Finally, the tranquil days of learning has come to an end.

I, Uriel Taylor, shall descend from the Heaven and will apply her knowledge on human beings!

I was being excited that I shouted so loud that the other angels quickly stares at me.

It was a great day for the history of my life. Being a part of the seven archangels is truly an honor.

Standing smiling on the school vicinity, that's what I am doing right now.

Many angels within my batch were overly excited, ready to cleanse the world full of miasmatic aura.

Here comes my friend, Gabriel.

A petite looking angel with an up-to-bust length hair.

She looks to greet me.

"Yo, Ur. The time has come. Feeling good?"

"Yeah, I am! I wonder where we'll be assigned."

Our conversation lasted just short. I was wondering where our other friend, Rapheal, is. Maybe she's doing something for the student council as her last good bye.

"Uriel, aren't you going to be lonely?"

That was something Gab often asks. About what will I feel. She usually is the type that is actually mature. She is a caring person, to be exact.

"Slight, I guess? I already told my parents about it last night. Plus, they know the rules of the schools here in Heaven, right?"

The rule here in these schools' dimension is that descending will happen right away after graduation. Meaning, we will be transported after the ceremony. That's why I said good bye to my parents last night. They were over dramatic though. Hahaha.

We decided to proceed now on the Heaven's gate to exit the paradise. I hate congestions so we decided to go as soon as possible.

And so, we exited the so-called paradise and ready to explore the world full of goodness and sins.

My first day on the human world was dealt to be unluncky. Why? Well, my landing spot is a lake. Yes, a lake. My clothes, they are soaking wet.

"I guess this is the place called park."

That was my assumption. A pretty looking body of water, grasses, benches, flowers, etc.

I sat on a bench for the meantime to dry my clothes.


I didn't think angels might be infected by common colds. Good thing my luggage is properly sealed and is waterproof. My things weren't drenched in freshwater.


As soon as I stopped counting, I started to look fo the apartment we're assigned to live on. It was a blazing hot afternoon so my clothes dried after 15 minutes.

This is a well-looking apartment.

"That text characters..."

I saw the apartment's name written in characters that are familiar to me.

"This must be Japan!"

The scorching hot temperature outside is starting to make me perspire a lot. The apartment's interior looks fine. Normal people should live here.

Good thing our school director fixed the paperworks on where we'll live. It feels good to be an angel.

"You must be Uriel-chan, right?"

An old lady approached me.

"Y...Yes, are you the landlady of this apartment?"

"Yes, I am. My name is Hanako. Nice to have you here, young girl."

I am 22 years old if it is based on human age but I feel complimented being called a young girl.

"Here, Uriel-chan. You're in room 203."

Oh, I have to change my name here in this world.

"Hanako-san, please call me Aria. It will be a pleasure if you call me Aria. I need no one to know my true identity but you so we should just "Shh" "

I requested the old lady to call me Aria with a smile, of course.

"Okay, then. Aria-chan, here's the key."

I said my thanks to Hanako-san after she gave me the key. Well, my room is a great room after all. Enough space, it has the basic appliances, and most importantly, it has an aircon. What's good is my room has two. Great way to kill summer heat.

"I wonder where's Gab?"

Oh, yeah. While leaving Heaven, we got separated. She must be transported on a different place. Too bad.

Now that I am in the human world, how can I spread happiness and goodness to the people that are corrupted?

"Man, the thought just excites me!"


Finally, I got to escape this soon to eternity years of learning! Hahaha!

Leviathan McMillan is the name.

This super protagonist has just graduated from Hell's school.

I am now ready to conquer the world of humans and make way for the kingdom of Hell! Hahaha!

By the way, another amazing fact about me is that I am the son of Satan, the demon lord! Nevertheless, I am part of the elite. The probable successor to the kingdom of eternal fire!

Well, that's just a joke. Hell is not some place full of eternal lava. Most likely, I can describe this place as... Hmm... The sky is always overcast so I thought it is always gonna rain. Anyway, if you're not a demon, you won't like Hell.

Uhh, my servant is here.

"Leviathan-sama, w...where have you been running around?! I...I got tired of searching for you."

My servant, as he is telling me to think of him as one, is Asmodeus. We're both twenty-two years old.

"Ass, we should get going right now. I'm so full of waiting to invade the human world!"

"Pleas don't call me Ass. It sounds like a human hole which role is to excrete waste. Leviathan-sama, your father is here to give you a farewell chat. Oh, speaking of the devil.

Here comes my father. The infamous fallen angel known to have executed a rebellion against God.

"My son, I hope you will apply our teachings and your school's. I will surely miss you."

"Father, don't be worried. I shall execute the dream mission a devil must do! I will prove to you that I will be the best!"

Yes, I am the very best. I will make myself a legend!

For some reason, my dad starts to sob.

"M..My son! Don't forget to eat your meals three times a day! And make sure to laundry your clothes regularly! Wahh!"

"I got it so please don't cry on my chest! Wahh, your snot is dripping!"

After that short gross drama scene, Deus and I proceeds to the portal to Earth.

Not that long, we reached a place on the humans' world.

An alleyway? Really? This is the place where we are summoned? Haha.

The two of us follows the origin of such noise. We were greeted by a busy place full of people walking.

"Leviathan-sama, these pathetic human beings should recognize us as demons because of our attire. This should some chaos!"

I agree with my friend to that.

"Well, said. I will speak to this ignorant humans."

I used a big trash can as a stage. And then, I started ranting about our invasion.

"Est de Diablos bire Helol! Ewer kiol monogalo to noba inbasyon! Saa, preperad sion hakula!"

"Leviathan-sama, you haven't wore your ring."


I forgot that I was ranting using my mother tongue. Damn it. The humans in the vicinity started looking at me as I wear the language ring.

"Now, be frightened! We're the demons from Hell! We are here to invade this pathetic world! Prepare yourselves, rats!"

Deus claps after my somewhat nerve chilling speech. But as soon as I start to speak again, a car with a siren comes closer to our stage.

"Come with us to the station. We need to ask you questions."

I got pissed off on the man wearing a uniform of an authority.

"We won't follow orders from some lowly human being! I am the son of the de-"

"Just come with us."


I can't move my hands. Are we just handcuffed?

The two of us can't do anything but join them. We were brought to the place called precinct. There we are asked about our identities. Though we are in a separate room.

"So, are you two from a cosplay event? Who are you?"

The officer who asked us gave us a question new to our hearing.

"I don't know what's a cosplay event but I am the son of the demon lord."

After my mighty introduction, that damn dude just laughed his ass off. More like what I said is something to be ridiculed of.

"Tell us the truth already. Maybe you guys are foreigners?"

Something came up to my mind. I need information regarding this world.

"Where are we? This looks like a busy nation."

"You arrived in a country and you don't know what's the name of it? Hahaha! You're in Japan, young man."

Japan. I've heard it in once in our class. The country where there are lesser sinners. This is a great opportunity, then.

"How can we look for a stronghold?"

The officer seems to laugh off my question but I can see that he tries to resist.

"W...Well, I can't promise you to see a stronghold here but I can show you this."

He handed me a flyer containing an apartment rent prices.

"We can live here?"

"Yeah, as long you pay your rent to the landlady."

This is weird. I seem to be thankful to this guy. But, demons have no sense of gratitude. Therefore...

"Good job, I can secure a slot in Hell for your hardwork."

"Thank you but I want to go Heaven."

After the interrogation, I checked Asmodeus' status and I just saw a pathetic scene on that room. I spotted him eating a rice meal like he isn't eating properly everyday.

"What are you doing?"

"T...This is... Please, don't mind this Leviatahan-sama! I..I was just..."

The officer assigned to him offered me the same meal. I don't have a clue on what food is this but it looks appetizing.

"What's that called?"

"I...It's called Donburi. I...It's so yummy, Leviathan-sama!"

I want the officer to answer my question but Asmodeus did the job. I tried tasting the so-called donburi and...

"T...This is..! I feel like in Heaven!"

"Levi-sama, please don't say that. We'll be doomed."

I forgot that I was a demon for a second. The taste won't let me stop eating. Ah~

The officers let us go after the interrogation. We decided to go on one of the apartments in the flyer. The apartment looks great for us. I'm confident that we can transform this into a base.

We are greeted by an old hag. She said her name is Hanako.

"Are you here to rent a room?"

"Old hag, show us the possible stronghold of mine."

"Rooms here cost 400,000 yen if you want to live in one."

"Hmph, do you think we're poor bastar-"

I checked my wallet and what I have is just 20,000 yen.

"H...Hanako-san,c...can we get a monthly installment?"

"Sure. Come with me and let's process the papers."

We started signing shitty paperworks. At last, it comes down to the final paper.

"Please provide here with your name."

"Leviathan McMil-"

Wait, I forgot that this ain't Hell. I'll use a different name then.

"Kurosaki Levi McMillan."

"And your friend's?"

"Deus Ranford."

"We're done, then. Here's your key. You two are in Room 204. Have a great stay."

Now, it's done! We successfully acquired a home! (though we are renting)

I felt something weird when I came inside the building. But, I don't care. No one can stop me and my plans for this world! I shall produce the best sinners! Hahaha!