This story takes place in a world very much like Earth but different in every aspect. Ando is a planet ruled by four superpowers: the Kingdom of Vathul, the Sorin Federation, Nandru Universe and the Albion Empire who have divided up the rest of Ando between themselves. Set ten years after the Astral War, the old democratic states of Eurocan have been invaded by the Albion Empire and treated as second class subjects. The Albion nobility rule over Eurocan with an iron fist using Eurocan's most valuable natural resource: quintessence, used to make Astral Energy to power advanced hovercraft technology.

However, with the rise of a new terrorist group, The Sentinels, and their masked leader simply known as Four, the country of Eurocan enters a period of Rebellion.

Clara Sterling lives in the Eurocan countryside far from the social unheval in the cities. Shunned by her fellow Eurocans and discriminated by Albion subjects, all she wants is to keep her head in the 'dust' and live her life free from judgement. When an Albion noble visits Clara's home in the residence of the Duke of Valparaiso, her family's patron, he offers her a chance to leave the safety of Valparaiso for DeVallarie City. Soon, she catches the attention of the Prince of Albion and finds herself caught up in an international political game. But, she begins to wonder what the Prince is really after and more imporantly what he wants with her.

Dr. Alexander "Zander' Rune is named DeVon Corporation's next CEO despite his mixed heritage. Being both Albion and Eurocan, he is constantly being scrutinized. But, he has a head for buisness and unwavering ambition despite his interest in biotechnologly and medicine. When his new position comes with strings attatched, he no longer feels he can sit by and let others control him. The only problem is that Zander has a secret. A secret that others would pay good money for, a secret that could get him killed.

Olivia Maud is the daughter of an Albion lord but she has no interest or pride in being one. She fights against a society that values "empire-blood" and enslaves or eliminates all others who don't conform to this ideal. As a member of a Eurocan rebel organization-labelled as terrorists by the Albion Empire-she serves loyally for Eurocan independence from Albion. However, she, along with all the other rebels, struggle to trust thier leader. A leader who leads only with his voice, a leader whom none have ever seen. Until now.