Friday 13 – A day of Emergence
Written by – Termony Karistis

Chapter 01: number 7

It was July, their sweet 16 summer. To them, the sky was a limit they did not want to really remember. It was their nature to see only the ground.

At the carnival, Tilkon was talking to his good friend and distantly related relative, Hendrick.

Tilkon thought he was getting too old to the carnival, but he and Hendrick came ever since they were little, so they ended up picking up their bodies and went to the carnival. To Hendrick, anywhere was good to travel.

Hendrick sighed. Just like last year… how awesome. He smiled.

"The apples on the shelves look nice. I wanted to win one." Hendrick said. "I wanted an apple right now. The green one seemed delicious."

"On the other side, it'd be red and you'd be snow white. Haha… dead. Don't eat something put on the shelf like that… Gosh." Tilkon sighed. He felt like Hendrick's mum.

"Janis would say I should win it." Hendrick was a bit sad, but he did not feel like eating an apple anyway. The apple was for Tilkon.

Tilkon smiled. "I don't miss her." He sat down on the park bench. The carnival was in the big park in the city.

"Arieta is getting more beautiful. Do you think I should ask her out?" Hendrick smiled.

"I hope you don't bother me with it. Girls are so troublesome. One minute, they're like, my feelings please? The other is like, my thoughts please? And then it continues to be you don't even know them, but they bother you at work." Tilkon sighed. "I heard someone said that."

"But Arieta is our friend." Hendrick said.

"But you said romance… get it?" Tilkon felt annoyed. "I don't want to go there… it's like… don't tell your guy friends who you think it's sexy. I'm starting to realize that's the kind of guy I am."

"That guy really hates girls right? He's no getting married?" Hendrick asked. He was concerned.

"It was a girl who worked with gossip girls." Tilkon sighed. "You don't understand. Some girls even girls have hated."

"I… like gossip, actually." Hendrick felt the desire to say this. "I actually like to be a gossip girl."

Tilkon said. "I don't really know why you would want to be one, you know why? Because… gossip is not really not your thing. You're a gossip guy. I think… you're a little bit too slow to understand this. You ARE the gossip in our family."

Hendrick felt weird. It was an honour. THE gossip.

Hendrick looked at that girl over there. He said. "She seemed like a freshman into collage."

"Older girls are never fun…" Hendrick said. "They just call me a kid. But… someone younger than me called me a kid too… I'm a kido according to them. It's just sad."

Tilkon looked at her. She really did seem decent, but… How come Hendrick likes her? He felt weird. An omen was seen in his own eyes.

"They always told me they're too old when I was younger, and now I'm still too young. I think I'm always young. You know, I'm just the YOUNG. Girls younger than me called me too young. I was only picking up flowers for Mother's day. Can you believe it? These girls…"

Tilkon laughed. "You think too much."

Hendrick sighed. "You never know…"

Tilkon was alarmed by one thing. "You know… you're always about girls… do you actually like any of them… that girl's objectively hot though… Have you thought about dating?"

Hendrick smiled. "You don't think I tried, I'm young."

Tilkon smiled. "I felt I am young too, actually. Yeah…"

The noon sun was making them happy. The sun that shined. The shining of the stars at night sometimes made them realize they were the sun's creatures. Now, they realized the carnival was full of odd things like rotten apples on the shelves.

On the other hand, they remembered the gun contest. Two contestants, and then if they exploded the balloons together enough, they'd win a stuffy.

They actually went. At that time, they knew they would want to give that stuffy to Korry, since he was sick for so many carnivals in a row. They believed, Korry would be the man for now, to receive the stuffy.

They began shooting, and the balloons were enough. They felt weird. The doll was a number seven. Perhaps Korry would use it as a lucky charm. He always wanted lucky charms. He should shop more as believed by everyone else. However, his shopping bags were always full of groceries. He enjoyed cooking.

The seven glowed as they carried it around. It was a toy of honour as it was won.

At the end, they went to a raffle place. Pay one buck and get a coupling with a female. They went and got a ticket each.

Tilkon got an envelope and Hendrick got another. They felt weird. They were supposed to come back in one hour or so and everyone would be gathered up and it would reveal the number and they could be paired with someone else.

It was a dating game they thought was interesting. Apparently, it was because they got to pick people.

They were humoured.

Find someone with the same digit in the last unit of the number they received. The last digits would be either a zero or a five. If someone got the same number in the last unit as someone else, they should start talking. If not, for example, if someone got 1.5 and another person got 2.0, they were meant at that time a bad choice for each other.

The message was, be forever apart.

When they got back, they opened the envelope and Tilkon got 7.0, while Hendrick got 8.0.

The awkward silence was making them feel weird.

Just then, a voice yelled. "Come on, guys and girls! The zeroes that way! The fives the other!"

They broke the silence and went along with everyone else.

Hendrick said. "We have a seven. Isn't that great? And we got a seven for Korry." He was smiling.

"I was hoping… to find a girl. Maybe." Tilkon said. He looked at all the girls. "To be honest, maybe not."

Hendrick smiled. "How about the guys?"

Tilkon dragged Hendrick away. "I'd rather be alone."

Hendrick said. "I saw that guy you wanted to meet."

"He wouldn't want to see me at this place." Tilkon got a little bit nervous. "I think your sense of humour is getting out of control. You do realize that guy doesn't want to see me right?"

Hendrick nodded. He smiled. He was happy with the seven dolly.


As they were leaving the carnival, they saw that beautiful girl with a guy.

"I was there at the raffle. I got 7.5, and you didn't want a number. Hmmm…" She seemed unhappy.

"Riangle, we're married." The man sighed.

"Just to see if we really are meant to be." She seemed unhappy to the point of divorce.

"We are married and 30…"

Tilkon and Hendrick took a huge step backwards. Marital disputes equaled troubles. Run. Both of them felt they would be attacked by titans.

Later after they got away, they thought girls were difficult to predict.

"I'm talking to my friend again about girls…" Tilkon said. "The seven's ours still, right?"

Hendrick nodded. "Let's go to Korry."

Tilkon nodded as well. "You know, I wonder what woman really are like. I never really dated either. Maybe the one for me would be like my mum. My mum's not that girl. I mean… Yeah. My mum's not… Riangel…"

Hendrick said. "My mum's not a gossip girl either…"

Tilkon smiled. "I wish… we cared about romance more. We could make it big you know. In romance."

"True… I'm not going to be a number one lawyer anyway. Being the number one divorce lawyer is just too much." Hendrick gave it some thought. "Although… weren't they getting a divorce thing?"

Tilkon sighed. "Difficult path ahead for us divorce lawyer families…"


End of Chapter 01

Author's notes/ Some girls are bullies. Some guys are bullies. Life.