Friday 13 – A day of Emergence
Written by – Termony Karistis

Chapter 09: Talked about Friday 13th somehow and they saw a black cat

The black cat moved its mouth like mumbling. It seemed sometimes to people that these souls were crazy and their ghosts lingered on Earth too much and too long but not so many cats were black at the same time often.

Often, Tilkon and Hendrick thought they were crazy in thinking of stalking the black cats. They were both happy. Tilkon especially loved them. He loved the butler looks too much. He thought that if he were a cat he would be wearing one type of these furs. But a purely black cat…?

He smiled at his girlfriend sometimes. He realized she was thinking a butler's suit.

Selena was happy that Tilkon was nice to show her his butler suits in drawing.

Selena always loved Tilkon. She smiled at Tilkon. She realized she did love him somehow.

They said at the end of June, everything in youth explained itself. She was just a nice and kind person she thought but she realized he was more generous than her and she loved him. The black cat that walked by was not a butler's but she loved her more.

She realized she was black in all furs.


At the coffee shop they thought it was weird. This coffee shop was good. She realized it was. Selena just thought everything was interesting there. She smiled. 'Demons hate Mondays' was a good coffee shop.

She thought she was getting interested in everyone here. Everyone was friendly. She was a relative of a waiter and he was a nice person. She smiled.

She realized. The life of noir. She knew it was mysterious.

She realized the noir in the shop was getting to her. She was meeting Tilkon soon and she realized this was how it was. The noir in the air. And the surge in memory of a shop when she realized she also hated Mondays.

She ordered croissants. The exams were over and now she was relaxing with everyone. She smiled. She knew she was right on certain questions. She just thought everything was too fading away fast. When Tilkon arrived, she was eating already.

He ordered the same thing and ate. She smiled at him and patted his head. He was choking and realized she was really cute.

"I think… maybe one day I would like exams and I'd be finished with school." He smiled. He was really feeling the sweet of the chocolate in the croissants.

"I see…" She giggled.

Realizing she was happy somehow, he said something. "I saw a black cat coming by. Hey… is your cold better now?"

She smiled. "Of course!" She looked at him and realized he was more confident than her as always. But she thought she was too careful. She smiled again and realized he was looking at her.

He nodded with a smile.

"I thought you want to watch that movie," he said. "It'd be nice after exams."

She nodded.

She looked outside and saw a black cat. She thought it was mysterious.

She realized she loved its look. Too bad she was not a butler. She told him this once and felt it was happiness. It was great. It was really great. He smiled at that creature.

"Meow," she said to him.

He laughed.

"Meow," he thought she was cute. He said. "Maybe you should get a butler cat later… You know. I'll buy you three." He smiled.

"Meow," She meant yes. She felt happy about the noir cat but it was too black and butler was great.

A black cat walked by again and she seemed to be mumbling. "Meow, meow."

She thought it was cute. She thought of a story of a black cat. She realized she was really too noisy. Maybe one day, she would know not to remember other people's stories. She smiled.

It was great.

It was really great. She loved the stories other people shared, including the ones about themselves. She liked them.


Hendrick took a picture of the cat. He felt somehow relieved. It was like he was paying back to the nature and the animal kingdom. He felt blessed in knowing he appreciated the dark fur.

He thought his hair was dark enough.

He told his girlfriend Cserell the other day that everything was great with the animals. The cats, the dogs, and the birds were great. And the wolves in the school were awesome.

They both smiled. He did adore their classmates in the wolves' clubs. She thought it was weird. But he felt they were just unique. He did not join. He was not so much of a wolf. He did like them though.

Later, Hendrick and his girlfriend went to the plaza. There was a bookstore there and they went in.

"This is a good toy," Cserell smiled. She knew it was also a fortune telling tool. Somehow, she realized she must not use one or buy one.

She told him that and he agreed. But somehow, they ended up thinking maybe they should buy one somehow. He thought she was too cautious. She felt they should as well but somehow reluctant. The last one she had broke quite horrifyingly.

He realized he only had a tiny one to begin with. He said. "I only had a small one to begin with actually. Maybe I should buy one. Maybe you should too."

She smiled. "I realized I should. I just don't want to buy anything for fortune telling yet. I realized… I don't want to…" She felt sad. "I remember the last Friday the thirteenth. I remember… everywhere was dark."

He thought it was sad. "It was horrifying."

He thought of something to comfort her. "And somehow we saw a black cat."

She giggled. "I know… we're still alive. And somehow I felt there was a sense that we got lucky but we stayed inside during the night."

"Yeah," he said. "we stayed in when it was dark and so we were safe." He acknowledged it.

"But see…? The questions…" She said, looking at the ball.

"Oooh, the questions." He smiled. "It was great."

She giggled. "Yeah."

The store owner said. "It's actually cheap."

"But the magic value! To have something like this in your house…" Hendrick said.

The store owner said. "Well… It's your magic. Lol."

She felt embarrassed. "It was my personal feeling…"

The store owner smiled. "I know. It happens. It always somehow happened that we fear magic, and even if it were our own magic. You see, it happens. But I receive very little money because the balls at the store are cheap. Okay? The price was your own doing at your home."

She smiled and felt the owner was kind like always. He smiled also.

"Somehow," the owner said. "I think the darkness would fade. It's harmless but horrifying."

She smiled. "It only comes at night."

He smiled. "But it's still something bad I think…"

She felt concerned. Maybe there was more than just darker nights…


A black cat walked by the coffee shop again. It was night time, but it was still bright. Exactly what were light and darkness were unknown. Somehow the night was annoying the cat. She wanted sleep but ended up walking the streets at night.

Selena gave her a star shaped chocolate earlier in the day and she accepted it.

Selena commented. "You're glowing."

The cat was awkward. She thought Selena was going crazy. The cat knew for sure she was black and noir. She sighed but the chocolate was good.

Her name was Noir and she felt there was much to learn about many things. She needed some time to pay attention to everything in life. And this cat form was making her nervous that people gave her star chocolates…

The myths were real but some myths were fake.

As a black cat, she was only here to wave away the bad surge in the world…

Next stop, train station…

End of Chapter 09 of 'Friday 13'