Hi again! It has been so long since I've been on here. Anyways, welcome to this new story! It is about a girl who is the middle of a war against robots and she's trying to survive. This is based off of the Overwatch: Uprising story and I am not quite sure if this belongs on fanfiction or here. Tell me which you think it should be on in the reviews section, politely please. Anyway, hope you like the story! This first chapter will be a journal entry but then the next chapter will be normal POV. You now have permission to read. ;D

Chapter 1: Journal entry #0

'Journal entry #0, February 5, 2073. Hi, my name is Karcy Genova, and I'm 19 years old. I have bright green eyes, pale skin, and long red hair. Currently I am running for my life! Well, not technically running more like hiding. If you are confused which I know you are than let me explain.

A week ago, a robot terror group—nall avenion—launched a surprise attack on my home or in other words the city I live in, a small town in the United Kingdom. My parents and I had lived here all of our lives. They were killed in this new war between humans and robots. Now, the robots are hunting down the last of the survivors.

That brings us back to me. I am in my old apartment that exploded due to one of the robots more simple, daily bombs. I have made myself as cozy as I can be in the middle of a war. I stacked some bricks parallel to the wall and laid a cloth across it to make a roof. I used another cloth as a door so I will be hidden for now.

Now, let's talk about some serious stuff. I know what you are thinking, what do these robots want anyway? Well they want rights for robots, so they say. I don't think this is helping anything. Food is scarce, and we are not brave enough to go outside to look for anything. We would either succeed as well as get hurt or die trying. There are very few of us humans left here. Almost everywhere is abandoned or taken over by the robots.

There is one good thing about this whole situation, some robots aren't very bright. Some would walk into walls, others would see you and walk right past. The bad thing is the rest are super intelligent. They can track you if they can get a clear shot of you. The robots who weren't sent by this group, they try to protect the humans. This proves that the robots would even kill their own to get to us.

I don't know what they would do when they finally wipe out all the humans in the city. They would have taken over all of the city and then what would they do? Maybe they would move on to the next city and the next until they...take over the whole world. That thought give us strength to fight harder against them. If we die than the world ends. That's not at all frightening to think about. I don't have any other relatives to go to, I'm all alone. That's the end of this journal entry. If anyone finds this journal then you know what to do. Bye.3'

That is the end of chapter 1! I hope you enjoyed reading it. PM me if you have any questions about this story. Reviews are always welcome and I will see you in the next chapter! ;D