A spiral of sound and wind came from the sky like a column holding up the sky. As the wind widened before leaving a young adult girl stood striking the cords of her instrument with the hair of her bow before dragging it across the bridge and sliding her bow into a small long bag that laid on her hip. She slowly held the bottom of her violin before setting it onto a strap and hanging it over her back. "Sir i have dealt with the patrol attacking the small town." A man in all white spun in his chair away from his desk and looked upon the girl on his balcony before walking over to her. "Fabulous just fantastic madam Adelise!" A smile spread from cheek to cheek as her boss praised her work, and nonetheless she had to prove her skills and show off just a tad. The instrument flung over her shoulder as the bow flew from it's bag and was grabbed mid air before striking the fingerboards G string with a harsh crash and a beautiful sound sending red air into his room lighting the candles that were littered about his office before she returned her instrument.

Her boss stood with fear that she had attacked him- causing what felt like a heart attack to race through his limbs before his arms fell to his sides and he sighed in relief. "Why must you do this every time?" She shrugged to his question before singing a small tune casing the dust to rise barely since her violin amplified her powers. "I have no clue- but you know oh so you know your love for it shall never end." He smirked and she replied with her own cocky smirk, "Ah, well you got that right." He rested his head softly onto the slightly shorter girl's head and smiled a smile he rarely gave to any other besides her.