The cords were plucked as they flung creating an echo in it's hollow deck. "The stars never fall below a cloud but a cloud will rise above the sky!" The knobs on the top were turned into the most precise angle to make the sound rise. "And the winds shall never surrender to fate!" As the wind around rose and the string ran across the others and it's wooden handle was held by a hand of the artist. "Even the invisible will make itself visible!" The wind turned to a grey smog as it rose from the dusty ground that lifted with the wind around her. "We never fall yet we never stand. You will taste our blast of freedom- And be blown away!-" From the violins cords came visible grey soundwaves of wind blasting away two men walking towards her. "As i strum my strings and sing my song- others rise and dance with my fight!" Another burst came as she plucked the cords at the top with her fingers as little waves of air burst beneath her feet before shooting her body up into the sky as she continued to play music. "We will never run out of work as long as you try to make us pay for free-" She used the bow on the brown violin's neck letting a high tuned screech rip through the air sending out a orb of gray musical waves knocking back the people surrounding her. "And we pay more for our free lives than we do for uncut diamonds and yet" Another strum on the finger board sent a signal beam through the attacking crowd knocking them back. "We will make you pay more than even we do for i am not me" as an arrow came for her eye she plucked the E cord high up making the are stop and she slowly looked up. With one finger she moved the arrow out of her way before speeding past after she wasn't in front of it anymore. "I AM A WE!" She played with the bow violently creating a wave blast out knocking out all of her foes. She tapped the bridge of her violin with the frog of the bow causing a tornado to form around her before it collapsed making her vanish from view.

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