Please don't lock me out.

I know I'm not

the one you want,

the one you love,

but I'm the one who still loves you.

It may not be

my ear you want,

but I'll give it to you,

to use whenever you need,

to say whatever you need.

My presence

may not be what you long for,

but I will sit with you

for hours

in silence

if it'll make you feel an ounce better.

You can always cry on my shoulder,

even if it's not the one you want.

And even if my touch isn't

the one you need,

I'll hold your hand

and be with you

during the dark times.

And I will always

be here waiting

when you come out.

I will always support you


I will always



be here for you.

My love
may not be the one you want

but it is yours to have.

If you'll only let me in.