This is a haiku about Mary Queen of Scots being held prisoner by Queen Elizabeth. Please comment nicely!

Cold rain falls in sheets,

Wrapping the old gray castle

In a veil of mist.

Alone and afraid,

The young Scots queen keeps pacing,

Dreaming of escape.

Her thoughts are jumbled,

Tired after a sleepless night,

Too tense to relax.

"My people need me,"

Frets the golden-haired beauty,

"I must get back home!"

Her plans are sketchy,

Forming but quickly fading

Shadows in the rain.

Just then she brightens,

Seeing a familiar face,

Sir Humphrey Babcock.

"What news, dear Humphrey?"

Cries the tense and worried queen,

Flashing her best smile.

"Gads! Tis cold and wet,"

The fat old knight assures her,

His cloak dripping rain.

"Alas, poor Humphrey!

I wish I were riding free,

While you kept warm here!

Do sit by the fire,"

Queen Mary tells her jailer,

Clinging to his arm.

"Is there news for me?

Word from cruel Elizabeth?

When may I go free?"

The fat knight sinks deep,

Slouching on the soft cushions,

Resting his old bones.

Mary fetches wine,

And a pair of gold goblets,

And both of them drink.

She's not a servant,

But to her old Sir Humphrey,

Is like a father.

The wine warms them both,

Putting color in her cheeks,

At last Humphrey speaks.

"Fear not, royal lady,

Elizabeth sends a gift,

Something just for you."

Sitting beside him,

Her heart thrumming with hope,

Mary unwraps her gift.

"What good is a watch?"

She asks in disappointment.

"Time means nothing here."

Laughing with gusto,

The old man takes the watch,

Holding it aloft.

"Behold, lovely queen,

How the watch spins in circles,

Like the earth itself."

Mary frowns at first,

Not liking to be laughed at.

She is not a child!

"The watch spins and spins,"

Soft-voiced Sir Humphrey tells her,

"Life goes to and fro."

The words mean nothing.

But the watch swings to and fro,

With a golden glow.

Her eyes follow it,

Watching the gold watch swaying,

Drooping just a bit.

"This is just a trick,"

Mary mumbles in a daze.

But it holds her gaze.

She can't seem to think,

To direct her gaze elsewhere,

Or even to blink.

Sir Humphrey talks on,

She can't catch what he's saying,

But it keeps swaying.

"Back and forth, sweet queen,

The whole world goes to and fro,

All a constant flow."

"But Elizabeth,"

Mary murmurs, half asleep,

"What she does is wrong!"

"Fear not, gentle queen,

Elizabeth is mighty,

But all might must fall.

Your strength and beauty,

Your noble heart and goodness

Shall outlive them all."

Mary shuts her eyes,

Seeing the swaying motion,

Feeling the world flow.

"Rest, unhappy queen,"

Sir Humphrey softly tells her,

"Life is but a dream."

Mary stretches out,

Defeated by his kindness,

And her trusting heart.

The sofa is soft,

The fire gives off glowing heat,

Rain patters softly.

Sinking into dreams,

Mary forgets the gold watch,

And her golden crown.