CHAPTER 7 (POV: Leviathan's)

Two weeks since Satan gave me the mission, I still can't sense any angel dust in this city. Did they get the wrong information?

Anyway, I'm sure that that angel will soon be discovered.

Saturday morning, I was astonished on what's inside our room.

"Oh, you're already here? Look at this stuff!" said Maria.

W...What the hell? WHAT THE HELL!? Our room was occupied by lots of money!

"H..Hey, you two. Where did you get these amount of money? Did you rob a bank!?"

"No. It's because of this, Levi-sama! Tadaah! The so-called copy machine!" endorsed Deus.

T..That kind of device can produce money?! Shit! What kind of sorcery is that?!

"Hey Levi, wanna see how it works?" asked Maria.

Shit, I would love to see how that thing function!

"By the way, how much was that? Don't tell me it's above a 20,000 yen."

"67,000 yen, my lord.," answered Deus.

It felt that my devil soul left my body after I heard that.

Sixty-seven thousand yen?! That's almost half of my whole salary! These guys…..

"Whose money did you spend? Your own?"

I hope I'll

As I want to express my rage, Maria explained the usefulness of the machine.

"Listen to me, uneducated demon. This kind of thing is a blessing from the Great Satan. Imagine, if we just print this one 1,000 yen into 1000 copies, then we would be rich bastards! We don't have to work like a normal Japanese citizen! We can buy anything we want!" explained proudly by Maria.
She's right. We don't have to work anymore with the use of the photocopier. HAHAHA! Damn Maria, she's a naturally greedy bitch but I'm surprised she shared this kind of stuff with us.

For the next two hours, we just created hundreds of copies of the 1,000 yen until we're satisfied.

"Money! Money! Money! This is what I want! Ugh~ Moneygasm!" happily shouted Maria.

Jeez, she really is the sin of Greed.

"Let's divide these shit. It will be 40-40-20. 40% for me and Deus and 20% for you, Levi." said Maria.

Yeah, I take back what I said earlier.

I immediately complained when she declared the percentage of share.

But before I even speak, Maria suggested me to do something.

"If you're mad about the share, then print a lot of copy. Easy." suggested Maria.

Shit, great thinking!

Even though I was very delighted and excited that time, I still preferred to rest. Jeez, I'm so fucking exhausted, you know.

As soon as I woke up, I saw that the social media page of the Hodaira Academy, the school Gab and I are working on, made an announcement about a sudden drug testing program Monday morning.

Well, I don't take narcotics so I'm not guilty of that.

I'll come.

Well, that Monday morning, I participated on that drug test and got off without any problem. There's something weird though. They accumulated a slightly more amount of blood than what it should be. Well, I guess it's just a mistake in estimation.

The next person in line was a man who was wearing a formal attire. Like what you see in a boss of a company.

He looked fresh.

He also participated on the drug test. Whoa, so he cooperates with the program, huh?

As I turned back and walked away to the booth, he called me by my surname.

"Mr. Kurosaki, isn't it?" asked the man in suit.

Hmm, what does he need?

"Y…Yes? Who are you?"

"I am the head director of this academy, Raphael Scheinder. Nice to meet you, rookie teacher." greeted Raphael.

Oh, I haven't met this guy since I was hired here. It was the assistant director who established the interview before.

"It's nice to meet you too, boss."

Jeez, I didn't know what to say. I'm one of the six princes in Hell but it felt like I am facing someone much higher than me. Is this the human authority effect?

The conversation lasted for about three minutes. He was asking me how's my stay in the school. Of course, I gave him what I really thought of the academy.

"So, till we meet again, newbie." said Raphael.

He left the drug testing booth afterwards.

It was dusk when I departed from the academy. Man, I checked my students ' quizzes. What's good was almost all of them got a high score. I should consider it an indirect evaluation of my teaching skill.

Anyway, the next day, Gab notified me that the Mr. Raphael wants to summon me in his office. I wondered why.

Nevertheless, I still went to his office. I thought it was located on the upper floors but I was wrong.

It was on the ground floor, far east wing. Actually, it is the farthest room on the east wing, with a closed room before the director's office.

Though something was weird.

The atmosphere as I walked to the direction of the room became heavier and heavier as I get closer.

Was I just getting nervous?

The lighting around that area was a bit dim, for some of the fluorescent light were broken.

Jeez, they should have brought the maintenance for this

Shit, after some minutes, I reached the director's office. The pressure intensified as I was in front of the door. I wanted to vomit but I shouldn't.

As I was to hold the door knob, someone tapped my back. I was shocked that I even emitted my inner female voice.

"Levi-san?" asked Gab.

"O…Oh, don't surprise me like that! Jeez."

"HAHAHA. I'm so sorry for that. I followed you here to make sure that you were going the right way." said Gab.

She should have come with me, then. Whatever.

"What, you ain't leavin' yet?"

"I'll wait for you here. I'm kinda curious on what the director is going to tell you. Maybe it's a secret that the school shouldn't know! Those stuff are so thrilling!" answered Gab.

I entered the office alone. The office's design was just simple, not overly ornamented that much. It was kind of "minimalistic".

"Welcome, Mr. Levi." greeted Raphael.

He stared at me intently as he greeted. It felt like several people were glaring at me.

"W….Why did you call me, sir?"

I wanted to immediately know the reason. He wouldn't call me at this place for nothing. Is he gonna fire me? OwO

"Levi, are you a fun of the supernatural genre?" asked Raphael.

This dude is weird.

"Not really, sir."

He told me few things about supernatural creatures. I got into it when he mentioned stuff about demons and Hell.

"Hey, have you heard the seven deadly sins?" asked Raphael.

"I think everyone knows it, sir."

"Of course, the fact that it is widespread around the world is really amazing. The Church really gives the people info about the demons." said Raphael.

What the hell? Did he just call me here to chit-chat about demons?

But that's what I thought at first.

He came closer to me and whispered;

"Say, do you think demons are real? Hmm?"

My mouth doesn't open even if I want to speak. My hands were shaking. The temperature around the area cooled drastically for a bit. It was so chilling, that I thought that the voice of the director was filled with malevolent force. Shit.

"C'mon, let's have a drink with Gabriel-sensei." invited Raphael.

"Y…Yes, sir."

We headed straight to the cafeteria. Raphael left us on our seats for he was the one who ordered our drinks. We're set for a conversation, I think.

While waiting, a news flash was televised. It was about two people who were arrested for using fake money.

At first, I thought it was just a random someone. But as the reporter narrated, he said the names "Deus" and "Maria".


"The suspects have allegedly used fake 1,000 yens to purchase three items from a famous appliance store. Retrieved from their wallets were another set of fake 1,000 yens. Most probably they were photocopied by someone and now the suspects are being further investigated." narrated by the reporter from the scene.

Gab giggled after the news report. Was such thing as copying money prohibited?!

"I wonder if those two were aware that it is not allowed to photocopy money? I don't want to use this term but it sure was stupid." said Gab.

And here I am, got proud of those two because I thought they came up with a good way to escape poverty in the future. Damn!

I was about to call them but I forgot my bag in the director's office.

"Gab, tell Mr. Raphael that I'll go back to his office. I forgot my bag there."

"Sure thing." affirmed Gab.

Well yeah, I actually returned on that ominous office.

Even though I got my bag back, I looked around the office to see if there's something weird inside. The chilly feeling has been reduced but wasn't gone.

Raphael has two bookshelves, left and in the right.

Due to my keen observance, I noticed a tiny gap or hole or somewhat that can make anyone say that there is something behind the wall.

Common mystery genre manga or series have some scenes that there is a hidden shits on a painting, wall, etc.

I tried to push the bookshelf and it turned out that there really is a hole behind it. That's why the other room beside this office was locked. Now it is starting to make sense.

In that locked room, there was a tile that was triple in size that can be pulled up and it revealed an underground passage.

Out of curiosity, I decided to walk deeper inside that underground tunnel. It was dark.

In the end, there was a metal door. I opened it and what I saw made my stomach turn.

There was a girl, wearing a translucent dress, and several dead people were surrounding her. What's more weird was the position of the corpses. It was sort of fixed, more like a formation.

"Oh my Satan!"

I voiced out my inner reaction. Due to that, the girl whose arms and legs were restrained, woke up.

"P…please help me…." said the girl.

"O…Okay. Wait, I'll untie you."

As I was untying her, someone behind suddenly spoke. The voice was like it came from deep Hell.

"What are you doing, sensei?" asked the man behind Levi.

I turned back immediately and it turned out to be Raphael!

"It seems you've discovered something really unacceptable to the society, Levi." said Raphael.

I then asked who the hell the girl is. What he revealed was shocking.

"You know what, that girl you're helping is an angel. That's what the demons are looking for. They are the keys on unlocking the weapon that will bring down God. Oh, by the way, that angel is the other half of Raphael. The name's Rapheal." explained Raphael.

What I concluded first was Raphael is the angel Raphael himself. But, why would he tie up his other half? It turned out that I was ultimately wrong.

"T…That guy…. He is not Raphael…. He deceives…." revealed Rapheal.

"Yes! She was looking desperately for her half and at the same time, demons need angels also, so I disguised as her brother. The fool followed me though! HAHAHA! Look, I'm still using the disguise until now." said Raphael.

Wow,pretty clever.

"So, who really are you?"

I'm 100% sure he is a demon and I wasn't wrong.

"Look what's going to happen at my back." said Raphael.

Something was coming out of his back that time. It was a sight that anyone who would see it will immediately conclude that this guy is not human. His back was moving, in a way that something would come out of it and tore his skin open. Extremely disturbing.

His suit was ruptured by the wings that he unleashed from his back. Few black and white feathers has been scattered around the basement.

"Behold, the fallen angel Azazel is here." bragged Raphael which turned out to be Azazel.

"You sure have a strong sense of magic, aren't you? That even a high-level angel didn't detect that you are a corrupted one."

"Fallen angels were former God's lackey but then, he got mad at us for seeking more power. Yes, I want power. I want my own kingdom. I want my own domain! Good thing, Satan promised me that he'll give me power as long as I do what should be the thing to do. And this is it!"

He and Father had the same reason, huh?

"Perhaps, you are thinking that I don't know that you are a demon, am I right, Fourth Prince Leviathan?" asked Azazel.

How did he knew?

"Whoa, you look shocked. I knew it when I tasted your blood, the bitter taste of a demon's blood! It's been a while since I tasted one! And it is an honor that it came from a high profile demon like you!" said Azazel.

He just kept on talking. What a noisy one.

He then asked me something that got me thinking really hard.

"Leviathan, why don't you join forces with me? This victory of mine will be shared with you. It will be a great recognition if we come back to Hell." persuaded Azazel.

The whole area got quiet for about a minute. He gave me time to think about it. But then, after a minute has gone by, he suddenly kicked me in the stomach violently that I went flying and hit the wall hard enough to leave a huge dent on the wall.

"You were hesitating, weren't you? We can't be allies if you are like that." said Azazel.

He's right. Why did I even hesitate?

I would normally be joining forces with this dude but it seems that he is a threat to my quest to conquer this world so….

"Infra Asferante."

Tsk, I used magic to attempt to defeat this fallen angel. Damn, looks like I'm gonna lose another set of years, huh?

"Hmm, so I guess you won't be having the credit on capturing Rapheal. Good grief." said Azazel.

"I am feeling envy right now because of your successful capture of that archangel, that's why I'm gonna steal my supposed to be prey from you. I hope you're ready for a chaotic rumble."

I was ready for a fight but then, something made me weak, that I even fell to the ground and stole my mobility.
"Tadaah, angel dust! Thanks to Rapheal on staying here by almost two weeks and I gathered abundant amount of angel dust. Now, it really makes legitimate demons weak as fuck, huh?" said Azazel.

Damn, I wasn't able to move properly, as if I was paralyzed completely.

"Stay behave there, kay? Don't make any reckless moves that might destroy the school. Now then, time to go back to work. Bye bye.~ " said Azazel as he goes back to his human form.

The angel dust drained my power and I got unconscious after some minute.

I hoped that Gab will notice that something's wrong in this school.