"You have to believe me, please."

I'm begging for escape, yet ironically my finger rest firmly on the trigger and its barrel trained at the person I'm asking. Sooner or later, the others will reach this room and by then it'd all be over. I won't get another chance like this. I need to escape.

I inched my feet backwards, slowly. The wood creaks ever so slightly as my weight shifts across the aged flooring. The smell of iron grows sharper by the second, and my bloodied hands are probably one of the reasons why. I can feel my stomach churn and pushing acid up my throat. I swallowed it down bearing the sour aftertaste, and aimed my iron sight at the only one I call kin. This is the worst possible way to be caught up in a crime I am innocent of.

"I believe you, but…" Saelo sighed and pressed his fingers against his nose bridge. "The evidences are against you."

"I'm being framed."

"Then tell me who, Noah."

I couldn't think of a name. I mean, there is, but it'd be difficult to contest when the odds are stacked against me. Everything feels so well orchestrated that even I was guilty of playing blindly to the tune. My mind was a blank. Nothing seems to click at all. Everything I've done was to play my part as a law official, not a traitor turned fugitive. The very thought of it was enough to make me nauseate.

"It's evidence against words, Noah. As an inspector you should know that."

"I-I know, but you can't doubt me."

I took another step back, but this time I was met with a shot across the room, the bullet penetrates deep into the wooden flooring beside me. The conversation could've ended just like that.

The intruder reveals himself from behind the shadows of the balcony on the upper deck. "Take the next step and I'll aim for your legs."

"Hold your fire Dante." Saelo raised his hand and called for him. Naturally, I faced my barrel at the only other armed individual in the room.

"Dante, I'm innocent. You know that."

"It's your words against facts." Dante wasn't going to be an easy one to convince. We have our differences, and that much is enough to make the situation tougher than it already is.

"You know I won't do something like that."

"You tell me." Knowing Dante, convincing him with words was virtually impossible. My heart haven't stop beating for quite a while now. I could feel the fabrics of my shirt clinging to my skin, drenched and sticky to the touch.

"Just let me explain my side of the story. Then you'll know what I mean."

"You can do that once we arrest you. I'm calling for support." Dante reaches for the comms strapped on his chest.


I pulled the trigger at Dante, and the shot hits the wooden seats behind him. A round exited Dante's chamber and ricochet against the chandelier. Broken bits shimmered under the night light and scattered across the room. I kicked the table up and took cover. Something else catches my eye. The cold corpse on the floor stared emptily at me. I apologised and covered his eyelids. It's all because of him that all these things started. "Well played, asshole."

"Come on out, Noah!" From the sound of it, it seems like Dante's unscathed. Part of me felt relieved despite the mess I'm stuck in.

"Stop it, both of you!" Saelo's voice filled the room and brought the space into a halt. I briefly pulled out my magazine and do a quick sitrep.

Four bullets left. Whatever actions I take from here on will be crucial. The firefight should have alerted the others of our location. If I can get a shot at the window pane, I might just be able to break through it and hustle.

"Let's not play games anymore Dante."

"I agree. Let's cut to the chase."

"What're you doing, Dante." Saelo's voice was tensed. The atmosphere in the room has changed. I took a peek through the table cracks.

"Don't do it Dante." I revealed myself, barrel trained at Dante, and his on Saelo's head.

"Surrender peacefully, Noah. We don't have to lose another life."

"Dante, I'm your superior if you still remember that."

"If this will lure him out to confess, then it'll be the gamble I take." A click resounded in the room. The weapon was cocked and readied.

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