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She's here.

The thought rips through her head as she fingers the choker around her neck, unconsciously feeling the power course through her as she glanced at the viewscreen.

A woman, clad only in a black jumpsuit, walked forward to the front of the building. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back, the strands ending in red tips as if flames were dancing behind her.

"Abigail, I know what you are thinking… but you can't fight her alone."

Abigail turned to the speaker, watching a little dove zip around her head, chewing on an olive branch "I can… because I have too." She stood, letting her own blond hair free. "Listen Senti, she's my sister. It's my responsibility."

Senti flapped her tiny wings, quivering slightly as the second woman paused in her gait towards the building, watching the camera with burning eyes.

"It's time to let my emotions out."

The choker opened and Senti obediently flew inside, letting it close on her with a shower of sparkles. Abigail smiled letting the transformation overtake her.

As the sparkles cascaded down her body, her clothing transformed into a set of short-sleeved white battle armor, letting a hand mirror materialize above her. Her booted feet hit the ground as she pressed a button on the bottom mirror, letting it transform into a glass shield. Suddenly and without warning, the pain stabbed into her as she looked down, seeing red splotches bleed through her clothing and spread across her chest and stomach. Taking fast breaths as her legs buckled with the pain, she wiped sweat from her brow as she regained her composure.

Every red splotch was a victim. She was supposed to be pure, perfect, a symbol of hope for millions, but she'd messed up… people close to her had died or been injured during her fight against injustice. They were reminders of her failures, and the person she was about to face had caused every single one.

This was her identity, this was her battle, this was her fight.

She was Red Dove, the hero of Sun city… and not even her sister could threaten her away from protecting her home.


As Red Dove walked outside, she gripped her shield tightly, determination in her eyes as she closed the distance between herself and her opponent, who regarded her with a cruel smile.

"Hello Sister, I thought I'd find you here"

"Krista… is all a part of your grand plan?" She growled.

"No, but I'm glad I don't have to look for you," Krista remarked, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Makes this so much easier. You know I'm not Krista anymore, I'm the FireQueen. "

"For the past six months you've been attacking me, hurting the people I care for, you've been hurting our family! You've been sending Metahumans after me, and all I want to know is why!"

Krista smirked, "Oh you don't need to know about that just yet, our little play is just about to come to an end, and I'd hate for the last act to be spoiled right before curtain."

"And my choker? How does that fit into your grand plan?" She asked.

"Well," She smiled extending her hand "Why don't you hand it over, and let me show you?"

Her eyes narrowed as she shielded her neck "No, I've learned a little something about not trusting the bad guy from your Metahuman friends."

"And yet sis… I've shown you that with or without powers, you can't beat me, Abby." Krista smirked.

Annoyance at the truth from her sister's words filled her, made even worse from the childhood nickname she hated. They had trained with their powers from the second they had received them, and no matter how many times they sparred Krista always came out on top… always shoving her into the dirt.

"I don't have to defeat you FireQueen… I just have to wait." She smiled, getting into a battle stance. "For the thunder."

A low rumbling ended her sentence as the thunder crashed, and the wind suddenly picked up as a figure appeared beside her as if out of that thin air, skidding to a stop as the electricity crackled around him.

Fireball smirked, staring at the new arrival. The red jumpsuit, the ridiculous looking tights, the emblem of the thundercloud on his chest. This could only be the famous Streak.

"Well Abby looks like you brought a friend." She remarked, rolling her eyes, something else catching her vision as a sphere was hurled to the ground behind the pair, exploding in dark smoke. From the darkness stepped a second figure, clad only in a black clothing and a ninja mask, walking forward to stand next to the two heroes.

"Welcome, Mr. Shadow and Mr. Streak." Krista chuckled.

Red Dove smiled softly as Shadow turned to her. "I hope we aren't too late"

"You boys are right on time."

The Streak smiled, walking forwards slightly "Listen FireQueen, I don't care how hot you can burn... you can't fight all three of us at the same time."

Krista smiled, flames starting to erupt from her hands as she clenched her fists. "Oh I think this will be fun, I always burn with anticipation at a challenge."

Red Dove raised her shield, staring out at the corner of her eye as Streak's eyes glowed with lightning, sparks flying around him as he prepared to run, while Shadow pulled out several capsules from his pockets, preparing to throw them at the first opportunity.

With a scream, Krista hurled two fireballs, and before Red Dove could brace herself for the impact of the attack, a pair of hands wrapped themselves around her waist, yanking her clear from the flames, before they left her and rushed to grab the Shadow pulling him clear as well.

As the fireballs exploded behind them, she gave the Streak an appreciative smile for his rescue before rushed forward to block more fireballs with her shield, reflecting the attacks away as she struggled to get closer to her sister.

I need to get closer… closer… let me feel her emotions! She thought, grunting softly as she parried another blast, letting her powers reach out underneath the fire, to the anger fueling it.

Krista screamed as energy poured from her sister's hands, seizing the anger and drawing it out in a cloud of red energy and closing her hands entrapping the emotion between her palms. The plan was simple she'd hold the anger in her hands and clamp down on it, letting it implode on itself… just like fire would.

Her knuckles turned white as Krista screamed, struggling to break free from Red Dove's control, struggling to make her anger stronger than her Sister's control.

Red Dove growled, blood dripping down her nose as her head burned, the anger bouncing off her mental and physical cage as she struggled to keep it entrapped between her palms. Sweat poured down her brow as she growled, cursing as the pain built up, choosing not to give her opponent the satisfaction of hearing her scream. She just had to outlast… outlast the anger… outlast the pain.

Until finally the cage shattered, as the now intensified anger exploded back into her sister and threw them both backward.

As she rolled to a stop, she wiped her face as she struggled to stand, turning to face the FireQueen who had recovered much faster and stood over her, a fireball in hand. "So sister… your power isn't strong enough to stop me. I say we put the power to control emotions into someone else's hands."

"Hey, FireQueen! I'm much hotter than she is. How about you focus on me?"

The FireQueen turned towards the Streak, shrugging her shoulders. "Sorry Speedy, you aren't my type… I prefer a slow burn!" She hurled the fireball towards him, stepping away from Red Dove as she continued to attack.

The Streak was a red and gold blur as he zipped away from her attacks, a wide smile on his face as he moved from side to side, baiting her. "What? Just because I'm fast I automatically can't be slow? I can take my time with relationships! Just give me a chance!"

He rushed forward again, running in circles around her as he ducked and dodged her every attack, causing FireQueen to scream in frustration as her fireballs failed to even get soot on his uniform.

Good work Streak… just keep her distracted and let her burn herself out. Red Dove thought, finally managing to stand up as the pain in her head ceased.

The speedster finally came to a stop in front of her, still wearing his smile, as he wagged a finger at her. "Poor FireQueen, you know I think I might be able to help you cool off!"

He rushed forward again, this time waving his hands in circles and using the air itself as a weapon as he buffeted her with a thousand air currents from all directions, running faster and faster around her as he forced her to her knees.

His opponent growled and managed to open her mouth, fighting through the pain as she chuckled. "You're only as fast as the speed of light hero… and since light is heat… my powers can make me faster than you!"

Then she was gone, as was the Streak, and only two flashing streams of light remained… one gold and one orange, chasing one another around.

Occasionally they crashed violently, throwing sparks around as they zipped across buildings, up walls, and around the pavement. Red Dove's eyes followed them, unable to see much besides the flashes of lightning as the pair battled one another.

Then the Streak was thrown violently at her feet, burns all over his costume as he gasped in pain, and the FireQueen smirked as she came to a stop in front of her.

Her heart clenching, Red Dove's raised her arm and hurled her shield at her sister's head, leaping in front of her fallen friend as she watched Krista duck the projectile. Her fists and feet met only empty air as FireQueen chuckled, ducking again as the shield returned to its owner.

Suddenly, faster than Red Dove's reflexes could account for, a stream of fire flew from FireQueen's hands and crashed into her chest, sending the heroine flying backward.

The Streak stood and zipped after her, weaving around cars and spectators as he struggled to get his wounded body ahead in order to catch his friend, or at least break her fall.


Krista chuckled, barely even flinching as ice exploded around her. With a flex of her muscles, she shattered the makeshift prison and turned to face the Shadow, chuckling loudly.

"So Shadow… you think ice pellets can stop me? One who commands all the attributes of fire?"

"No, but that will."

The FireQueen looked down and growled, reaching down to yank out the throwing star embedded into her leg, feeling a slight residue rest on her fingers as she threw it to the ground. "Your weapon didn't even tickle," She remarked, raising her hand to hurl a fireball at her last foe.

Nothing happened.

Her blood didn't boil, her hand didn't erupt in flames… nothing. "What did you do?" She whispered, her eyes flashing with anger as she clenched her fists.

"It's a serum created by a mutual friend of ours FireQueen… and it's currently delivering a biological coolant into your blood stream, disabling your powers! You won't be flaming on for a long time."

Krista charged forward, swinging her fist as the Shadow ducked and hurled three of his black bombs to the ground, coating the surrounding area in darkness.

"Without your flames to guide you, you are helpless prey for me!"

As elusive and fast as his name, the Shadow danced around the FireQueen's blows, ducking her attacks and returning them with equal force. He smiled a tight-lipped smile behind his mask as he grabbed her arm, shoving a knee into her gut.

"You're finished" He announced as she hit the ground, panting on all fours.

"No, I'm not!" She yelled, clamping a hand around his leg and springing upwards, smashing a fist into his jaw. As her foe's head snapped backward she swung two more punches, grinning as her knuckles bruised on the chest of the Shadow. Moving behind him, she wrapped an arm around his neck and began to squeeze. "I'm not going to be finished until you lie broken at my feet…"

As the effects of the Shadow's bombs began to wear off, she squeezed harder, finally able to see her enemy hit the ground...

Then the back of the Shadow's head collided with her nose and his heel slammed down on her foot, causing her to loosen her grip. His grip tightened on her wrist as he flipped her over his back, causing her to smash into the pavement.

Krista's heart began to beat powerfully as rage filled her. She had never been defeated in hand to hand combat before… and she wouldn't start now!

The rage coursed through her bloodstream as fire began to fill her veins, the anger burning away the effects of the coolant. With a scream, a fireball appeared in her hand and flew towards the Shadow, causing the hero to stumble backward. She then knelt over him, using her lower body to pin down his legs.

"I've always hated the darkness, especially those who were born in it… so as someone once said. Let there be light!" She growled, lowering her flaming hand towards the Shadow's pounding heart.

Red Dove patted herself down in midair as the last remnants of her sister's fire attack faded away, thankfully the flames hadn't burnt through her armor, so now she just had to figure out how to break her fall.

Why don't my powers come with wings?! She thought, noticing that a very large office building was standing right in her path. If she could just angle her shield right… she'd prevent herself from becoming the world's flattest superhero.

Her eyes suddenly focused downward, breaking the one rule of never looking down, as a flash of golden light rushed below her, then past her, then up the building.

The light bounced off the building and a pair of arms wrapped around her, one supporting her shoulders and the other under her knees as the Streak landed on the ground.

"You know milady, we really have to stop meeting like this." He teased, staring down at her. "You okay?"

"I'm a superhero! I was perfectly able to save myself." She shot back with a smile.

The Streak rolled his eyes "Whatever Red Dove… let's move."

Before she could even begin to protest about him carrying her back to the battlefield, she was forced to shove her face into his chest in order to shield it from the wind, also tightening her grip on him.

As he ran back the way he had come, Red Dove smirked a little in his arms. Despite how non-super-heroic being carried was, she knew the Streak was only doing his best to help her, and she also knew that he liked running with her in his arms because it gave her an excuse to hold him tighter than normal.

Her eyes turned towards the Shadow, instantly taking in the situation and squirming in the Streak's grip. "Throw me, shield first… on my word!"

As she positioned herself, letting the Streak hold her up by her stomach as she held her shield in both hands, she counted down in her head. She needed just the right amount of speed…


"Here comes a fastball special!" He growled, throwing her forward like a missile as Krista turned in shock.

The glass shield of Red Dove smashed into Krista's face as the FireQueen flew backward, hitting the ground as Red Dove rolled to a stop.

"Ah" She smiled, shaking off the effects of the attack "That's the family spirit, Abby… but you can't stop me. You haven't before and never will."

Touching a finger to her choker, Sun City's favorite superhero smiled as it glowed, energy reaching out from the jewel to be absorbed by her shield. This shield would pierce her enemy's defenses and give her access to her sister's innermost desire.

"Show me what you really want FireQueen! Now!"

Beams of blue light shot out, smashing into the FireQueen as she gripped her head, struggling to keep her desire private… it wasn't time yet… it would spoil the show…

"You Red Dove, you wear those red marks of those you've failed for all to see, and this city worships you for it!" Krista growled "Those simpletons don't know a real hero… because you aren't one. I just want your position… I need to be adored, and with your choker manipulating their emotions, I will bring your city under the guidance of a real hero!"

As the energy faded, Red Dove backed up as her choker flashed. Blast… used up too much energy on that move… only got a few minutes before my power fades!

The Streak rushed forward and began to run around FireQueen again, the gold lightning he left in his wake glowing ever brighter as he moved faster, until she had to look away.

"Shadow! What is he doing?" She yelled, shielding her eyes.

The fallen hero watched the action without flinching, struggling to stand "Based on what he's told me during our meetings… I think he's going to throw lightning."

As the Streak's speed increased, a bolt of lightning flew from his fingertips arcing towards the FireQueen as he skidded to a stop.

The FireQueen's palm raised to catch the bolt, hurling it back into the Streak's chest and sending his smoking form flying backward into a car as she smiled. "Too bad your brain hasn't caught up to your body… because your attack is nothing but heat, heat I can control!"

The Shadow growled and took out another darkness bomb, turning to Red Dove. "We've been attacking her head on. Listen, my bombs can be used as cover, so I need you to get ready to throw your shield really hard, and Streak will do the same thing from where he is."

"Hitting hard I can do…" She muttered, preparing her arm to throw as her mind reached out, using her powers to connect to the Streak.

Get up Streak… come on! I feel your emotions… your desire to protect people, and your desire to protect me. I need you up! Please!

Her powers found his protective nature, and she made it multiply, made it bigger and stronger than the pain keeping him down.

As the Streak stumbled to his feet, hanging on the car for support, the Shadow hurled down his bomb. "Now!"

As FireQueen turned at the darkness, the Streak rushed forward, smashing a massive uppercut into her jaw and sending her up into the air as Red Dove hurled her shield into the darkness.

The FireQueen turned too late as the shield smashed into her ribcage, sending her flying as she smashed into a building.

A throwing star flew through the air, burying itself into her back as the coolant did its work, sending the FireQueen into unconsciousness.

Red Dove smiled softly, turning to her allies, who were both smiling down at their fallen foe. "We got her"

She kept a hand over her choker as she smiled, struggling to think of the best way to get rid of them before her costume faded "Thanks for the help boys."

The Shadow nodded and hurled down a final darkness bomb, and once it cleared he was gone.

She bit her lip as she turned to the Streak "I'm sorry I had to manipulate your emotions… but we had to catch her."

The Streak rolled his eyes "I think you've been manipulating them since we first teamed up, either that or the tingles I get when you look at me are probably something I need to get checked out."

She giggled as her choker began to flash more urgently, and she turned away to hide it, feeling the Streak's hand on her shoulder. "Do you need any more help with her? My city's crime is being handled, so I've got time."

"No" She shook her head "This is a family matter, so I need to handle it alone."

"I thought that too, but you don't have to be alone."

Something in the Streak's words caught her attention and she turned back to face him, seeing trust in his eyes as he squeezed her shoulder. "If you need my help, I'm here."

Then with a whoosh of air, he was gone.

Her brooch flashed one final time and her costume faded away, leaving her in civilian clothes as she cradled her exhuasted dove in her hands.

"We got her Senti, we got her."

Abigail took a deep breath as the culmination of six months of hardship lay in front of her. Now she just had to keep Krista, and that would prove to be much harder.


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