Chapter 5

Jason stood when he saw Janet, Sally and especially Hannah appear in the lobby to check out. He was fully dressed sitting in the lobby chair reading the last few pages of his paperback. He had slipped out Hannah's bed and quietly dressed in the pre-dawn dark without disturbing the other three. There was no movement in the room when he passed through the door and he was hopeful that both Janet and Sally were literally in the dark about him being in the room.

He used the public restroom off the lobby to reluctantly wash the scent of Hannah off his hand after using the toilet and now, a few hours later, he was trying to look relaxed and normal as he greeted his classmates at the counter, tossing Hannah a look. Much to his relief she smiled her good morning and he realized that all was well between them.

The frozen rain had stopped and the icy surface had warmed overnight so it was safe to travel. Sally announced that she was "starved" so they agreed to stop at a nearby IHOP and have breakfast before returning to the interstate.

Janet and Sally both commended Jason for his gentlemanly sacrifice to preserve their integrity and reputation and once they were in the car Jason asked Hannah how she had slept.

"It felt like there were bed bugs," she answered with a slight smirk on her face.

"At least you got to sleep alone," Janet remarked. "Sally drooled all over my pillow. I'd rather have bed bugs than drool!"

"Me too," Hannah said, throwing Jason a knowing look.

"Bed bugs aren't so bad," Jason remarked, happy to have a private joke with Hannah and glad to know that he was now officially the replacement for Linda.