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Nothing ever happened here in the small town of Pathstow Massachusetts. A few robberies, fights, neighborhood drama, and typical myths about creatures and ghosts who a few of the town people had made up—but to some others they really believed the supernatural haunted certain areas of the town.

Nothing too bizarre or crazy here.

Except for The Pathstow Murders of Midnight which had happened 30 years ago.

The murderer was a thirty six year old male who had no record of past crimes just one arrest for fighting when he was a teen, but other than that his record was clean. The police believed the reason for the murder was because of an affair his wife was having.

Finding out your significant other had cheated on you can bring out the craziness in anyone, but the man had gone too far. The man had murdered his wife, stabbed her a few times until she was gone, and then shot the younger male she was with. And still those murders had the town talking about it for five years and was still brought up occasionally today.

But the night of April 30th, 2010, something had broken that never ending cycle of normality at the annual town carnival. Something insane, terrifying—just out of the ordinary. The carnival drew red that night. And afterward it sprung over the town in darkness. The carnival would never be forgotten and was going to haunt four young adults for as long as they could cope normally.