"You are going to do great. You are super awesome and talented." I gave myself a pep talk as I looked myself over in my review mirror. "And crazy attractive." I winked at my reflection. "I would hire me. I would hire me so hard..."

I let out a few stress filled breaths as I stared at my reflection for a moment. I had actually spent time straightening my violet tipped blonde hair today instead of just throwing it up in some kind of lazy up-do. I had also put more effort in my makeup then I usually do. First impressions were important so I had actually taken the time to give myself winged eyeliner and smokey eye-shadow around my green eyes. I don't usually wear lipstick but I was currently wearing a dark burgundy. It was bold, yet sophisticated. I think that was the look I was going for anyway. I don't even know.

It took me a moment to mentally talk myself into getting out of my car. My nerves were killing me. Starting a new job was hard. I was only in my mid-twenties and I had gone through way too many jobs for someone of my age. I was trying to get my life together though and for once, this one was going to work out. I was going to stay positive and everything would be great. With that mental boost I stepped out of my aging blue GEO and smoothed down my black pencil skirt. I adjusted my black polka dotted tights, did a double check of my pink heels and matching blouse before slinging my black leather purse over my shoulder and heading into the office building in front of me.

I took the elevator up several stories to the top floor. A receptionist manned the desk by the front entrance. She had sleek black hair and piercing grey eyes. She was flipping through a superhero gossip rag as I approached. I recognized Shooting Star on the cover, Riverforge's rising Liberty League superhero. Gag.

"Hi, I am V! The agency sent me and-" I exclaim brightly in a voice more enthusiastic then my natural voice.

"Mr Anderson is expecting you. His office is at the end of the hall." She interrupted without even looking up from her magazine. Her nails were long black and chrome daggers.

"Uh...thank you..." Her cold demeanor threw me off temporarily as I turned and continued on my way. Nothing was going to break my stride. I was unbreakable.

I passed by several cubicles with professionally dressed men and woman typing away on their computers. I caught a couple of them on Facebook. The left side of the office had a glass wall with view of a laboratory with several scientists huddled over some sort of robot they were repairing. From my understanding, Anderson Securities makes like some kind of security equipment or something. I actually didn't really know. When the job agency I have been using presented me with a personal assistant position that offered several dollars more per hour then my previous position, I jumped right on it.

Two large oak doors were at the end of the office. I knocked on the door and got no answer. I knocked louder.

"Come in!" An irritated sounding voice demanded.

The office was unnecessarily large, like my apartment could have fit inside of it. All of the furniture was steel, leather and expensive looking. Half of the office was set up with a large horseshoe shaped couch in front of several plasma TVs tuned to different news stations. The entire back wall was glass overlooking the city of Riverforge. There was a small mini bar in front of the windows.

I walked over to the large glass and steel desk in the other half of the room. Several awards and certifications hung on the wall behind it. The man sitting behind the desk was furiously texting on his sleek expensive looking phone. Mr Anderson appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties, which honestly, I expected the founder of a multi-million dollar security company to be much older. He was also drop dead gorgeous with his strong jawline, stormy grey eyes and stylish jet black hair. His suit was finely tailored and probably cost more then my entire outfit. And his watch...Jesus, I could buy myself a new car with the retail price of the ginormous gold time piece weighing down his wrist. Hot, successful, rich; he was the kind of guy my mom would refer to as 'a catch'. He was the kind of guy my sister would date. I immediately knew he wasn't my type. I picked up on an 'arrogant douche bag' aura surrounding him by his posture and the way that he carried himself. My type of guys tend to be a little bit more rough around the edges. He would look really good with some tattoos though...

"Hi, Mr Anderson! I am V Madison! The agency just sent me over to be your new personal assistant." I informed him enthusiastically as I offered him my hand to shake.

"Your name is just an initial?" He questioned as he shook my hand. I noticed that he was wearing a large collegian ring with a red stone on his middle finger.

"Well, some of my friends call me Vicki but, funny story, V is short for-"

"I don't have time for your life story, Ms Madison." He interrupted harshly. "All I need to know is if you can handle following basic directions and that you possess basic common sense. Your predecessor was one of the dumbest girls I have ever met and couldn't even handle coffee orders. Your job is to fetch coffee, pick up my dry cleaning, let my dogs out, pick up and deliver various packages around the city and whatever other errands that I need completed. Do you think you can handle that, Ms Madison?" His grey eyes gazed me over and he seemed to shake his head disapprovingly at my pink heels.

I bit my tongue as I felt my temper rising. My temper has always been my biggest downfall and is often the character flaw that keeps me from holding a job for very long. I had to keep my attitude in check if I wanted to be able to afford my half of the rent. I couldn't keep asking my roommate to spot me and I sure as hell wasn't about to ask my mom for money.

"Yes, Sir. I am very responsible and have absolutely no problem multitasking. I also adore animals and can't wait to meet your puppies." I smiled brightly over my growing urge to punch him in the face.

"They are genetically engineered rottweiler-jackal security dogs. They are not 'puppies'." He scowled at me.

"...they are what?!"

"Ms Madison, many of our security projects here are top secret and are breakthroughs in advances in security technologies for civilians and corporations, including military. You signed our confidentiality paperwork with the agency, correct?" He questioned.

I nodded in agreement. I was kind of starting to regret not actually reading through the stack of paperwork I had just carelessly signed.

"Good. The technology created in my labs is 'need to know' only and you don't need to know. If you somehow manage to last more then a week or two, I might up your security clearances." He informed me briskly. He frowned a little as his watchful eyes looked me over again. "There is something about you that seems familiar. Have we met before?"

I just shrugged. I actually had that same lingering feeling. His jawline in particular looked familiar. Maybe it was just the fact that he looked like all my sister's exboyfriend's rolled into one but without their obnoxious upbeat attitude that she seemed to be into.

He probably thought he recognized me because of my famous parents and sister. I didn't need that grief so early into a new job. "I just have one of those faces, I guess. I get that all the time." I replied innocently.

"Fascinating." He replied in monotone voice as he returned to texting on his phone. "Bring me a large coffee. Black." He demanded. "Lavender will give you a tablet with your agenda for the day."

"Lavender?" I questioned.

"She is the receptionist." He replied. "Bother her with any questions you might have. You are dismissed." He haughtily waved me out.

"And Ms Madison?" He called out to me as I opened the door. "Any mishaps and I will send you back to the agency. No pressure." I caught a hint of a smirk on his lips as I left the room. Ugh. I have dealt with power hungry bosses before. He clearly enjoyed breaking personal assistants. Well, he clearly had no idea who he was messing with.

"Hi, Lavender? Mr Anderson mentioned that you had a tablet for me?" I greeted the receptionist.

She let out an annoyed sigh as she was forced to put down the magazine and preform her job. She pulled a tablet out of her desk drawer and handled it to me. "Your to do list is on here along with notes for preforming any of these tasks. Be sure to keep an eye on the to do list. Mr Anderson might add something or change the priority of some of the items." She informed me with a sigh like she had given this speech several times before. "He is going to want a large black coffee before you do anything else." She returned to her magazine before waiting for a response.

"Right... thank you..." I waited a moment but she didn't say anything else. Oooookay, then... Was being an asshole like a requirement for working at Anderson Securities? I don't recall putting that onto my resume.

When I returned with a large cup of black coffee from the Starbucks across the street Mr Anderson was on a call on his cell phone screaming at who was ever lucky enough to be on the other end. He took the cup of coffee from me and quickly waved me out of his office. His little dismissive waves were starting to piss me off.

My first item on my to do list was picking up a package from Whitehorse Industries on the other side of town. It was some sort of laboratory industry or something. If I remember correctly they had been responsible for a monster that had terrorized Riverforge last summer. What kind of business did Mr Anderson have with them? Shouldn't they be like black listed or something if they were known to create monsters? This wasn't sketchy at all.

The receptionist at the front door gave me a guest pass and directed me to a laboratory in the basement of the building. Well, this just keeps getting sketchier and sketchier.

"Hello?" I called out as I walked into a cold, unwelcoming laboratory. I cringed as I spotted several skittish looking rabbits huddled in cages. Animal testing? Jesus...

"Can I help you?" A gruff voice demanded. A man that was at least 6'4' and solid muscle stepped out of an adjoining office. He was wearing a lab jacket with the name tag 'Dr Jameson'. He looked me over and his eye contact seemed to rest on the hem of my skirt.

"Yeah, I am V. I am here to pick up something for Mr Anderson." I informed him.

"Ah." He answered and walked over to a fridge that was beside the rabbit cages on the wall. He pulled out a red cooler and brought it over to me. "This needs to stay cold. Take it straight to your boss." He informed me. "And... you probably shouldn't shake it or drop it."

"Uh, is it dangerous?" I frowned.

"No...well, I wouldn't open it if I was you..." He shrugged.

"Uh, great... thank you." I hesitantly took the cooler. "So...um... do you hurt those rabbits?"

He shot me a dark smirk. "Sometimes... have you ever heard a rabbit scream?"

As if on cue one of the rabbits began to violently throw itself against the bars of its cage with a high pitched shriek. The bars dented with its unrabbit-like strength.

The man cursed in French as he grabbed a cattle prod and used it to zap the monster rabbit back into submission.

"...I should get this back to Mr Anderson." I quickly turned on my heels and got the hell out of there.

"Okay, what the hell is this?" I set the cooler on a park bench in front of the laboratory building and opened it. The cooler contained a large piece of Styrofoam cushioning four Windex blue vials. With a tired sigh I snapped the lid closed. I had no idea what they were.

I swore under my breathe as I sat beside the cooler for a moment. Should I call the cops? Animal testing isn't illegal, even though it should be, but attempting to create superpowers is though. That rabbit in the lab had super strength. God only knew what those vials were. I didn't really understand what Mr Anderson did or what his company did but the fact that he just ordered something from a sketchy laboratory wasn't looking good. If my new employer was some sort of super villain, I was going to be pissed.

Ugh. If I went to the cops, my sister would get involved and that would just be annoying. Especially if this whole thing was just some kind of misunderstanding. Then I would just look stupid. I really didn't need that hassle. I would just deliver the vials to Mr Anderson and see what happens from there. It would be fine. Probably.

When I returned to the office Lavender was on the phone staring into space with a bored expression. Occasionally she would mutter, "Uh huh" or 'yeah, okay'.

"Oh, hey, I can take that for you." A young scientist emerged from the lab and took the cooler from me. He was in his early early twenties with lush, shaggy blonde hair and was wearing a Metallica tee under his lab coat. "So you are the new temp?" He glanced at his watch. "It's already eleven and Mr Anderson hasn't scared you away yet?" He grinned showing off a dimple on his cheek. "You must be pretty brave."

"Yeah, regular knight of the round table, that's me." I replied.

He chuckled and offered me his hand. "I am Frank." He introduced himself.

"Hey, I am V." I smiled back. At least someone there was nice to me. "So what is this? The guy at Whitehorse was kinda... strong with the serial killer vibes."

"Nothing to worry about it. It's harmless by itself, it's an experimental liquid adrenaline." He shrugged. "Listen if that guy or any other guy gives you any problems, let Mr Anderson know and he will take care of it. I know some of the labs in the city can be ... questionable."

"He was experimenting on animals and-...we don't experiment on animals, do we?!" I questioned.

"No. No, of course not." He replied. "Well, we used to breed some genetically enhanced animals but we don't do that anymore. It's really expensive and the profit wasn't really there. People would rather just have robots for security. Have you met Mr Anderson's two dogs yet? They are his babies."

"No but he just told me they aren't puppies..." I frowned.

"Yeah, he is just being an ass to try and scare you. They are big babies. He brings them to the office sometimes." He grinned at me. "I wouldn't try to break into his house though. They are trained well and will tear your ass apart."

"Well, that ruins my weekend plans." I tease.

Frank smirked and was about to say something but froze as sirens sounded through the office. "Get down." He commanded as he pulled me with him into the lab and under a table.

"Uh, what's going on?" I questioned.

"Maybe it's nothing." He replied cryptically. "...Or maybe a super villain is trying to steal something from us."

"Does this happen a lot?"

"Maybe once or twice a month..." He admitted.

There was a large crash as a hole was blown into the wall of the laboratory. Plaster and smoke filled the room. Several men emerged from the smoke as they casually sauntered into the building. There was half a dozen of them and they were all wearing high tech armor and jet packs. I recognized them from the news. They were known as the Jet-pack Gang and were known for their high end heists, often of high tech equipment.

"Grab whatever you can." A man wearing a red helmet demanded. Everyone else was wearing blue helmets so he must be in charge. The men started to grab robotics and electronics from the lab.

"Hey!" Frank stood up and rushed over to rescue some sort of black orb that one of the man had grabbed a hold of.

"Well, what do we have here?" The man in the red helmet peered under the table at me. His eyes drifted over to the cooler beside me.

I shoved him back as he tried to grab the cooler. It was my first real job responsibility. I wasn't about to hand it over to this goon. I squealed out with pain as the man grabbed fist fulls of my hair and pulled me out from under the table.

"Step aside, bitch. No one stands against the Jet-Pack Gang!" He growled at me.

"So does that fetish outfit come with the membership or did you have to buy it yourself?" I questioned innocently.

His game was completely thrown off as he just stared at me. I think he was used to his victims being more afraid. Men have such fragile egos. I punched him in the throat as hard as I could. He let go of me as he let out a pained gurgling sound. Before he could regather himself and go after me, I grabbed him by his helmet and slammed his face against the table. I pulled back and did it again and again. If I showed mercy and he was still conscious, he could easily kill me. This was the only way to deal with those with superpowers. I had to keep the upper-hand while I still had it.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I instinctively turned and lashed out with my fist. Mr Anderson caught my wrist as he looked me over with an amused smirk. "I think you got him."

"I just-" I was breathing heavily now that the adrenaline boost I had felt was leaving me. I must look like a crazy person. I glanced down at the crumpled form of the gang leader on the ground. I had knocked him out cold.

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Mr Anderson asked me in a surprisingly concerned voice.

"No, I just... He tried to get the cooler." I gestured towards the cooler that was still under the table.

"Good work." He sounded impressed.

Security had arrived and was grappling with the remaining gang members to try and protect the equipment. Frank returned over to my side with his black orb clutched to his chest. He had the beginnings of a black eye.

"Oh. Shit." Mr Anderson and I both let out an agitated groan almost in unison as Shooting Star flew through the open hole in the building. He shot me a surprised look and I just shrugged innocently.

Shooting Star was the newest superhero of RiverForge's Liberty League and was quickly rising in popularity. She was wearing blue star covered yoga pants under a red gymnast unitard with a large white star in the center. Her cape was white and gradually became blue with stars towards the end. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. Across her eyes was a red bandit mask but that was just for show. Everyone knew that she was America Madison. The Madisons were one of the most powerful superhero families in the League, maybe only second to the founding, Liberty Family.

"It looks like you have the situation under control." She approved as she watched a security officer handcuff one of the criminals. "The police are on their way but I just dropped in to-" Her million dollar smile was wiped off her face as her bright green eyes fell on mine. "What are you doing here?!" She demanded.

"I work here..." I informed her coolly.

"Does mom know that?"

"Oh my god, I am an adult. I don't call mom twenty times a day like you do." I replied briskly.

"I work with mom..." She huffed back.

"V..." Mr Anderson let out an annoyed groan. "Victory Madison. The daughter of Silver Comet."

"Ugh, don't call me that." I complained. My mom had thought it was a cute name for a superhero. Currently it was just a reminder of what I wasn't and what I would never be. The Madison family was one of the strongest superhero families of the Liberty League and I was the black sheep of the family. Even with two very powerful parents, I had been born without powers.

"It's your name." My sister responded harshly. "You know who that is, right?" She gestured towards Mr Anderson.

"Uh...Mr Anderson?"

"Issac Anderson." She scowled. "The son of Victor Anderson AKA Dr Mayhem, you know, our mother's archenemy." She crossed her arms as she looked over both of us with suspicion.

Mr Anderson glared darkly at my sister.

"This is obviously some kind of trap." She concluded. "I mean seriously, how many times did Dr Mayhem kidnap you when we were kids?"

"Ooohhh, that's how I know you." I informed Mr Anderson. "You used to cheat at Mario Kart." Dr Mayhem had kidnapped me at least three or four times to lure my mother into traps. He had no problem kidnapping me but he didn't hurt children so he usually gave me a bowl of ice cream and left me to play video games with Issac in his lair. My mother didn't allow me sweets or let me play video games as a child so I was usually pretty compliant till she would come to rescue me.

"I never cheated..." Issac grumbled at me. "And my father is in prison. I have nothing to do with him. I haven't even spoken to him in years."

"Yeah, okay, so the agency just happened to send Victory to your lab?" Shooting Star frowned at him.

Isaac looked at me and shrugged. "I really need to start reading the resumes they send me."

"Oh, hey, Victory." Iron Knight greeted brightly as he flew into the room from the hole in the wall. "You look nice today. What are you doing here?" He questioned.

Iron Knight was head of RiverForge's Elite Liberty League Team and was currently dating my sister. He had the impression that I didn't like him so he went out of his way to be incredibly nice to me. His impression was correct though and the nicer he was too me, the more he irritated me.

He had the double whammy combination of super strength and flight. He was also unnaturally good looking, like god among mortals good looking. I am sure it had to do with him being a test tube baby. Every gene in his body had been hand selected. He had been created by a mad scientist attempting to create an army of clones to take over the world or something. The League had stopped him and destroyed the lab. Adam 27 was the only clone that had made it to full term so the Liberty League had given the baby to a pair of retired heroes to raise to be good instead of evil. Adam 27 eventually graduated from Liberty League Training as Iron Knight.

Iron Knight was wearing his signature red light weight armor with the Liberty League symbol of an eagle draped in an American flag on his chest plate. His platinum blonde hair was spiked up into a faux hawk tipped in a dark shade of blue that matched his eyes.

"Oh, she works here." Shooting Star answered for me. Her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Really? You got a new job?! Congratulations, Vicki." He sounded genuinely excited for me.

"She works for a supervillain." Star rolled her eyes.

"I am not a supervillain!" Issac snapped at her. "I appreciate that you're here to help but clearly my team has everything under control. I am not going to stand here and be insulted in my business, that I built entirely on my own from the ground up. I don't have to depend on my famous parent to launch my career, can you say the same, Ms. Madison?" He sneered coolly at my sister.

I couldn't help but let out a snicker.

"And you-" Issac turned towards me.

"Already gone." I turned on my heels and quickly left the lab.

I couldn't believe that I had gotten fired from another job. This time it hadn't even been my fault. I had done everything right. My temp agent was going to be pissed. Technically I hadn't been officially fired but still, I couldn't go back so that was like the same thing. I officially suck.

I was laying on my couch eating cereal straight from the box. I hadn't gone grocery shopping in a while so I didn't have any milk and I couldn't stand Kiki's soy milk. Almond milk isn't too horrible but she had been in some kind of soy kick lately.

"Hey, Jellyfish." I snuggled my cat as she curled up onto my chest. At least she still loved me even though I was a complete loser. I had changed into my purple tie-dyed Capri yoga pants and a band tee without a bra. I had no intention of doing any productive the rest of the day.

I groaned as a knock sounded at my door. I was not in the mood to deal with my sister or even worse, my mother. I chose to just ignore it and hope they go away. There were several more knocks, each one louder then the next. After a moment there was silence and I thought they had finally gone away but then there was a clicking noise as the door was unlocked. The front door opened to reveal Issac Anderson.

The closest weapon I could find was my cereal box and whipped it across the room sending bits of Lucky Charms flying everywhere. Jellyfish immediately leaped off from me to eat the fallen marshmallows.

Issac simply sidestepped the attack. "What the hell was that?" He demanded.

"You just broke into my apartment!" I exclaimed angrily.

"It wasn't particularly hard. You should invest in at least a chain. Especially considering that some teenagers attempted to mug me on my way in. Is this really where you live?" He questioned.

"Rent is ridiculous in this city." I growled back. If Kiki and I didn't split rent there was no way that I would even be able to afford the small one room loft that we shared. I was actually kind of embarrassed that Issac was seeing how broke I was first hand.

Against the back wall Kiki and I each had a bed. Hers was engorged in a complicated series of bohemian curtains that was hanging from the ceiling. I made no attempt to hide my unmade bed from the room. In-between the beds we had a circle clothing rack that we had acquired from a department store that had been going out of business and used that as our closet. Kiki had a small dresser in front of her bed but I had settled on a series of storage containers under my bed to act as a dresser. In front of our bedroom area was a small space that we used as a living room. I had a fairly large TV that had been a gift from my mom in front of the beaten red couch I was laying on. It had random patches sewn into it to hold it together and a mismatch of pillows. We also had two bean bags on the floor. One was shaped like a panda and the other was tiger shaped.

To the right was a small kitchen area with cracked titles and counters. Kiki and I had covered them up with a purple shag rug and well selected mismatch of removable wallpaper onto the counters. Our dinning table was actually a glass patio table that Kiki had painted with a pink kaleidoscope kind of design on the glass. None of the chairs matched the set. They all had been acquired from different places.

In the back corner was a small bathroom. For some reason it never had a door and our landlord wouldn't give us one so we had used a US map shower curtain as a door.

"Why is your cat pink?" Issac frowned at Jellyfish as she rubbed against his legs. He reached down and scratched her behind the ears. The small cat was a light shade of pink with florescent pink eyes.

"She was a rescued from a lab. They spliced her with jellyfish DNA. I guess they had been trying to make her venomous but all they accomplished was making her glow in the dark." I replied.

"Splicing is a very difficult thing to master." He replied like he knew from experience.

"What do you want, Issac?" I demanded.

"Can I sit down?" He questioned. I just shrugged and he took that as an invitation to sit beside me on the couch.

"Look, Victory-"

"V." I corrected.

He let out an annoyed sigh. "V, look, I think we got off to the wrong foot earlier and I was a little too hard on you. I think the situation caught us both by surprise."

"It's whatever, Issac. I swear I didn't know and wasn't there to spy on you or anything, if that's what you think. I am also sorry that my sister is a judgmental bitch and started accusing you of things based on who your father is. That's not cool." I told him. "I don't know you personally but that doesn't mean that you are like your father."

"Thanks." He sounded surprised by my response. "I came here to offer you a job."

"No." I replied.

"You didn't even think about it." He frowned at me.

"I didn't have to. If you actually read my profile at the job agency, you wouldn't want to hire me." I informed him.

"Oh, I read it." He smirked. "And I read a lot more then just your agency profile. Twelve jobs in two years? What exactly is your plan, V?"

"You know what? Fuck you, Issac. Get out off my apartment." I hissed at him.

"That fiery temper is what got you kicked out of the Liberty League Academy, isn't it?" He questioned.

"Shut up."

"The most exclusive high school in America with a waiting full of some of the most powerful super powered teens in the country and they accepted you, a human. I was on that waiting list and was never accepted." He informed me.

"They... they thought that when my powers hadn't emerged by puberty that being close to other supers would help..." I told him quietly.

"Well, that worked out well, didn't it?" He smirked. "You broke a girl's face in three places. They had to put a plate in her skull. You were kicked out the academy and spent a week in juvie. Anyone else would have been charged as an adult."

"I..." I let out a tired sigh. "I was a minor. Those records should have been sealed."

"It was a pretty public scandal." He retorted.

"Yeah, well..." I huffed out. "I regret what I did. I know it was wrong but I was fourteen. Okay, yeah, my dad had put hers in prison but you still don't say the things she was saying to me to someone who's father was just brutally murdered. I just... snapped."

"I met your father a couple of times. He was a good man." Issac told me sincerely.

"Thank you." I sighed. "I don't know what game you are playing, Issac but I don't want to play."

"Why do you sell yourself short?" He questioned. "You want to know why your other jobs didn't work out? There are sheep and wolves in this world and you, my dear, are a wolf. You are ruthless, aggressive and quick on your feet. You aren't a mindless drone. That is the problem I have been having with the assistants the agency has been sending me. The men and women they send to me want me to hold their hand all day long. They need my approval on every little thing. I don't have time for that shit. I have a company to run. You are thick skinned, I need that. You protected my lab equipment today by beating a man twice your size unconscious. You think any of my other personal assistants did that?"

"You aren't getting my 'skin', Issac." I sneered back. "I am not going to assume that you are like a super villain but that doesn't mean I just blindly trust you. If I accepted your offer and it came back to bite me in the ass, I would never hear the end of it from my sister."

"I am not a super villain but I am not going to lie to you, sometimes I do walk a grey line." He shrugged. "I would never jeopardize by company though my doing anything illegal."

"The job agency already offered me a new position. I start tomorrow." I informed him with a shrug.

"Yeah, customer service for Super Battle Insurance, that sounds exciting." He rolled his eyes. "I will buy your contract from the agency and pay you twenty-five an hour."

Twenty-five an hour?! That was more then double what the new position was going to pay me.

"And Anderson Security employees have full benefits, a competitive 401 K plan, paid vacations and casual Fridays." He smirked as he saw that he was winning me over. I currently didn't have heath insurance so the full benefits was very appealing.

"I..." I frowned as I thought it over. I didn't really trust Issac but I needed heath insurance and more money would be be super helpful. I had several credit cards that I needed to pay off. A paid vacation also sounded amazing. I hadn't been on a real vacation since before my father's death in my early teens. Disney World was calling my name.

"I will give you a company car and phone."

"Deal." I responded before my brain had really even processed my response.

"Good." He smirked. He was clearly used to getting his way. "I will see you tomorrow. Wear something more practical then those stripper heels."