Tim Tucker

There is a world beyond our world, and it is a world unlike anything we could ever imagine. It is a world where the Gods dwell. A god may be in both worlds at the same time if they desired. They may, for example, sit contently on their divine thrones while another aspect of them traverses the mortal realm.

It was during his excursions to the mortal world that Morpheus decided the humans had desecrated long enough.

The God of Dreams walked across the vastness of the Universe. He tread carefully between the dark chasms amidst stars and crept through the gulfs between worlds, careful not to alert the other Gods to his presence. Out here in the perfect blackness of Creation the worlds of man and Gods seemed so small that they could be crushed in the palm of ones hand.

Morpheus arrived at Olympus Mons, mountainous pillars of granite and colossal waterfalls spread out before him. A staircase of enormous length led him to a great courtyard, a world unto itself. Columns of pure ivory surrounded the courtyard, leading to halls within halls. The monolithic supports were crowned with oak wreaths, a lasting tribute to the King of Kings. At the center of the courtyard was an ocean sized pool and in its crystal clear surface glimpses of life in the mortal realm could be seen. A newborn baby. Children at school. A young couple making love. All fleeting moments, like sand in the wind. It was the moments of false worship that enraged Morpheus to no end. Men and women praying to wooden crosses, heads bowed in devout reverence to the east, their shrines and temples a direct affront to the Pantheon. In times long past humanity lived and died in servitude to the Olympians, but now humanity has lost its way.

Morpheus pulled an ebony horn from his robe and removed the top.

It was time to remind the mortals who the true Gods were.

He sprinkled sand into the pond of the mortal realm. The grains shimmered against the blue skies before languidly drifting towards the earth. He placed the top back on the horn, returned it to his robe and gazed once more at the mortal world.

It's time to go to sleeeeep…

Planes plummeted from the sky. Cars and trucks collided into many wrecks of fire and debris. Silent chaos and destruction filled the lands. Countless bodies lay scattered where they once went about their day to day lives, their faces slack, trapped within the confines of a dreamless sleep. A great hush fell over the world. No more prayers to false gods.

It is only when the mortals awaken will the real nightmare begin.