Hey everyone! Welcome back to this story! I'm so sorry it has been like a year since I have updated this story. Anyway, here is the forth and final chapter of Humans vs Robots: 2073. There could be a sequel but I'm not sure. You now have permission to read. ;D

Chapter 4: End of the Beginning

Lucy shot one in the chest, then kicked him in the leg. Karcy did a round-house kick on another, successfully taking out his head. She then spun around and shot another in the stomach. Lucy kicked one in the arm while Karcy shot it. That was all of them. Lucy gave Karcy a high five but they were not in the clear yet. 20 more troopers came around the corner towards them. A second later, a golden light surrounded them in a beam upwards. Karcy looked up and saw a flying ship. She smiled up at the ship. It was Nebulian, the protectors of their world. It's an organization that fights against the robots and evil. They had sent a strike team to help them. Their ship landed and they ran inside the ship while the troopers fired at us. Once on board, they took off immediately. There they were recruited to join Nebulian. They smiled at each other, ready for their new adventure.

6 years later, the war ended. They trained at Nebulian headquarters until they were ready to join the fight. They are now permanent agents of Nebulian. Karcy now has an actual purpose in this life. She is great friends with lots of people there as well. Karcy and Lucy are sisters and partners in Nebulian now. They wouldn't see it any other way.

That's the end of Humans vs Robots: 2073. There could be a sequel but like I said before, I'm not sure. I hope you enjoyed reading this story. Reviews are always welcome and I will see you in my next story! ;D