Darkness everywhere I go

Dreams are always a reflection of your desires. My dreams are more of a reflection of my fears. Ever since I was a kid, I could remember my dreams in detail.

Anyways, one night before I fell asleep, I kept thinking about my sleeping habits and dreams. I mean what if I had a really a bad dream that I could never wake up from, or what if I wake up from a certain dream, and it turns out to be true? Those thoughts always plague me every time I want to sleep. It's a horrid feeling to be afraid of going to sleep sometimes, but I need sleep obviously. So I fell asleep eventually, and was having a pretty normal dream, until one certain point…

Well the dream basically started out in my basement with some friends, and one particular girl….I should say some witch that I didn't like at all. She was sitting on a long bench with a smirk on her face. She was dressed in a black blouse and black jeans and had dark hair with dark brown eyes. So I pretty much ignored her, while I was with my friends in the dream. Though as a bit of time past by in the dream, I lost control of myself in it. Typically happens in a dream if you don't have full control of yourself. I accidently walked too close to her, and noticed her eyes were tinted with a blood red color. This essentially triggered a series of events in the dream, that just made everything get…dark as it progressed now.

I honestly didn't think much of the consequences that could happen by just walking too close to her, so I just went by my friends, who were saying how horribly messed up she was. After they said that, the dream started to twist into something so horrible, that I started feeling fear entering into my heart. My first instinct was to get out of the basement, and so were a few other people's instincts in the dream. Honestly this part was a blur, but I remember getting to the stairs and noticing that my vision started getting darker for some reason…like black mist started to obscure my vision, and I saw some guy on the stairs, who was trembling with wide eyes. His mouth was moving, but all he kept saying was "She's coming to get you…" over and over, until the stairway started getting pitch black.

I ran upstairs to the light in the kitchen, and took a glance down at the basement. Everything was coverd in black, that I couldn't even see the first step of the stairs. Though I heard footsteps in the basement, and a whisper that was too hard to make out at the time, but I backed away from the basement and ran. I just wanted out of this house now, since I could tell if I didn't get out fast enough, something bad would happen…or maybe she will come to get me, as that one sentence appears time to time in my thoughts.

I got out of the kitchen to notice black was starting to obscure my vision again. I took a glance back at the kitchen to notice it was practically gone, and darkness replaced it. It seems every time I leave a light room, it turns to darkness. I started to panic, thinking I need to get outside like right now. I went into the living room, which was still light. My dad was sitting in his usual chair, watching TV, and I explained that the girl was after me. He started saying he would help me, and I felt myself being filled with relief. I still decided to go outside, to see how it was. I opened up the front door, to notice it was night time out. There was no one waiting for me on the cemented porch or on the street, but then I thought about my dad who wanted to help me. So I turned around, but notice he left the living room and well the room started getting darker. I'm on my own now. Fear started taking over me much more powerful, so I turned around as fast as possible, but abruptly stopped. On the bottom of the stairs, I saw a black mist figure, waiting for me. Too late…she grabbed hold of me, and my body hit the ground.

She had a strong grip on me, so I couldn't move. I could partially see her face, but my vision started to go blind. My voice let go, and I screamed as loud as I could as my eyes started to water up. I cried, while hoping someone would come to save me. She on the other hand kept saying "It's all your fault!" to me over and over until I couldn't see at all anymore. I was all alone in some bleak place, with just my screams echoing, and tears washing away.

Few seconds passed, and I woke up abruptly in my bed. I checked the time, and it was only three in the morning. I tried to calm myself, which after a while I did. I mean it was just a nightmare; I should be used to this already. I try to fall asleep again, but took me about an hour. And right before I fell asleep, I could have sworn I heard a whisper in my room saying, "It's all your fault."

Even after a few days, I'm not even sure what exactly happened in the dream, and if I actually heard that whisper.