One way forest

5:13 PM

So my best friend and I are in the forest at the moment, and I decided to write down in a journal about our day in it as it goes on. We're sitting by the river, watching the water rush by us. The birds are chirping, and the sounds of distant cars are faintly heard in this area of the forest. This is my favorite spot in the forest, and my best friend agrees. Well I'll write more here later, since I just want to chill with her.

5:44 PM

We started walking deeper into the forest. It's weird, I know we've been in this forest before, but it's always nice exploring it some more. I have seen a snake slither on the ground, and it was painted black with yellow spots. My best friend is just pointing out plants, and saying facts about them. She loves plants, and is totally a nature lover, which I also am. Ooh,birds!

6:55 PM

It's been over an hour, since I last wrote. I feel like we are a bit lost, but I'm pretty sure we will be okay. It's still sunny out, and we are having a conversation about Pokémon anyways. We have walked pretty far in the forest. For some odd reason though, I'm getting the strange feeling that something is off here. Even my best friend says she's getting a bad feeling. Neither of us knew why. It seems like a pretty normal forest with the birds constantly chirping, and seeing smaller animals running around. Totally too deep in the forest to hear any sounds of cars, or anything from the main areas. A really eerie wind is blowing around though. It's not even windy today, but eh, not really anything to worry about.

8:10 PM

So um it is starting to get dark, and luckily I brought a flashlight with us. We are basically lost, and our phones are okay at the moment, but we only have a few hours left before they die. Don't have much reception here, or a data connection for the internet. I feel like this forest is never ending now. She is freaking out now, and I'm starting to panic. I swear I keep seeing the same trees, same plants, and same path every second we walk. It all looks the same to me now, since everywhere we walk, it's the same things over and over again. And the only sound here is the wind dancing around us, and the sun is about to set any minute. I've got to pay attention again, so hopefully next time I write, we will be closer to getting out of here.

9:55 PM

Damn, our phones are almost dead. My best friend is having a panic attack, and saying she feels like she is tripping out at the moment. She says she keeps hearing some weird low music that feels like its crawling all over her skin. I honestly don't hear anything. All I hear are our footsteps on the dirt path we are walking on and the frantic heartbeat pounding in me. I'm so scared. I don't want to even think of the possible things that could be lurking around every corner of this forest. Plus I keep thinking I see someone peering out from every tree and every plant I come across. All I see is a bleak misty shape for a second, whenever I take a glance with my flashlight shining in the area. My best friend is just way too out of it, and I don't want to tell her that I keep thinking I'm seeing someone watching us. She's already thinking she is going nuts, and I have tried to calm her down, but it's really eating at her. She's sitting down on the ground right next to me, and not saying much. Now I'm going to put this down for a moment, since I see some sort of light from behind the trees. Maybe it's some way out of here, or maybe some place. Whatever it is, I need to check it out. This was just supposed to be our typical normal adventure in the forest, not us being lost in the forest when it's dark... Am I going crazy?

She's gone…and now I'm writing in the journal she left behind with the flashlight. I don't know what happened. Am I tripping out? Or is this a nightmare? The music stopped finally, but now I'm all alone. I told her not to go toward the light thing, but she said she will be back in the moment, and she felt an impulse to go toward it. The music must have been coming from it, since when it disappeared, the music ceased to exist. Along with her, she disappeared too, when she went behind the trees, and a bit of time pass. All I saw was the light getting bigger, me getting blinded by it, and her screaming from some feet away. I got up quickly, and ran behind the trees as the light died down. I saw nothing, it was an empty area, except for her brown purse that contained her wallet. I don't know what to do now. I miss her already, and this feeling of loneliness is getting to me. I wish I had something to smoke. I should keep looking around, even with my hands shaking from shock. I don't want to die here…

I'm so lost, and my phone is completely dead. I wish she was here. I can't do this by myself. I'm going crazy, and I'm starting to hear that low music again. It's starting to sound like someone playing a sad song on a violin. I need to keep walking, but I'm starting to feel so dead inside…like am I even alive anymore? I feel like I just keep walking on instinct. I'm so tired that I wish I could fall asleep, without worrying that something might get me here.

My flashlight is going to go out any second. It keeps flickering on and off, and the intensity of the light is decreasing. I can hardly write in here at the moment. I'm not even sure what time it is, or if even time passes by in this area. The music keeps getting louder, and I can hardly contain myself anymore. I'm about to burst, but I have no energy to scream or to run. Maybe I should just curl up here, and close my eyes. Maybe this is a nightmare and I'll wake up in my apartment in the morning. I'll get a text from her asking how I'm feeling, and everything will be okay. I don't know anymore…

She's back! I started walking again, and I heard footsteps behind me. I froze, and I picked up a big stick. I quickly turned around, and was about to hit whoever or whatever was behind me, but then I saw blue eyes in the darkness, realizing it was her. She gave me a small smile, and I gave her a hug of relief. I told her that I thought she was gone for good, and all she told me was that she thought so too, and she doesn't remember what exactly happen with the light thing. It's mostly a blur, except the part where she woke up in a different part of the forest, and well here she is now from all the walking. I try to give this back to her, but she said I could keep writing in it to calm myself down. We need to find some way out of here now. The music disappeared again also.

I think somethings off with her. She's not exactly acting like her normal self. And I notice she has spots of mud on her clothes, and some of her clothes are ripped in certain places. She claims she doesn't remember, but her face just seems expressionless to me. Her eyes don't have the usual glint of her bubbly self, and her movements are different, more stiff I guess. I don't know what to think. Maybe this whole experience is just taking a toll on her. It's taking a toll on me too, but I get this strange feeling she is watching me intently right now. I'm just going to stop writing now. She said I should rest for a bit, while she keeps watch. I guess I will…

I'm pretty sure she's starting to suspect that something isn't right about me. Well I tore off a piece of paper from the journal in a clean cut way, so she wouldn't notice it was missing. Anyways, she is right, but she won't live long enough to find out. I'm dead basically, I don't feel anything at all. When I got close to the light, it took away the one essential thing for me to be me…my heart. It wasn't really light, but was a bleak dark sphere object that was giving off a yellowish tinge. I'm not sure what exactly it was, but I don't have a heart beating in me anymore. Now I'm only relying on instinct, and my instinct is to kill now. The spots on my clothes aren't mud though…its splattered blood. Let's just say I went on a spree before I actually found her, hehehe. She thinks its mud, since the flashlight died some time ago, and she can't really see well at all in this bleak shady forest. Now where to did I put my knife? It has a lot of dark red all over it, it looks so beautiful to me. Ah there it is, it was on the ground near the rock I was sitting on. And she looks likes she is going to wake up at any moment. Perfect timing!

Now I know for sure that isn't her! She wouldn't have tried to mock me like she didn't care at all, and pull out a knife covered in thick blood. She looks so psychotic now. I'm not even sure how long I have until she finds me. I ran away when she started slowly inching closer to me with the knife, and I made her trip over a long branch. She's dead to me…whatever that light did to her it changed her into something completely opposite of her usual self. And I don't think there's a way to bring her back. This is seriously a nightmare to me, and I don't think I can escape from this…oh crap! I hear footsteps coming closer. I need to get out of here fast!

Tic toc tic toc…she's gone, good as dead and so much red splattered everywhere. Running away from me and trying to hide was useless, she should have known that. We've been in the forests for hours on end, she was too tired and too weak to go on. I played the part of my lighthearted self as best as I could to keep her long enough to do this. I feel like I painted the trees with my own special paint, all I see is dark red liquid in the circle of trees, splattered in some sort of abstract painting. Hmmm, looks like the sun is going to come up soon. I better find some place to hide out. I despise being in the light now, since it's so much fun playing in the dark. I threw out all of my belongings, and also her belongings into the river.

This is the one way forest with no escape. And wow, I finally hear that low music, it's so peaceful to me, well at least I think it is since I'm incapable of emotions. Now time to go and explore more of the forest forever. Goodbye.