I keep walking forward, right into the darkness.

Not sure where I'm going, since my mind keeps spinning over what direction is meant for me.

I wish someone one could tell me, what is meant for me, yet I know my heart is the only one that knows.

I need to find the key along the way, in order to unlock the depths of my heart that will lead me where I'm meant to be.

For now, I need to keep moving forward despite not being able to see anything.

Would say for someone to come save me, but I have no choice to do this all my own for the pleasure of experience, with some assistance along the way.

Just got to believe the key will appear as the deeper I go, while once in a while I take a glance back to notice the glistening ray of light scattering over visible things that aren't meant for me or questionable to come back to later.

My heart keeps beating along with the thumps of my feet, as I increase the speed of fear and movement to find the key, but to no avail since directions forward are all the same still and no clear beckoning of pure white yellow is here to guide me.

I may be confused. I may be scared, but I know I am never alone since dark path cross with other people along the way, trying to find the place they belong from the key that will lead them to direction they seek.