(PoV : ARIA)

"... have decided that we shall take Leviathan-sama back." declared Deus.

"Then, use the Seal to bind that archangel now." commanded Azazel.


Primarily, I thought that they are going to sell me out to the Fallen Angel Azazel but what happened was unexpected.

Deus now clarifies what he stated.

"Don't get me wrong, Azazel. I never said that we'll offer Uriel Taylor to you. We're gonna take Leviathan from your hands." said Deus.

Azazel's eyebrows lifted up, as if he realized a fishy thing about the devils.

"Hey, are you siding with one of God's lackey?" asked Azazel.

Without any hesitation, I smacked Azazel in the face in a lightning quick speed. Why? I got offended by the word "lackey".

"Servant is the right word, you scum."

But, I felt a weird sensation inside me. It must be the curse earlier. I fell down to my knees for a second.

"Hmm, miasma, huh? Azazel! You casted quite a curse on this angel. You sure you're going to slay her?" asked Astaroth.

I wanted to vomit. It seemed that my heavenly body has been infected by a demon's miasma. Tsk.

After a second, I got startled. Why? Astaroth carried me, but not just a simple carry, he used both of his arms to lift me like a princess. Gosh. He even checked my forehead if I was heating up.

"She's burning up. Hmm Azazel, can you guys settle your score next time? Look, she's delibitated already. Let's be fair, okay?" requested Astaroth.

I can hear their conversation, but not that much. My heavenly powers were draining rapidly that time. The curse was a powerful one.


"I'm not siding with anyone here. It's just unbearing to see that someone will attack a weaker faction just to gain what he wants. Why don't you try to be fair and square?" suggested Astaroth.

My hearing started to faint while time passes by. My vision started to get blurry.

"Did the human culture infected your brain, Astaroth? Come back to your senses! You were a top-notch demon back in the kingdom. Show it to us right now!" replied Azazel.

"Fine, I'll show you." said Astaroth.

Maria and Deus each received three talisman from Astaroth. The demon in formal clothes then instructed the two to chant some sort of incantation with him.

"Under the name of I, King Astaroth, will restore you back in balance. Yterna Dextreza." chanted separately Astaroth.

A pale green magic circle has appeared on the ground. Azazel looks irritated. It seems he knew what kind of magic was this. I kinda noticed, that this is a healing spell. My condition got better and better, as if I just woke up from a lenghty, relaxing slumber.

"Bastard, have you gone crazy?! Tsk, I shall consider you now a traitor! You shall be exiled from Hell!" angrily said Azazel.

I am still wondering what's on the mind of Astaroth that time. Azazel again ranted.

"You were my partner for this mission. I was delighted when I learned that you were elected as the police chief here in Japan. I was amazed by your hypnotic magic. I thought we can use that as an advantage to capture the archangels. But then, it seems that you are not going to cooperate with me anymore. I THOUGHT THAT WE WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD TOGETHER!" ranted Azazel.

What he said was not that surprising. Demons do always have that objective to destroy the world, which is part of God's creation. Tsk, that Satan, why did even God let him live? Whatever. Astaroth actually reacted to Azazel's bad intent.

"Did you just say "destroy this world"? I'm out, then. Look, before we were even deployed on this world, I thought that this will be a boring realm. But, I was wrong. Don't get me wrong when I used hypnosis to the police force. At first, I honestly joined them as if I finished criminology. They knew me when I am still in the lower ranks. I just used magic when they already recognize me well. The illusion that they are seeing right now is that I am the police chief in the whole country but the reality that they know is I am still the Astaroth they met. This world is exciting, that's why I want to rule here and do whatever I want. I won't let anyone destroy my ambition, even if you are my close friend." explained Astaroth.

I've heard this before. His intention is the same as Leviathan's. "I'll kill you if you raze this realm." thing, huh?

Azazel's anger intensified as he heard Astaroth's words. The magical pressure around the area lowered dramatically, this means that someone is collecting energy at a high speed. It was Azazel. A sphere-like magic ball started to develop inside his closed hands. The highest pressure should be on that sphere ball.

"IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! BRACE YOURSELVES!" threatened excitedly Azazel.

The crazy fallen angel dropped that sphere ball and it created a large explosion that destroyed the whole academy in a blink. The area was covered by smoke and dust. It totally engulfed us.

"Are you two alright?" asked Deus.

He protected Maria and I with his shield. He was left wounded but he was till standing firm.

Azazel applauded for the toughness Deus has shown. He added that anyone rarely survives that attack. But, he revealed another trick to that magic.

"The smoke that you are seeing right now is filled with toxic gases. Later on, the air you guys are going to inhale is going to be toxic as fuck. Then, bam! Even though you are supernatural creatures, your body and organs are the same as humans. Your body will die if you inhale it." explained Azazel.

Maria and I were inside a defense magical container. Astaroth suddenly vanished after the explosion. Where did that guy went off?

"Your technique is nothing to m- Huh?" said Deus.

Deus suddenly fell to the ground unconscious.

Maria panicked and singlehandedly destroyed the shield Deus created for us.

"Crap, he has a difficulty in breathing. He needs fresh air!" panickedly said Maria.

She's super worried. I guess demons are concerned with their owen comrades.

I was still thinking whether I should help them or not. Deus looked so bad, that any second he might die. Maria wanted to cry but she was just holding her teard back. She doesn't want to look weak, I guess.

"Angels don't really have any mercy for some devils, huh? I'll fight that guy myself! Back off!" said Maria.

Agitated, she casted a magic of hers straight to Azazel. The foe, however, deflected it without breaking a sweat.

"Hmm, did Leviathan seal your magic power? It felt like a child's punch. HAHAHAHA!" ridiculed Azazel.

"Tsk, I forgot that fact." said Maria.

Oh yeah, I remembered. Leviathan casted a spell on Maria so that her powers are in control.

"Hmm, you demon can't do anything now. Just surrender and Satan might pardon you! HAHAHAHA!" suggested Azazel.

Maria showered her vocabulary with a lot of profanity. She's extremely frustrated. Now, her tears started to fall. Deus looked like he's approaching River Styx.

After a minute of shouting, Maria went unconscious. The oxygen around the area has been slowly engulfed by sulfur from Azazel's trick.

"What are you going to do, archangel Uriel? Run? Or help those demons? Answer!" asked Azazel.

God, I hate to admit this but just this time, I'll save them.

That moment, I considered them as friends.

"God, the most powerful being that lived in this realm. Grant me thy power, for which I shalt use for good. Grant me thy power, to exterminate who opposes the good."

God listened to my chant, therefore unleashing my wings and my primary weapon, a flaming sword.

Before I commenced attack, I destroyed the barrier that was a hurdle on our part earlier then I brought Maria and Deus to a safer place using my transportation spell.

"Good, good, good! This is the third time that I will face an angel to a death match! This is thrilling!" shouted Azazel.

"Let's get this over with. I don't want to expose my vision on your funny face. Be ready."

Azazel emitted purple-colored smoke from his mouth towards my direction. He tried to block my way into him. Even so, I cut through the cloud of toxic gas using my sword.

As I was near on slashing him, he summoned his demonic weapon, though he declared soon that he customized that one.

His weapon was a gun, more like a dual pistol. He was troublesome.

"You're lucky that you witnessed me summon my ultimate weapon. I am only using this to the enemies who I recognize as threat. Say your prayers to your God!" said Azazel.

"Say, I'll defeat you in five minutes."

He got ticked off by what I said so he loaded his guns with a blue-colored bullet. He fired it immediately. Bullets usually are quick to hit but his was a bit slower on its initial release. I almost relaxed, for I thought that it was an advantage. It turned out that the bullets were slower because it propagates by four.

"Take that!" shouted Azazel.

The two bullets that were released from the gun suddenly became eight. As it propagated, its movement went quicker than what a normal bullet's speed does.

I was late at summoning my barrier. Five bullets were blocked but three hit me. One was in my right shoulder, two in my left thigh.

"You underestimated my style of battling. Loser!" said Azazel.

Tsk, I wish I had Gab with me. She has the ability of healing. If I was to heal myself, it would take time.

Azazel got impatient. He wanted me dead as soon as possible. For so, he created four clones of him, possessing the same weapon.

That moment, I used my wings to rise up because I don't want use my legs for a long time due to the wound inflicted.

The five of them surrounded me, One was on top my position, one was floating northwest, one was in northeast, the other two were in southwest and southeast respectively.

I left my position hastily. They were up to something. From afar, it was like star pattern, their formation, I mean.

As I watched them while moving away, the five of them loaded their guns with mint green-colored bullets. Before they even fired again, I casted an offensive magic at a snap.

"Begone, descendants of Satan!"

My fire sword released abundant amount of flames in the sky until it formed into a huge fire angel.

"Preventing us from attacking, huh?" said Azazel.

"Burn those evil forces. Scroscio d' fiamma (ITA)."

A vast flame wave was emitted by the fire angel I made. It made its way to Azazel and his clones.

The five didn't let it damage them that easily. They casted a defensive spell to form an enormous barrier.

The flame wave broke the barrier after fifteen seconds. Three Azazels evaded the attack, while the two got caught and burned into crisp.

Regardless of the loss of clones, Azazel didn't take his time. The three of them pulled the trigger and released propagating bullets again. Due to mana conservation, I didn't use a magical barrier to block it, instead I normally evaded the bullets.

I thought that would be the best idea. But, I was wrong.

Normal bullets will follow a linear trajectory. Azazel's bullets this time were homing bullets.

If I went left, the bullets will follow me. What's worse is that the bullets from propagation again multiplies. Initially, twelve bullets were following my path then each of those bullets propagates again. I didn't have the time to count all of them.

I had to think quickly. If those bullets hit me, I'm dead.

A great plan shortly came up inside my mind. Though this is a gamble.

I flew up high in the sky, enough for me not to be visible from where Azazel is. I knew he'll follow so I did the plan.

I decided to form a heavenly barrier as a shield yet again, I was late and some of the bullets hit me. Holes in my torso, chest, legs and arms were present. The hit was very solid. My body straightly crashed to the ground.

Azazel, as expected, came closer to my presumed corpse.

"Serves you right, punk. Hmm, the holes were fewer than what should it look like but whatever. You two, let's perform the diabolic sealing now. We might miss our opportunity if those two demons woke up." said Azazel.

As he touched my left arm, I moved my right arm immediately and touched his arm hardly.

"Y...You...!" said Azazel while in shock.

"Divine Retribution."

Hehe, I'm still alive!

I now casted a sealing spell that would be the final blow in Azazel's life.

The three of them were immobilized due to the effect of the sealing spell.

"Bastard, I thought you were hit by the bullets?!" asked Azazel.

"Yes, I was hit by all of 'em. Your bullets hit me hard, as if I was stabbed a hundred of times. That was just the intensity of the pain I received. I should be dead right now, shouldn't I? Well, to explain to you, before I completely pass out when I was on the air, I casted a healing spell that I rarely used because of the time it needs to take effect."

"You fell from the sky for about 30 seconds or less, how long was the casting time of your healing spell?!" asked Azazel.

He was in awe. I still continued explaining to him.

"Normally, my spell will take about five minutes to take effect and twenty seconds to be chanted for it's long set of words. But, I took a sacrifice. I used a haste magic to reduce the chanting time and the time it will take effect by 500%. So, while I was freefalling, I was already casting the spell and got 80% healed as I reached the ground. Though you know what, three years of my Earth life was reduced due to that haste spell. But that's better than dying in your hands!"

"You angels... YOU SHOULD ALL VANISH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" shouted Azazel.

The seal took off the clones. It should disappear like a particle but the skin just mottled, like when a snake shed it skin. It turned out to be Leviathan and Gabriel's body that were used as a vessel for the clones. Azazel's legitimate form was also revealed. He had horns that can be identified as a goat's.

"Gab... Levi..."


Gab's hand suddenly moved.

"A...Aria... Thank goodness..." said weakly Gabriel.

I guess she wasn't dead. Her power and consciousness was dreadfully weakened. God, what did this demon do to your angel?


This demon was something. I got extremely pissed off. I summoned my flame sword to slash him a couple of times. I didn't care about his screams of pain or what. I just wanted him to suffer.

The motion of how I slashed his body was like cutting a wood using a hand saw. I cut his arm off. The extreme heat of my sword's blade inflicted excruciating pain towards Azazel. I wouldn't forgive this guy.

I remembered something. Rapheal.

"My friend Rapheal should be meeting me in this city some time around last week. SHOULD I ASSUME THAT YOU GOT HER? ANSWER."



He should be killed, and I did it myself. I beheaded him, for the sake of Rapheal.

I went straight to Gab and talked to her for a bit while holding her on his head.

"Gab, Gab, Gab! Answer me!"

"A...Aria... R...Rapheal was..." answered Gab.

She could not talk properly. I was heavily crying in front of her.

"A...Aria... Behind you..." informed Gab.

I turned around my back and saw the body of Azazel walking towards me, holding a rock which I think he got from the pile of destroyed concretes near us.

I was not holding my sword that time. I didn't have the power to push him off. A large, dark hand grabbed Azazel's decapitated body. It was a golem, an evil golem. It ate Azazel completely. The caster of that golem was Astaroth.

"Don't worry, he's gone now." said Astaroth.

"Aria... Check Levi-san... Hurry." said Gab.

I immediately went to Leviathan's body. Astaroth also checked the body of the Hell prince.

"Shit, this is bad. I'll ask you this, archangel. Do you want Leviathan to live?" asked Astaroth.

Just imagining Leviathan gone by now was hard. But, I was still holding a grudge against him. Astaroth immediately received an answer from me.

"Honestly, I don't know what to answer but I'm sure that it is more fun if Levi is around. So yeah, I want him to go back. After all, I should be the one to slay that pesky demon. Haha."

He smiled to me as I asnwered.

"How would we get him back? He's dead already, right?"

"Hmm, he's not completely dead. He's just 80% dead. His spirit should be travelling back to Hell now. If he goes back to their kingdom, he can never go back here on Earth until the Apocalypse." revealed Astaroth.

"So it's possible to revive him?"

Then, he disclosed the initial method to do it.

"Yes, it is. However, the first step is...said Astaroth.

"The first step is...?"

"You have to die." continued Astaroth.