Eureka woke up early, the sun shining through her windows. She adored the warmth streaming in through her windows, but Eine hit her head as he fumbled around. Eureka realised the sun wasn't the thing that had woken her up but her two partners.

"Come on Eine, you have to get up and work" Zwei said, ripping the covers off the two. Eureka smiled at her girlfriend. She had short curly hair that floated around her round face like a halo. Eureka knew she didn't look good with short hair. Absentmindedly she fiddled with her hip length blonde hair, watching her girlfriend and her boyfriend squabble like children.

"Idea, how about I make breakfast, and then you get out of bed?" she announced. The two looked at her with wide eyes, happy that they didn't have to do any work, "Deal".

Eureka slowly fell out of bed and made her way to the floor. Within a second however she was face flat on the cold tile floors. She pouted as she stood up, only to see Zwei smiling at her girlfriend innocently, seemingly now on the bed for no reason. Eine rubbed his eyes, pretending to not have seen the tall girl push the shorter off. Eureka continued to pout on her way to the kitchen. It was only for show however, as the giggles ringing through the small apartment meant more to her than current discomfort.

She was a vegan, but also the only one out of the trio that didn't have a demanding job. Eureka was an actress, and the Arts came as easy to her as the sun to the sky. Despite being a natural at her job, she often felt like she didn't get any respect, so she always tried to make up in other ways. Her cooking was one of them, as soon the aromatic smell of tomatoes and eggs wafted throughout the house.

Zwei left her boyfriend behind, following the scent like a dog to a bone. This metaphor fit her well, as Eureka cooked, her girlfriend looked at her with big brown eyes, silently begging her to hurry up. Eureka simply rolled her eyes but pointed to the dining table with her free hand. On it two cups of coffee sat. The blonde was quickly forgotten as Zwei left to drain her cup of overly sweetened caffeine.

"Hey dork, coffee's out here!" she yelled. The tall woman's long manicured nails tapped on the table as she awaited his company. The two girls caught one another's eyes and shared a knowing stare. Soon enough, a tall emaciated form stumbled towards the dining table, swathed in a ratty hoodie. His knobbly fingers dug into the cloth like it was a lifeline, wrapping it tightly around his frame. Eureka looked at her girlfriend worriedly, but she just rolled her large eyes.

"He'll warm up eventually" she said, waving her hand nonchalantly. Eine flipped the finger as he moodily drank his coffee. Zwei merely smirked, whipping out her phone to look through her social media. Eureka pulled out of the kitchen with two steaming plates of eggs, bacon and toast. Zwei was pulled out of her technological daze, her mouth watering.

"So what do y'all plan to do today?" Eureka asked, setting down the plates and going back into the kitchen. Eine hummed thoughtfully, trying to remember what the hell he was doing today. As Zwei began reciting today's activities, Eureka came in with her own food.

"I have to… Go to the lab, check up on those old petri dishes we held in the-" Zwei began, a far away look in her eyes. Eureka nodded attentively as she ate her quinoa salad. When she was done, Eureka turned her green eyes towards Eine, who currently had a mouthful of toast. Zwei giggled, shoving a large amount of eggs into her mouth.

"Well," he coughed, "I have to go see if that damn new system will work, I mean I left early yesterday so-"

Eureka nodded attentively as she sipped at her black coffee. She didn't understand a thing they were talking about, but she was proud of them nevertheless.

"But I've lost that fucking flashdrive, all of them look the same so- Argh why didn't I-" he began getting heated. He'd never admit it, and neither would Zwei, but the two were always losing things. Thus it was up to Eureka to keep an eye on the two.

"Wait, is it that one that's on the gameshelf?" Eureka said, referring to the ginormous bookcase filled with games. His tirade was cut short. His pale blue eyes bugged out as he saw it exactly where she said.

"Well, you were emptying your pockets yesterday and so, I thought it was kind of weird you left it there cause of your job, I mean-" she was cut off by Zwei engulfing her in a hug. Eureka felt a blush rise to her cheeks at the sudden contact.

"Uh… Okay, thank you" Eureka stuttered out, putting a manicured hand on Zwei's long arms.

"What the hell would we do without you?" she said, resting her bony chin on Eureka's swath of blonde hair. Eureka was left trying to stutter out a witty reply while Eine went over to grab the the flash drive before he forgot. Again.

Her face turned a bright blooming red as he leaned in to kiss her cheek. Zwei laughed as he walked off, slowly rocking the younger girl in her arms. Embarrassed, she hid her face in her small hands, as Zwei began kissing her face over and over again in small pecks.

"Oh my God, please stop, God damn it" Eureka mumbled. Zwei simply let out a hearty laugh and let go of her. The darker skinned woman walked off with her coffee, swaying her hips. Shamelessly Eureka's almond eyes followed her figure as she sauntered off into the bedroom. Once she had left the room Eureka lightly banged her head against the table.

"I'm so whipped".