Fort Knox

When he broke my heart, I glued it back in place

So what if it no longer occupied the same amount of space

For so long I tried to hide the heart break, every single trace

But I could swear that the hurt was written across my face

Never could I undo what he had wrought

Not even when I glued those pieces, the whole damn lot

For so damn long all I did was fought

But there are consequences for what I've sought

And now my heart has been no less than bought

I am nothing but a poor damned creature

Now cold enough to be quite the teacher

Some say I have become the special feature

And they are occupying every single bleacher

Still I have nothing left to say

And I don't believe I could pray

For all those torn ends and frays

Have turned into an icy display

I don't want you to hold me

And I most certainly just won't see

Whatever you are pretending to be

You can't pull one over on me

I am Fort Knox

I am not sly like a fox

I have ever so many locks

They have protected me from every mock

I am Fort Knox

Some people build walls

Others don't mind if they fall

But I will ever be a fortress tall

And that will never fail