Well, this story came as part of a dream and a memory I've had of an old friend that's been playing around in my mind.

Fair warning it is very sweet and fluffy, and filled with cuddles! :D

I hope you enjoy the story!


My heart caught in my chest when I heard about the opportunity for a trip of a lifetime.

It was a trip to SfyFant, the ultimate Fantasy, and Science-fiction writers' conference and it was being held a few hours away from my hometown.

My college had a creative writing course, and my teacher had gotten a few extra tickets to the event. I jumped at the chance and secured my spot the second it was offered. Thankfully, my Girlfriend was also in the class, and she grabbed her spot seconds after mine.

Bailey was a dream come true for a nerd like me, after years of being dumped or taken for granted by the girls I'd cared about in the past, she'd charged in and banished any other doubt. Showing me what a truly loving relationship was through both her words and actions.

She was born with the body of a supermodel and the brain of a geek, and that's why I loved her, to begin with. We were in the same Creative Writing course and were partnered together on co-writing a twenty-page story… and unlike every other girl in the class, who either took the course because they were failing another or they saw it as an easy blow off course, Bailey cared about writing.

I bounced any idea towards her and she would accept it, making changes or adding suggestions, before throwing it back to me with a new spin. Then I'd add any changes or do what I could to make it better and throw it back at her. Fantasy, Science-fiction, Romance, any genre I could write she could fit a story too.

We started this tennis match at the local Starbucks over coffee and donuts, and within two hours we had written almost ten of the twenty pages and plotted out the rest of the story. She was unlike any other person I had worked with because she could look inside my crazy head and see the order, see the ideas and make them work.

Despite both of our efforts, we found that we couldn't work apart on the story, needing to come together in restaurants or park benches or libraries to type out the rest of the work… and once it was done, we didn't want to stop at all.

Meeting for sharing ideas or typing another chapter soon turned into meetings where we would just talk about College life or dreams or stresses, and soon Bailey and I had turned those meetings into dates.

"Hey daydreamer, we're almost there."

I jumped at her hand on my arm and smiled as the bus rattled along the road, hearing Baliey's smirk as she shook her head, letting her black hair dangle in front of her eyes. "A simple hand on your arm scares you does it? I still don't know how you survive in this noisy world of ours without having a heart attack at least once a week." Her gentle laugh, coupled with her British accent and mannerisms, was enough to turn my heart into mush.

"Survive… eh, I don't do that. I just tolerate the noise, it becomes bearable after a while." I chuckled, reaching over to squeeze her hand "Helps when I have you there, which is why I'm glad you decided to come."

"So you've told me" Her smile was warm as she kissed my cheek, "You know I'm the only one in this bus besides the teacher and you who appreciates the activities we have laid out for us today." Her hand slipped into her purse and pulled out the brochure for the event. "A seminar on writing every fantasy character, from an Orc warrior to a pixie battlemage, all in ten steps, a roundtable discussion with three of the best short story authors of the twentieth century, a Q&A with a science fiction author on writing about alien planets…and that's just the first day! I can't wait for day two!"

I smiled fondly, watching her glow as she read the events, just as excited as she was. "I can't wait either…"

Thankfully everything that I could possibly worry about, from sleeping arrangements to meals to transportation had all been solved.

Hotels were provided and rooms had been booked, meals were provided, I had a wad of spending cash in my wallet and everything was in walking distance. For once, I just had to focus on the events and Bailey, and that I could do easily.

I took her hand softly and squeezed it, feeding off her excitement like a lightning rod. "I'm glad you came, it's nice to have someone I know on this trip."

She smiled back, the smile turning into a squeal as the bus pulled to a stop, and the windows filled with the signs and banners pointing us to the event.


For the rest of the day, I truly understood why I was so excited to come on this trip. Hearing and seeing legends in the fantasy and science fiction business talking about what made them successful and discussing ways to write…. The sheer amount of notes I took was enough to catapult my writing skills years into the future.

Flyers were passed out with encouragement on them, several of the writers were on hand to talk us through writer's block, and story ideas were shared in a positive environment where they could grow and become stronger.

Even sitting in the rooms and watching the story ideas unfold as authors debated and discussed how they would have their characters deal with a particular scenario, I was sitting on the shoulders of giants… and being able to look into the minds of gods.

Bailey was scribbling down every other word that the greats uttered, muttering to herself as she drew diagrams and organized her notes between the frantic sharpening of her pencil. When she wasn't writing she was asking questions, tossing a scenario at them and seeing how they would respond, how they would get out of the traps she had placed her characters in.

Until finally, after both our minds were exhausted from the knowledge they had soaked in and our bodies were exhausted from the walking we had done, I sat down on an outside bench as the events began to close down in order to prepare for day two.

Bailey joined me, panting as she closed her notebook and blew on her red hands. "I think I've got blisters baby… but I had to write down everything!"

A giggle tore itself from my throat as I kissed her fingertips "Remember what the teachers always tell us? Don't write everything, just pick the important stuff."

"Please" She blushed, taking her hand back as my kisses moved up her wrist. "Every word they said was brilliant! Your notebook is just as full as mine."

She stood with a sigh, stretching her arms above her head "Well, I'm heading to the hotel… we need to be up bright and early for the first seminar. Walk me to my room darling?"

Her blush transferred to my face as I took her hand, lacing our fingers together. "Only if you call me darling again… I love how you say it with that accent."

"Fine" She smiled, pulling me in the direction of the hotel "Please walk me up to my room darling?" She asked, drawing out the last word with a playful smirk.

Although my legs turned to mush under her gaze, I managed to do as she asked.


Thankfully, due to me being one of three guys on the trip, I got a room all to myself on the third floor, so after walking off the rather potent effects of a good night kiss from Bailey, a little solitude seemed perfect.

I entered the room and smiled, flicking on the TV as I got ready for bed. The sci-fi channel was playing several superhero movies, and my fantasy channel was showing a few episodes on mythical creatures.

Ah, the benefits of cable. All these cool shows, virtually for free, and I'd be able to type up my notes in perfect immersion with the shows in the background.

Then a crash of thunder filled the air as the overcast sky finally began to burst, and the patter of rain hitting the window filled the room.

I forced the fear down as another louder crash echoed above me, getting into my bed and focusing on the TV to drown the increasing intensity of the storm out. It wasn't that I was afraid of thunder or storms… I just wasn't comfortable.

Having intense storms and rain happen when I wasn't at my house was a bit nerve-racking, because for some reason I just didn't feel safe. Being stuck in a hotel's third floor as lightning filled the air, followed by massive crashes of thunder and the sound of rain and wind hitting the building… this was a bit nerve-wracking.

Still, I just had to drown the sounds out, and focus on something calming. Thankfully, typing worked.


About halfway through jotting down my ideas, a knock on the door jolted me from my thoughts. My eyes turned to the clock on the bedside table, noting that the red numbers were reading 9:45.

I stood up, saving my work before heading to the door and checking to see who could be knocking on my door at this time.

Opening the door, my eyes widened in concern as Bailey's eyes locked into mine. "Listen… I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, but can I sleep here tonight?"

A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I processed her request. We'd had sleepovers and crashed on each other's couches enough times, both before and after we had started dating. I was a gentleman and she was a lady, so we could trust each other, and there were two separate beds.

"Of course, but why do you need to?" I asked, letting her in before closing the door.

"I'm stuck with the terrible trio" She growled, rolling her eyes. "Anna, Michelle, and Chloe… three girls who don't care about writing and only came on this trip to sneak away to malls and spend their fathers' money. They're up in our room gossiping and drinking, and it's impossible to get any sleep!"

She walked into the bathroom with a huff, as she grabbed a bundle of clothes from the suitcase she was carrying "I'm going to change, be out in a sec."

Quickly putting her bag on the floor, I fixed up her bed on the left side of the room, flicking off the TV and my computer as I climbed into the adjoining bed. From the look in her eyes, Bailey needed sleep… and I probably did too.

As I stared up at the ceiling, jumping slightly as the thunder boomed, the bathroom door opened and my heart stopped.

For some odd reason, the women I called my girlfriend could make any piece of clothing look amazing, and her nightgown was no exception. It was white, covered with imprints of flowers, and hugged her body just right almost looking like a second skin. It was short and sleeveless, ending above her knees, and she looked beautiful.

Her black hair cascaded down her back as she sashayed over to me, a soft smile on her face as she leaned over. "Thank you for letting me stay here tonight, I feel safer here with you."

Before I could respond her lips were on mine, moving softly as her hand cupped my face. I reached up to tangle a hand in her hair as my other hand laced her fingers through mine. There was something about kissing Bailey… that just made it intoxicating, and I loved it.

She pulled away after a long moment, giving my hand a squeeze as she climbed into her bed. "I love you, but much like Star Trek, the Federation bed in on one side, and the Romulans are on the other separated by the carpeted space of the neutral zone."

If I wasn't smiling enough from her kiss, the Star Trek reference made everything perfect as I rolled over to face her bed "Love you more Bailey."

Then as we both fell silent and the storm outside pounded the building, I realized that having her there made me feel more comfortable.


About an hour into the night, I awoke to the sound of covers moving, startling me from my dreamless sleep.

"Sorry… I didn't mean to wake you." Bailey whispered as she climbed into my bed. "But the AC is on and the vent is blowing right on top of me. It's warmer here, so I'm invading Federation space" She teased, reaching down to pat the space between us.

"You realize that's an act of war right?" I chuckled sleepily.

Whispering back, she pulled the covers up over herself and nodded "I'll risk it. You know I hate the cold."

A flash of lightening illuminated the bedroom as I jumped, the crash of thunder painfully filling my ears as I gripped a pillow tightly. "When will this storm end?!" I growled, shaking my head. I knew I was safe here, Bailey was with me, and yet my body was still on high alert, still afraid.

The covers shifted again as Bailey's arms wrapped around me, pressing my back against her chest as she rested her head on my shoulder. "How about this darling? I cuddle with you for warmth, and you cuddle with me for safety? I think a girl who loves you is much more fun to hold than a pillow."

"Alright. I'll take that deal."

Her legs threaded their way through mine, her fingers gripped the fabric of my shirt, and her breath tickled my ear as my hands rested on her arms, both of us so tightly entwined that I didn't know where she ended and I began.

Her heartbeat was something I could focus on. The storm was a random mix of sounds at varying volumes, but the soft beating of her heart and the sound of her breathing were constants… things I could be soothed by until the storm faded away into white noise and my dreamless sleep faded away into dreams of the lady I called my girlfriend.


As the morning light of dawn pierced the window, my eyes opened and my body shifted to see that neither I nor Bailey had moved from our embrace. Leaning over, I kissed her forehead gently as I regretfully untangled myself from her.

"Seven AM" I smiled at the clock. "Perfection" Just enough time to get breakfast before the first event started at eight-thirty.

Bailey awoke at my movements and stretched, her eyes locking onto mine. "I had the best sleep ever last night. Did you?"

Nodding, I stood up, opening the window to allow the calm after the storm to enter the room. "I did, and I think we need to cuddle more often."

Crossing over to the bathroom, she rummaged through her suitcase for a change of clothes, calling through the door. "I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast, a separate change of clothes and leaving here early will make it seem like nothing is out of the ordinary for us."

I got dressed as well, a bit confused by her plan. "I can walk you down there, it's no trouble."

Bailey emerged from the bathroom with a twinkle in her eye. "Please, if the Terrible Trio remembers enough about last night to say that I wasn't in my assigned room… and we walked out of this room together, then people might get the wrong idea about what went on in here last night."

I rolled my eyes, playfully winking at her "That's a lot of if's sweetheart, but whatever you want. If you don't want the rest of the world thinking that I finally seduced you with my charm last night… then just go."

"Please" She muttered as she walked to the door, calling back over her shoulder. "If anyone's bones were going to be jumped by charm and seduction… I'd be the one starting it. See you in a bit, my love."

As the door closed and I finished getting ready for day two, I found my thoughts drifting not to the excitement of my fantasy worlds, but instead to the moment I had shared with the girl I head over heels adored.

Hmm, maybe this was the fabled start of reality finally being better than my dreams, and for once, I was ready to find out without hesitation.


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