaste for his efforts and her dislike of his attitude most of the times.

He never ceased to surprise her whenever he showed this other side of him, where he was not an idiot, had his smart moments and despite the fact that the two of them bickered, he was always there watching her back if she ever needed it.

She liked that part of him, and if she wasn't Atlantean and he was a Metahuman…and he wasn't a pain in the ass half the time, maybe she would be interested…or at least fully interested.

"Thanks Velocity…" she smiled secretly to herself, and then threw herself back into the battle when Sonar let loose a sonic scream in the direction of Raven Ducard and M-Leader.

M-Leader placed up a psychic barrier shield up to defend himself and Raven Ducard from the sonic villain, and then he focused his own powers on Sonar.

Before Sonar knew it, he was grabbed by M-Leader's psychic energy and tossed back into the side of a nearby buildings side wall, he was out of the fight after that.

"That was for you hand in killing Sarah!" M-Leader scowled, and then focused his powers on ripping open the barrier shield keeping him from his father and his old shame the Meta-Gene Activator on the other side.

Dominatrix tried to take off Ravager's head with one of her flying disc weapons fired from her cybernetic hips, but she was distracted by Shadow Knight shooting at her with his Shadow Guns, forcing her to change tactics.

Her left hand morphed into a laser weapon, and fired at Shadow Knight, who didn't move away in time and was blown away.

But Dominatrix's moment of victory was short and fleeting when she suddenly felt the barrel of a revolver nuzzle firmly against her side.

"Nice try" Shadow Knight said to her before shooting her in the side with his loaded Shadow Gun, trapping her in place in a miasmic cocoon.

She had fallen for the "Shadow Clone" trick that Shadow Knight liked to use to fool his enemies with, and it proved to be VERY effective during battles.

The real Shadow Knight was busy fighting with Black Knight in the far corner, near where Raven Ducard was currently engaging in a magic duel with Judas Black.

When Murdoch jumped over his head to tackle Brawl who had been trying to run him and Lt. Murphy over and was now violently attacking the mercenary juggernaut like a wild puma.

Lt. Murphy quickly looked at her watch, "This isn't working. We now have 11 minutes to disarm that thing. I thing we need to employ that secret weapon that General Arcane told us about."

Sgt. Malone, although hesitant to use what his fellow Last Resort Squad soldier was suggesting, quickly looked over the ridge of debris and parked cars that he and Lt. Murphy was using for cover, examining the battlefield.

"All right then…the Heroes Legion aren't anywhere near the target zone" he said, pulling out some kind of handheld device, "and Arcane told us to use this thing only if we had no choice. I'm activating Project Prometheus."

Sgt. Malone turned on the handheld device, and aimed the targeting laser shooting out of the device towards the psychic energy sphere that was surrounding Meta-Master and the Meta-gene Activator.

A 30 second countdown appeared on the digital readout screen on the handheld device.

Sgt. Malone kept the targeting laser upon Meta-Master, and then he reached for his communicator "M-leader, we're running out of time. I'm going to use the Prometheus trigger. Let's hope that thing works!"

"What?" M-leader's telepathic voice asked in surprise, "What are you talking about?"

But Sgt. Malone didn't have time to explain, because the countdown reached zero.

All around the battlefield the Heroes Legion, The Dark Elite and the 10 remaining Made-Men level metahumans stopped fighting when they suddenly heard what sounded like thunder, very LOUD thunder sound of from overhead.

They were all curious to what could possibly be making that sound when there was barely a cloud in the sky, let alone a thunderstorm.

They all looked up in surprise as a bright blue light shone above them, and they kept on looking up in shocked surprise as the source of the bright blue light came barreling down from the sky itself.

A large beam of blue energy was coming down from the sky, as if some angry god had decided to send it down to smite the mortals bellow.

The beam missed the Battle, but struck the center of the energy barrier that Meta-Master had put up directly.

The Heroes Legion and the Last Resort squad shielded their eyes from the bright light as the beam struck the barrier shield.

They were shielded from the light coming from the beam when they turned away and covered their eyes with their arms, but that didn't shield them from seeing what happened next.

Several red energy bolts shot out from the epicenter of the beams target area, and struck the Dark Elite member's and they all vanished in a flash of light.

The beam of blue light then vanished, leaving behind a thunder like clap that rippled throughout the air above the Heroes Legion.

"What the hell?" Velocity said, looking around seeing that only the defeated as well as the few still standing were still here while the Dark Elite had vanished entirely, and the ones who hadn't been defeated had dropped to the ground unconscious the second Meta-Master vanished.

Meaning they were or had been under Meta-Master's control, among who knew how many of the 600 that were not able to say that was their excuse for serving Meta-Master as pawns in his little army.

And if they had been freed of his control, then that meant maybe…just maybe…that Meta-Master and the Dark Elite were truly gone.

But how, and what was it that caused that beam of light to shoot down from the sky?

"Father…" M-Leader said in horror, seeing that his father had vanished in the middle of that beam that had struck him dead on, along with the rest of the Dark Elite.

The last resort squad were just as surprised at what had happened.

M-Leader, turned around and looked straight at Lt. Malone with a death glare.

He walked over and grabbed him by the lapels and shook him violently, "What the hell did you just do Malone? Did you just kill my father!?"

"No…" Lt. Malone, who knew about M-Leader's history with Meta-Master and his desire to capture him alive to try and cure him of his psychosis that he had developed upon getting his powers alongside his son two years ago, "I don't know what just happened. That wasn't supposed to happen."

"They didn't tell us it would do that" Sgt Murphy insisted, her face showing great concern in light of the Dark Elite's seeming disintegration, "It was supposed to remove their powers, not disintegrate them!"

"What, what was that thing you used?" M-Leader pressed.

"Prometheus" Sgt. Crisp answered, "They called it 'Prometheus". It's an orbital weapon we were told to use if we didn't have any other choice. A last resort."

"You didn't know about 'Prometheus' Marcus? I thought General Arcane told you about it" Sgt. Malone said to M-Leader in genuine surprise.

"He's going to have to now" M-Leader scowled, what had his godfather done?

What was "Prometheus" and what the hell did it do to his Father and the Dark Elite?

"M-Leader, forget what just happened and get over her and defuse this damn thing!" Shadow Knight called to his team leader regarding the almost close to detonating Meta-Gene Activator.

By this time the Heroes Legion had gathered around the ticking super-empowering time bomb, trying to figure out how to stop it from detonating.

M-Leader dropped his current anger and decided that now was not the time for this, he had to stop his damn invention from exploding again and causing hundreds to die and hundreds more to be changed forever.

One M-Radiation blast was more than enough and had caused enough trouble already, as god as he witness, he was not going to allow there to be a second blast.

He quickly flew over to the Meta-Gene Activator, and examined the device.

Meta-Master had rigged it to not only overload the M-Ray crystal that powered the device, but to also for it to be impossible to stop the countdown.

Once the device had been activated to overload, the timer would count down to zero and once it hit zero, which was the point where the detonation threshold for the M-Ray Crystal would be reached and an M-Ray Blast would occur.

"Very clever father…" M-Leader thought to himself, "You took it and remade it into a bomb, a runaway superpower bomb. You must have had those scientists you kidnapped and slaughtered make some modifications to the device so that once it starts it can't be stopped. But unlike you, I know how my machine works because I built it."

M-Leader's eyes suddenly glowed bright yellow, and suddenly the glass casing in the center of the Meta-Gene Activator began to crack, and then it shattered.

The clamps around the M-Ray Crystal in the center of the M.G.A snapped loose and the Crystal floated out of the device, causing few energy sparks when it was disconnected from the electric current of the M.G.A that was causing the feedback loop that was needed to cause the crystal to overload and detonate.

The crystal then stopped glowing really bright and returned to the usual glow that the Heroes Legion had seen before in M-50 and M-100 crystals.

Without the M-Ray Crystal, the Meta-Gene Activator simply ticked down to zero without exploding and shut down.

"Phew…" Raven Ducard exclaimed in relief, "Good thing this thing doesn't work without the M-Ray Crystal."

"It's also a good thing that Meta-Master didn't think to rig it so that we couldn't just rip the energy source of the damn thing out like that" Robo-Warrior added.

"Speaking of old bucket head" Velocity said with concern, "What happened to him and the Dark Elite back there, they just…vanished into thin air. Like 'David Copperfield' kind of disappear. What was that beam of light?"

"Speed trap makes a good question" Atlanta agreed, she had been close by when M-Leader had interrogated Lt. Malone so she had heard the Last Resort Squad leader's explanation for what had just happened, "What's this 'Prometheus' thing they were talking about? And why didn't General Arcane tell us about it as well?"

"I don't know Atlanta…" M-Leader said, his face clouded with anger at the supposed death of his father, his only surviving relative, someone he had fought so hard to capture in order to try and turn him back to his old self before the M-Ray Blast, all that now might have been a wasted effort "but I am going to find out."

"M-Leader!" Silicon called from the other side of the battlefield, "Come here, quick! This girl needs help!"

The Heroes Legion heard the sound of their youngest team member call for assistance, and like the tightly knit group they had grown to be towards one another, they rushed to his current location to see what was wrong.

"Stay back here" M-Leader said to Sgt. Malone and the Last Resort squad when they tried to follow, not because he was mad at them for what had happened, but because he didn't want to endanger them just in case this turned out to be a trap of some sort.

He wouldn't put it past his father to play dead possum to take him and the Heroes Legion by surprise.

They found Silicon near the westward edge of the area the battle between them and The Dark Elite had taken place at, cradling in his arms a gravely injured by a metal reinforcement bar that had been driven through her stomach, and was bleeding badly.

Yet she was still breathing.

It was labored, but it was still breathing.

She wore a strange looking necklace with a pink hued gem hanging from it.

But the Heroes Legion were taken aback by the girl in Silicon's arms who was gravely injured from either the battle or the energy beam based air strike from whatever this "Prometheus" device was, because they recognized her.

It had been a while since they had last seen her, but they couldn't forget her face.

Because the last time they had seen this girl, she had been helping Meta-Master take control of Heroes Links: One during the Dark Elite's takeover of the Heroes Legion Mansion in November.

It was that technopathicly empowered teenage girl with the ability to mentally control machines and technology.



They hadn't seen her among her peers in the battle, and there was no indication that she had been here the whole time.

So what was she doing here?

So many questions and not a lot of answers to go with them.

But the Heroes Legion knew that whatever the answers were to what happened here and why Techne had just appeared out of nowhere gravely injured and unconscious in the aftermath of a battle where she hadn't been seen participating in at any point during said battle.

They were most likely going to be answers to the mystery at hand that they were not going to want to hear.

But whatever the case, it was slowly starting to be seen that the menace of The Dark Elite was now ended.

Or at least it seemed that way.

It was way too early to tell.

Too many variables that had to be checked and eliminated before they could truly claim victory was theirs now, that the world's worst aggregation of super-villains were finally gone for good.