I am your loyal servant, and you're the country's queen

Us, a sad and pitiful pair, burdened by our destiny

Let hell-fire consume me, if that's what must be done

I will gladly play the part so that you may shine, my sun


Once upon a time, there were three kingdoms: The Blue Kingdom ruled by King Kaeden, the Yellow Kingdom dominated by King Oliver, and the Green Kingdom overseen by King Gallagher.

Each Kingdom was represented by a plant. The Blue Kingdom was granted the gift of beautiful bluebells, the Yellow Kingdom shone with the addition of bright sunflowers, and the Green Kingdom bore luscious, leafy ferns in its forests and gardens.

Seasons passed, and the thrones were passed down to a newer generation.

One day, all the sunflowers in the Yellow Kingdom withered and were replaced with bloody roses. It was a sign, a symbol of the change that would shift the balance of power held between the three Kingdoms. For the Yellow Kingdom would become a force to be reckoned with, all because of the reign of a single girl.

She would change the country of Mirai indefinitely, and it would all be carried out by her precious and prized servant.

King Oliver paced back and forth in front of the doors that led into his and Luna's chambers, gritting his teeth anxiously every time he heard an exclamation of pain from his beloved, who was locked inside with the maids and the midwife.

He was the king, for God's sake! He shouldn't be feeling helpless and uncertain at any given moment. But there he was, dreading each next sound his Luna made from behind the doors, praying that it wouldn't be a cry of anguish.

Suddenly, there was particularly loud scream, one that made his blood go cold. Oliver heard the frantic chatter of the midwife directing the maids before silence followed.

That's when he heard it.

The bawling of a newborn.

"What should we call her, Luna?"

"If my lord doesn't mind, I would like to name her Rinley, after my mother."

Oliver didn't mind. After all, he couldn't deny his queen much of anything. All he wanted was to see that smile on her face, the one that made him fall in love with her.

Before anyone asks, yes. This is based of AkunoP/mothy's Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil. Yes, I am changing the story a bit. Yes, the lyrics are by SirHamnet. And yes, Rin and Len are NOT twins in this version. I want some good old fashioned romance so that's what I'm getting XD

Oh, and I actually DO have most of this written out. Chapters will be uploaded if I think some/a bit of interest is garnered. Yes, I'm evil like that.