"What is it girl?" Penny shouted, throwing off the covers to reveal a heavily breathing Noah, her eyes widened. "God, what happened?"

Noah didn't answer. She clutched Penny's and pulled her along with her to the attic.

"Whoa! Noah, what is going on? Why are we running up the stairs?"

But Noah kept running. She didn't stop for breath till they reached the attic. Penny started panting heavily as Noah peeped out the window.

She looked at Penny and said, "Pen, tell me what you see through the window."

"What the-" Penny looked up and then her eyes widened as well. "Oh my good lord. Is that a party?"

"On a near wreck house." Noah confirmed.

Penny turned to Noah slowly and mouthed 'how'.

"I checked from the terrace. The house is still on ruins. I checked the window. It's perfectly normal."

Penny once more looked out of the window. People were laughing at a joke. She walked closer and peeped out.

"Wait." she muttered. "This isn't right."

"Of course it isn't right!"

"No, Noah," Penny turned back to her friend. "Their dresses. It's like a hundred years old."

"What?" Noah crossed her arms and walked up to stand beside Penny. She looked out and realized Noah was indeed right.

"Do you think it's a window to the past?" Penny whispered.

"What?" Noah looked at her friend with raised eyebrows.

"Well, you said your grandparents were delusional. Maybe they were just mad scientists."

"Sometimes, you don't make sense."

"Oh, and this makes sense?"

Noah rolled her eyes. But Penny was right. Her grandparents were a little-different, for the lack of words.

"What should we do?"She asked.

Penny yawned and said, "Well, even after this amazing adventure, I am quite sleepy. Want to catch a wink?"

"You think you can sleep after this?"

"Oh I can sleep running after a moving bus."

They turned to go but Noah, being as clumsy as she was, kicked one of the boxes. It turned and hundreds of glass balls rolled out, all running away. One of them took a rather long run and ended up smashing with a pillar, causing it to break.

As the glass shattered, blue smoke escaped from the ball. It blew, up and up, till finally it was high enough. The shreds of glass began to disappear, and soon, the smoke dispersed to reveal a figure.

The smoke cleared to reveal a black haired man, wearing a sweatshirt. He did not look more than seventeen and had headphones around his neck. His torn jeans made him no different from the other teenagers. Well, except the fact that a sword was hanging from his waist.

As the smoke disappeared, he rubbed his eyes to reveal striking grey eyes. As his vision adjusted, he looked at the two girls and grinned. "Hello Ladies."

"Who is he?" Penny whispered, looking at the boy who was walking around the kitchen looking something to eat.

"How am I supposed to know?" demanded Noah, standing at the kitchen door.

"Well," Penny turned to Noah, "for starters this is your ancestral home?"

"I just came here." Noah said. "Plus, he said he was hungry and would answer all our questions once he has eaten."

The two girls watched as the boy made himself a sandwich and took a large bite.

"Now I am hungry." Said Noah, looking at the mouthwatering sandwich.

"You are always hungry." Penny pointed out.

"Stop complaining."

The boy crashed on the chair in the kitchen and taking a bite, looked at the girls and smiled. "Hey. I am ready to answer the questions."

Penny and Noah, both in PJs, took small step and then sat own opposite the boy.

"First. What's your name?"

"Edward." He said, taking a bite.

"Okay, Edward, if you don't mind me asking, how did you end up in a glass ball?"

Edward looked at Penny and smiled, mayonnaise dripping from his lips. "Why, I am one of the protectors!"

"Wait, one of the?" Noah looked at Penny and then at Edward. "You mean there are more?"

"Well, you did see the other glass balls." He took another bite and moaned. "God, I have missed eating."

"Well," Penny looked at him with disgusted face, but still managed to speak, "how did you fit in a glass ball?"

Edward looked at them with confused looks, stuffed the sandwich and gulping it hurriedly, asked, "Where's Jonny and Martha?"

Penny looked at Noah with raised eyebrows as she said, "My grandparents. They are dead."

"Oh no!" Edward his face into his face and groaned. "I really liked those two!"

"You couldn't have met them!" Penny exclaimed. "They died years ago, when you must have been a kid!"

"Wait this is the 21st century right?" he asked.

The girls looked at each other and nodded.

"Well," he said, looking around the house, "then I don't see the problem."

"Well, we do!" Penny exclaimed. "Humans are appearing out of magic balls, windows are showing age old parties. Something is definitely not right!"

Edward looked at the confused girls and then laughed. Penny threw him an irritated look as Noah just stared at him.

"You mean you don't know?"

"What don't we know?"

Edward looked at them as if they were aliens and then laughed again.

"Your grandparents," said Edward. "Were explorers. They explored time, space. This house is a gateway to everything they have ever found. The window, that was a window to the past. I am from the future, or rather, present seeing they were from the past." He looked at Noah and said, "Your grandparents were one of the only explorers who made it to very far. Past, future, Aliens, trolls, dragons, mythical creatures-name it, they had seen it. They took me to one of their adventures. That's how they know all of it."

"All the glass balls that you have up there are protectors who accompanied them to their adventures. When you called me, I guessed you called me for that."

An uneasy silence descended the room as Edward finished. Noah looked at Penny and Penny looked at Noah. Neither knew what to say.

Finally, Penny turned to Edward and said, "all right, even if I do believe your story, how can you, a seventeen year old, be a protector, whatever the hell that means?"

Edward smirked and said, "Name every single martial art you know and I know it. Well, if your interrogation is over, I would like to catch some sleep and then tomorrow we will discuss options."