- Your Majesty, you have visitors!

Another morning has gone by without the Page announcing that so-and-so prince from a distant nation seeks audience with me. I so wish for a day when I can do whatever I want. But nope, I have to fulfill my duties no matter what.

- I'm so tired so make it quick, ok? Who is it this time? I inquired.

- Yes, Your Majesty. Envoys from Kawoda wishes to speak with you regarding matters of utmost importance. Shall I go and receive them?

Kankuro. Now that was a name I was familiar with. A country of untold legends and of natural beauty.

- Yes, you can go ahead. And make sure the table is ready as well. I sure hope I don't need to remind you what happened with the Duke of Yseren?

- No, not at all. I shall make sure the visit goes without a hitch.

The Page then left to greet the visitors. Even though I had very minimal contact with the Kawodans, I know from experience they can be very prone to anger. At least that's the general idea. I can only hope these ones are more tolerant.

Later that day, I descended towards the dining hall. The envoys were already there it seems.

Tawara n'Moda, Rei Danil Florens! One of the Kawodans, Haera Jakubu I was told, greeted.

Ta-Tawara n'Kei to you as well. I stammered.

Whew, that was close. Better to not mess up further.

- So, let me get straight to the point. I was told that your people are with war as we speak. A war against the Karuka nation?

- You are indeed correct, Rei Florens. And that is why we have come, to seek resources in hopes of turning the tides to our favor. You are after all known for generosity, correct?

- That might be true. But even that has it's limits. Our nation has known peace for many decades. We definitely would not involve ourselves with a war taking place far away from our shores.

- But you have to understand that we have become rather devastated. It won't be long before our fair nation gets taken over completely! Another envoy sitting to the right side of Haera said.

- And that is why it's important that we receive resources from your fair kingdom. Even a couple of mages would help immensely. Haera added.

The look on their faces or rather muzzles told it all. They definitely have seen better days. And since it's said that the Karuka are not hesitant to use Forbidden Arts to achieve their goals, it's no wonder that they would be a very tough opponent to defeat.

- Alright, we shall decide if sending resources to your aid is the correct course of action to take. And in the meanwhile, it's important that you seek refuge in case any Karukans are looking to get you as we speak. Yes, the Written World of Tarak-al-Bein would be perfect for that purpose. But beware, there are rules that you have to follow in that world due to it's nature. Break any of them and you will be banished immediately. Allow me to show you the way in.