Hey y'all so this was a school assignment and I hope you like it!

She was a well-read girl, say the stack of books

On her white bedside table;

A quiet girl too says the silence of the room

In the Back of the house; and a loved girl

Say the pictures of smiling faces

On the walls. But not a girl who

Doesn't succeed, say the many medals and trophies

Plastered around the house.

Happiness lived with her says the laughter

In the air and the smiles on her face;

Sadness also lived with her, says the tears on

Her cheeks and the hush of the room

Sleep alluded the girl say the bags under

Her eyes from staying up late

Studying for school.

She was happy here say the memories

Of smiling friends in her head.

Something went right, say the

Long car rides filled with music

And conversation. The pins on the U.S.

Continental map in the kitchen say

She was a traveler.

And the sadness? It was blown

Away by the laughter like

A twig in a storm

Something went right, they say.