Michael: The Cause

By D. D. Randall


Hello and welcome once again to Michael: The Cause! I've been dying to produce a book that could be read by more than just adults, so I was really looking forward to getting Michael out to market for public consumption.

Michael has always been one of my most popular IP's. My first YA-focused story, set in the Gemutations Universe, had historically had an awesome following of fans. But as I went back and reread it in preparation for publishing it, I realized, MAN did I pack too much into one single story. So my goal has been to seriously scale back on the number of crises Michael faces in his first year of high school and treat them with their appropriate gravity.

So, if you're a returning reader, finding Michael once again after all this time, you're in for essentially a brand new story. Many of the same elements are still there, but expanded and given more depth.

Michael is younger in this version, a freshman rather than a sophomore, going on 15 rather than 16, so the "romantic elements" have been toned back somewhat so they can have their own focus in later stories. This story will focus on Michael's main crisis - being found out for what he is - how he handles it, and how he's treated by others in the process.

My main purpose in bringing this back to my audiences here at Fictionpress is feedback. I REALLY need to hear how the story reads from an outsider's point of view. So please... take some time to leave me feedback, a critique, a gut check. Any one of the above will help me focus this story even more and make it something I will be proud to show my 6th graders coming in next year. :)

Thank you for taking the time to read!


D. D. Randall