"Madison! My office! Now!"

I let out an annoyed sigh as I glanced over at Lavender. I hadn't barely even walked in the door and Issac was already yelling at me. I couldn't think of anything specific that I had done that he would be upset about.

"He's in a mood." She shrugged without even looking up from her phone.

"Good morning, Mr Anderson. I have your coffee." I tried to sound sweet and upbeat as I offered Issac his coffee. His office was in disarray with various paperwork and files all over his desk.

"Have a seat." He commanded gruffly.

I set his coffee on his desk as I sat down in the black leather chair in front of him. "I am sensing some hostility..."

"Well, whoever declared you powerless clearly doesn't know about your secret empathic powers." He sneered.

"Okay, I don't have to sit here and be harassed." I stood up.

"Sit down." He demanded. He sighed when I made no move to sit back down and just met his eyes with my best intimidating glare of defiance. I have had about twenty-three years to master it against my mother. "Victory, please have a seat..." He gritted his teeth as he tried to keep the venom out of his voice.

"Issac, what's wrong?" I questioned as I sat down. He was starting to worry me. He was being more of a dick then usual but I sensed it to be more then just anger. He seemed worried about something.

"Have you been on Facebook or any social media today?" He wanted to know.

"I don't actually have social media. It's a long story but I have been severely cyber bullied so I just have a couple of secret accounts that only a select few know about but I don't use them often." I shrugged.

"So you don't know yet..." He sighed as he swiped over something on his tablet and pushed it across the desk to me.

I hesitated for a moment. I wasn't sure I wanted to know what the source of his anger was. Issac just raised his eyebrows at me as he patiently waited for my curiosity to get the best of me.

"Oh. Fuck." I groaned as I finally looked at the tablet. "Fuck!" The tablet was currently on the front page of The League Watch, the trashiest superhero gossip blog around. There was a candid picture that had been shot at a distance of me, Issac, Kiki and Cooper wearing our party masks as we left Synister. The headline read, Victory Madison Super Villain? by Tobias Onyx.

My hands shook as I picked up the tablet and read the rest of the article: Victory 'V' Madison, daughter of Silver Comet and The Maverick, was seen leaving the grand opening of Synister late Friday night with Issac Anderson; the son of the notorious Super Villain, Dr Mayhem, Katheryn 'Kiki' Deveaux; international eco-terrorist responsible for fire-bombing Russian whaling ships, and Cooper Davis; known petty criminal and drummer of the anarchist metal band, Lemming Suicide. Synister is a new trendy villain themed bar owned by Vixen 'Vixie' Rose, daughter of one of the few woman in the state to receive the death penalty, serial killer, Evelyn 'Dead Fox' Rose. As a daughter of the Liberty League, why would Victory be in attendance to such an event with unsavory characters? She has been on a downhill slope since the brutal murder of her father. She was kicked out of the Liberty League Academy for a violent assault on another student. Recently she has been employed by the son of her mother's archenemy, Issac Anderson of Anderson Securities. Has Victory finally gone off the deep end and joined the ranks of the outlaws that menace our fair city? What does Victory's underground activities mean for the Liberty League and the dark shadow it casts on the recent engagement of her sister, our beloved Shooting Star and Iron Knight? Is Victory Madison a 'Liberty League Girl' or is she a tarnish to the Madison name?

On the side bar of the article I could see articles highlighting America's engagement, the Devil's Heroes attack on the League and Miss Maple Leaf joining the team. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as it became clear to me what Tobias had done.

"V..." Issac sighed tiredly. "Are you-"

"He did this on purpose!" I snarled as I slammed the tablet back down onto Issac's desk. "I knew he overheard me talking about America's engagement before it happened! He could have been the first to report on it and could have even spoiled the surprise but no, that wasn't good enough for him! He held onto that information till he could find the best way to fuck me as hard as he could with it!"

"I am not following." Issac frowned. "...And don't talk like that."

"America, Riverforge's sweetheart, just got engaged. That should be the front page news but it's not. The thing the public loves more then celebrity relationships is watching someone fall from off from their ivory tower and flat on their face. He played this out to overshadow America and Adam's news. He just made me look bad and humiliated my family in just one stroke." I grit my teeth as the anger rippling through me was overwhelming.

"You are not the only one he made look bad." Issac grumbled. "It doesn't exactly look good when people continue to make connections to my business to my father."

"I am sorry." I told him quietly. "Hurting you was collateral damage to get to me..." My anger flared up to an unbearable level as I realized that he had hurt my friends without a second thought to get to me. I briefly considered putting a chair through the window but that wouldn't be a productive use of my rage and would probably get me fired. Besides, the chair didn't deserve that, Tobias did.

"It's not your fault, V. We will figure something-who are you calling?" Issac demanded as I picked up my phone. He seemed to have been attempting to comfort me. I wasn't in the mood for that though.

"Hey, Victory." Tobias's smug voice answered the phone.

"You better start praying to whatever patron saint pities pathetic spineless sacks of bullshit vomiting dickheads because I am about to-" I start to threaten. Issac had quickly gotten up from his desk and covered the mouthpiece of my phone with his palm.

"Hey!" I growled angrily.

"Do not threaten him on the phone or in anyway that he has proof that you did it. You need to handle men like him carefully." Issac told me quietly as he let go of the phone. That was actually pretty good advice.

"I take it you read the article I wrote about you." The obvious smirk in his voice was a slap to the face.

"If you call that writing." I sneered back. "It sounded like you just like ejaculated onto a keyboard and called it good. Don't you have editors?"

Issac crossed his arms and frowned at me. Apparently I wasn't being ladylike enough for him. Well, tough shit.

Tobias laughed and I had never wanted to punch someone through a phone as much as I did in that moment. "Your dark, sometimes vulgar sense of humor is probably what I miss the most about you. You know, I really did like you before you cried to your mother and destroyed my career."

"You never liked me. You only liked what you thought I could get you." I snapped back. "And you destroyed your own career, Tobias. If this whole thing is some kind of plan to hurt me and get revenge, you succeeded. Congratulations. You hurt me. Again." I hung up the phone before he could respond. I wasn't sure if he would just gloat more or maybe express some form of remorse but either way, I didn't want to hear it.

"V, are you okay?" Issac put his hand on my shoulder.

"Damn! I meant to bring up the fact that he is obviously stalking me." I groaned with annoyance at myself. "I mean, I didn't see him at Synister at all. Did you?"

"No but he could have paid someone else to do it." Issac pointed out. "There were also quite a few people there wearing hoods or full masks so it could have been him. I suggest that you get a restraining order but you are going to need gather more proof that he is stalking you first."

"What more proof do I need?!" I gestured towards the tablet angrily. "Can I just sue him for slander and end this entire thing?"

"He didn't say anything untrue and he was careful not to accuse you of doing anything wrong. He only speculated that you 'might be'." He let out a frustrated sigh. He sounded like this was something he had gone through before.

I felt my lip tremble as tears threatened my eyes.

"V-" Issac tried to put his arm around me and I backed up out of reach.

"I am surprised my mom hasn't called to bitc- oh, right." I suddenly remembered why my mom hadn't called me to scream me out yet. "I haven't given anyone my new phone number. I am sure my mom and all of the other agents and PR are scrambling around to figure out how they can turn this around. I am probably going to have to do some sort of charity event to show that I really do care about the city and I am not evil and blah blah fucking blah."

"V, you know who you are. The best thing you can do is just ignore it." Issac told me. "It doesn't matter what anyone else things."

"Do you need me to do anything urgent today? Can I just have a like twenty minutes to hide in my office and-" Cry. "Pull myself together?" I questioned quickly. I wasn't in the mood to have a heart to heart with Issac. I felt like the walls I had built around myself weren't as sturdy as I had previously thought. Instead of bricks, the walls were made of Jenga blocks and they were about to come crashing down on me.

"If you want to sort through my emails and paperwork this morning, that's not anything urgent and you can take your time. I just need you to take care of the dogs and then pick up my dry cleaning and grab some groceries for me this afternoon." He told me.

"Okay, I can do that." I told him quietly.

"If you want the day off, all you have to do is ask." He told me gently.

I just shook my head. "My life can't just come to a grinding halt every time someone hurts me. I will just... deal with this. It's not like the public likes me anyway." I let out a tired sigh. "Is this going to hurt your business?"

"Maybe in regards to end user consumers that are suspicious of me but distributors and corporations don't care who I am related to or what I do as a CEO as long as the numbers are right. Thanks for showing off that force field bracelet by the way. Several big clients have already shown an interest." He smirked.

"Wait... was that a publicity stunt? You used me to show off your force fields?" I questioned.

"No, I gave it to you because I thought you might need it at some point. It was for your safety." He replied. "It is just kind of an added bonus that the Liberty League now has an interest in that technology."

"Great, I am glad that my face nearly being melted off is beneficial to you." I snickered back.

"There's another thing I wanted to talk to you about..." Issac frowned. "I don't want to worry you but I think that you should know about this." He picked up his tablet and swiped a few times before holding it out to me.

"Is this worse then the news you just gave me?"

"Yes." He answered tiredly.

"Damn it." I took the tablet to see a picture of me on some kind of online forum. I was distracted and looking away from the camera in a mask and a black dress. It was the picture that the Jet Pack Gang member had taken of me the other night at Synister. "Did my hair really look that frizzy all night? Wait." I frowned. "Five thousand dollars?! That's all I am worth to them?!"

"The Devil's Heroes just added an additional ten thousand this morning." Issac told me grimly. "How often do villains target you?"

"Pretty often..." I shrugged.

"Viper had plenty of high ranking celebrities and League officials that he could have gone after the other night but he didn't. He went right after you instead. I think it was probably to collect the bounty. Which is why he only spit acid at you instead of actually trying to kill you. The Jet Pack's bounty just called for you to be 'fucked up', probably because they didn't want the level of heat that the League would bring if they killed you. Now the Devil's Heroes are involved. They have upped the bounty and the terms. They want you dead or alive." Issac frowned as he leaned against the desk.

I gripped the arms of the chair as I suddenly felt light headed. The Jet Pack Gang were ruthless thugs but the Devil's Heroes were something completely different. They couldn't be bribed or reasoned with. Money or power meant nothing to them. They only wanted chaos and pure anarchy.

"V. Everything is going to be okay." Issac tried to assure me. "No one is going to - No. Don't scroll through the comments." He quickly yanked the tablet from my hands as I started to scroll down.

"Why?" I frowned at him.

"Why do you think? You know the kinds of things men say about women they threaten online. Unfortunately these aren't just powerless nerds hiding behind a keyboard. This men can actually do the things they threaten." He replied darkly.

"So were you trying to comfort me or make me feel worse?" I questioned.

"Both? Neither? I don't know but I thought you deserved to know. Keeping you in the dark will only make the situation more dangerous to you." He replied.

"How do you know about this? How do you have access to that bounty site? That's like dark web or something, right?" I questioned.

"I have had to pay off a couple of bounties that were placed on me. in the past" Issac shrugged causally. "Unfortunately the terms of your bounty do not allow buy outs. They apparently want to make an example of you. You are the closest they can get to hurting the Liberty League. You have connections but you aren't a member so you don't have the kind of protections they have."

"Okay, well, how do I get rid of the bounty?"

He just shrugged. "I don't know. You to have to get both the Jet Pack Gang and the Devil's Heroes to call off the bounties. Jet Pack Gang you might be able to bribe them with something but the Devil's Heroes... Lord Deviance is nuts, which makes bartering with him complicated. The only thing you can do is lay low for now and stop bringing attention to yourself."

"I don't bring attention to myself."

Issac just raised his eyebrows at me.

"What?" I demanded sharply.

"Nothing..." He replied innocently.

"Are you hiding under your desk?" Frank questioned.

"No." I sniffled from under my desk. I stood up and smoothed down the black pencil skirt and teal blouse I was wearing. I almost tripped over my matching teal heels as I stood up but caught myself on my desk.

"Are you okay?" Frank had walked into my office and was examining some pictures I had pinned onto my bulletin board. There were quite a few pictures of me and Kiki, some professional pictures of Jellyfish that we had gotten done as a joke, and a couple of pictures with my sister. "Is this your dad?" He questioned as he picked up a framed picture I had on my filing cabinet beside the bulletin board. It was my favorite picture of me and my father. He wasn't dressed as Maverick, he was just my father, Knox Madison. I was about eight and I had been having a particularly bad week at school. We had played hooky for a day and he had taken me to the zoo. He knew the otters always cheered me up.

"Yeah." I replied. "And yeah, I am fine."

"I haven't seen very many pictures of him just being... human." Frank set the picture back down. "You guys look happy."

"Yeah... is there something I can help you with?" I pretended to sort the piles of paperwork that were sitting top of my desk. Issac had given me a large corner office nestled between his office and the lab. I had a large desk in front of a scenic window overlooking the city. I had a pretty good view of the Starbucks across the street and had spent most of the morning watching people drink their morning coffee on the patio as I halfheartedly went through Issac's work emails. Mostly I just sent the relevant stuff to his sales team. That was the only thing that needed to be addressed right away in his emails.

I also had a random blue couch against the wall with a glass coffee table covered in various technology and security magazines that I was supposed to go through at some point and rip out articles and advertisements of competitors for Issac to look at it. It seemed like every time I did one, four more took it's place. On the wall above the couch was a painting of a sail boat on a clear horizon that seemed to have been picked out for it's calming aesthetics and it matched the blue office walls.

Along with my photos I had also brought a half-dead fern that I had carried with me to several different jobs. I was told having something living has good vibes for work spaces. I just don't always remember to water it. His name was Sir Paul the Third.

"Uh, yeah. I am about to grab some lunch and Issac sugges- I mean, I though I would see if you wanted to come with." Frank told me.

"Issac put you up to this." I frowned at him.

"He said you were having a bad day and thought I could cheer you up. Honestly his first choice was Ella but she is working on a deadline for her project and is currently scarfing down a large bowl of salad at her work station as she goes over her notes. Am I an okay second choice?" He gave me a bashful smile.

"Okay. I could use some air." I agreed. "And you aren't a second choice, Frank."

"I appreciate that." He blushed deeply.

About fifteen minutes later we were walking through the downtown area of Riverforge. We had decided that we were in the mood for pub burgers and were going to a local brewery that was know for it's burgers and cheesy tatter tots. An olive burger sounded good but I was really excited for the tatter tots. I love me some cheesy tots.

"You look really nice today." Frank informed me.

"Thanks." I shrugged. I figured it was only a matter of time till Issac made some snide comment about my heels so I would take the compliment and put it towards my self esteem score for the day. "I like your uh, molecule t-shirt." I told him.

"Thanks. It's caffeine." He replied. "It's the molecular formula for Caffeine." He added to my blank look.

"Ooooh." I replied as I understood. "I barely graduated high school so bare with me."

"We can't all be doctors. Someone has to make the coffee."

I stopped and glared at him.

"I... that was meant to be a joke but now that it's out of my mouth I realize how douchey that sounded..." He stumbled over his words.

"...yeah." I agreed.

Several screams filled the air as there was a screech of tires. I shoved Frank back as a large white van squealed up onto the sidewalk beside us. A red anarchy symbol was painted on the side of the van with spray paint.

"Stay behind me." I commanded.

"What are you going to do?" He demanded.

"Did they teach you to fight in doctor school?" I questioned. "Yeah. I didn't think so." I responded to the annoyed look he gave me.

A woman wearing torn jeans and a red tank top emerged from the side door of the van. Crazed long black hair was tousled up around a white wolf mask that she wore over her face. Two men got out of the van behind her. They were wearing lamb masks to conceal their identities. One man was wearing a leather biker's jacket with anarchist patches. On the breast was a 'D' with horns. It was the symbol for the Devil's Heroes. The other man was wearing a black tank top showing off his large muscular arms.

"It's the Big Bad Wolf!" Frank exclaimed in a combination of awe and fear.

"And lucky me, I found two little piggies." She purred back at him as she causally slung a metal baseball bat over her shoulder. 'Little Red' was crudely painted on the bat.

"Excuse me?!" I demanded.

The air shimmered as she instantly became a real wolf. I let out a scream as she leaped onto me and tore out my throat with her teeth, my blood spraying everywhere.

"Jesus Christ!" I fell back onto my ass. I grabbed my throat and found it still intact. Frank was on the ground beside me and from the wild eyed look on his face I knew that he had just experienced the same hallucination as me.

The Big Bad Wolf laughed darkly as she stood over us, still very human. "That never gets old."

"The hell...?" I panted as I tried to calm my throbbing heart that had jumped up into my throat.

"Get her." She commanded her henchmen.

I yanked off my heels and threw them at the lamb in the motorcycle jacket as he approached me.

"Ow! Hey!" He protested as my first heel hit him in the chest. He batted away the second one with his forearm.

I heard a sharp cry and looked over my shoulder to see Frank using a tazer on the other man.

The man in the motorcycle jacket grabbed me and tried to pick me up at the waist. I roughly elbowed him in the throat. He grunted out with pain as he dropped me back onto the sidewalk. My eyes widened as I saw Wolf swing her baseball bat at me. I braced myself for impact as I put my arms up to protect my face.

The hit never came. I peeked out between my arms to see a perfectly manicured hand gripping the end of the bat.

"Who let you out of the dog pound?" Shooting Star smirked at Big Bad Wolf.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite Liberty League sheep dog." Wolf snickered back. "Still protecting over your herd of mindless sheep?"

The jacket wearing creep was suddenly tossed into the murder van by an unseen force as he made a move towards me. Miss Maple Leaf landed beside me.

"Are you okay?" She questioned as she helped me up and brushed dirt off my skirt.

"Yeah, thank you." I told her.

"I am okay too..." Frank announced as he joined my side. He didn't even try to hide the starstruck glimmer in his eyes as he looked over Miss Maple Leaf.

"Sheep? It's funny you should say that. From what I have heard, you've joined a new pack since prison." America scolded as she crossed her arms. This whole wolf/sheep lingo was starting to annoy me.

The wolf woman chuckled. "The Devils's Heroes and I share a similar view on the mindless masses of sheep just flocking about this city in their stupid fluffy coats and their faces buried in the grasses, gorging themselves till they are fat enough for the slaughter."

"Are you following this?" I questioned Maple.

She just shrugged. "Not really..."

The Big Bad Wolf shook her head at me and Maple Leaf. "I expected more from you, Victory. As an outcast of society, you should understand what's it's like watching the sheep in their mindless routine day after day."

"So what am I in your metaphor? Can I be a komo dragon?" I questioned. "Wait. No. I want to be a vampire bat."

"Shut up, Omega Bitch." Big Bad Wolf snapped at me. Omega Bitch? I think I found a new twitter handle.

Shooting Star suddenly gasped out and took several steps back. The Big Bad Wolf had apparently pulled a mind fuck on her. Star had encountered it before though and knew what to expect. She recovered much quicker then I had. She blocked out with a silvery force field of her 'comet energy' as Wolf's baseball bat came crashing down on her. She shoved the villainess back hard against the van with a shove of her energy. Miss Maple Leaf mentally threw the remaining henchman on top of her as he recovered from the taser.

"I have your rookie card..." Frank informed Miss Maple Leaf with a blush.

"Really? That's so sweet." She grinned at him brightly. I was a little worried about how much his blush had deepened. Is it possible to burst a blood vessel from blushing?

"Do you have this under control?" Shooting Star questioned Miss Maple Leaf as several Liberty League officers that had been observing at a distance approached. They usually stayed out of the way of fights when the main hero team was involved unless they were needed to jump in. "I need to have a word with my sister..."

"Uh, yeah. I got this." Maple Leaf shrugged.

"Wait! No! Don't! I don't like-" I tried to protest as America roughly grabbed me around the waist. I let out a loud cry and gripped her tightly as she flew up into the air.

She flew us over to the nearby hospital and let me go once we were on the roof. Several years ago the Riverforge City Hospital had created a therapeutic garden for it's patients on the rooftop. As America released me I wiped the tears out of the corners of my eyes as I pretended to examine a rose bush.

"Are you crying?" She demanded. "You just laughed at a murderous psychopath in her face but flying is what you are afraid of?"

"I don't like it..." I told her quietly. "Please, ask me before you do that next time."

She looked me over for a moment. "I am sorry, okay?" She huffed.

"Yeah, sure." I muttered back.

"Look, we need to talk and trust me... it's better that you talk to me over mom." She threatened.

"That article is not my fault..." I walked over to a marble fountain and sat down on the edge of it as I watched several large gold fish swim around. "Tobias did that to hurt me and I am sorry. The ego on this man, I don't even understand. He used me and now because I figured it out, broke up with him, reported him and told our mom about it; which I kind of knew she would use her connections to black list him from ever working in media in this city, but now he just wants to like completely destroy me and it just doesn't make sense to me. What was his actual end game? Were we supposed to be flattered when he started publishing private information about us? I was so fucking stupid! I should have known. I should have been more guarded. I am so sorry..." I grit my teeth as I looked into the pond. This was the most we had ever spoken about it besides the snide comments America would occasionally make at my expense.

"Victory..." America said my name quietly as she sat down beside me. I focused on the fish in the pond as I felt her trying to peer into my face. "V, look at me." She demanded as she reached over and gripped my hand. "You are not stupid. Don't ever say that." She told me as I glanced up at her. "He fooled me too. I liked him. If I wasn't a role model to the youth of our country, I would have turned him inside out for hurting you."

I just shrugged with indifference. "And that stalker photo he took of me isn't what it looked like..." I assured her.

"You were partying with Kiki, ended up at that villain bar. Your super villain boss was conveniently there, he drove your drunk ass home and that drummer is some guy you picked up." She summarized.

"Uh... that is actually very close..." I frowned at her.

"You are my sister. I know you. You are a raging psycho but you are not a super villain." She told me. "You just need to be more careful. Mom is understandably really upset about the image that photo brings on both our family and the League. I suggest that you call her later to sort out what you need to do to even out your image or she will show up at your work and cause a scene. You know how she is."

"You are right." I let out an annoyed groan. "Fine. I will call her in a little while." I suddenly felt anxiety balloon into my chest at the thought of making that phone call.

"And I don't want to worry you but League Intelligence has reason to believe that the Jet Pack Gang and Devil's Heroes have issued a bounty on your head, which explains why The Big Bad Wolf just targeted you." She frowned at me.

"Is it still like $15,000? I wish I could just like cash in on my own bounty." I told her. I could buy a lot of shoes with that money.

"Wait... you knew about this?!" She demanded. She stood up as silver energy rippled over her fists with her anger. "You do a lot of stupid shit but this takes the cake, V! Why wouldn't you say anything?!"

"What? So mom can lock me up in a Liberty League apartment so she can keep an eye on me?" I sneered back. The Liberty League owned several estates and apartment buildings around the city. Part of their hero's contracts gave them housing, which was supposed to be for their safety but I think it's so the League can keep an eye on them. I would rather be in danger then sacrifice my freedom. If I gave me my mom any sort of hold on my leash, she would strangle me with it.

"Maybe that would be best." She replied. "At least till the heat has died down."

"There is no way in hell..." I hissed back.

"Wolf could have killed you. What if I hadn't shown up when I did?" She wanted to know.

"We wouldn't be having this conversation?" I suggested.

She let out an irritated growl. "I swear talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. You bitch about mom and the way she is but you are just like her! You refuse to acknowledge what you don't want to hear! You are so stubborn! It's going to get you killed! Are you suicidal?! I thought you moved past that but it looks like you put the knives aside and are just using a different method of destruction! What is wrong with you?!"

I looked away as her words and volume of her voice overwhelmed me and I began cry. "Don't yell at me!"

"I...fuck." She walked over and knelt down beside me. "I didn't meant that. I am sorry. V, look at me. I am sorry." She put her hand on my thigh as she tightly hugged me. "I am sorry. Please look at me. I was just upset...I didn't mean any of that..." She pleaded.

I leaned my head back against her but didn't say anything. I knew she was sorry but I also knew that there had been a lot of truth in her angry outburst. It was easier when we just fought with each other about shallow things and made snide comments to each other. Real conversations between us often ended in tears when we were forced to recognize how broken our family really was.

"I am sorry." She pleaded again as she stroked my hair. "I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you. It does upset me still that you would even consider taking your own life and just leaving me. I just... if what you have going on is something like that, I will help you. You know that, right? You can always come to me."

"I know." I answered softly. "And this isn't like that. I just need space and mom suffocates me. That's why I didn't tell her about the bounty. First of all, she would probably accuse me of trying to upstage your engagement. Second of all, I just didn't want to deal with her. Everything is fine. I mean, how is this much more different then your villains trying to kill me to hurt you whenever you really piss one of them off? Plus Issac installed some security in my apartment and it's probably more secure then any League apartment now."

"You have a point but an actual bounty is much worse. Professional killers will come after you and they are stronger then you. Even if they don't have super powers, they will be faster, stronger and more skilled. Your basic League and self defense training will only get you so far." She scolded.

"Look, I will think about it, okay?" I frowned at her.

"Fine..." America grit her teeth with annoyance. She clearly wasn't done on this topic but would hold off for now.

"I should get back to work." I told her as I stood up.

"Actually there was another thing." She sighed. "Momzilla is already making plans and arrangements for my wedding. We are having an engagement party next week and she is going to have invitations sent out this week. I wanted to ask you in person though, will you be my maid of honor?"

"Uh...sure..." I replied nervously. "Have you considered eloping?"

"Yeah and it's actually really tempting. If you get a 3 AM call from Vegas, you know why." She smiled softly. I knew she was only partially kidding.

"You do realize that we are going to fight a lot more then usual if I am in your wedding party?" I told her.

She just shrugged. "I am sure you will be 'fired' at least a dozen times. Just keep in mind that I don't mean it and I love you."

"Yeah, I love you too." I grumbled back. "Even though you annoy the fuck out of me."

"Likewise." She glanced at the blue smart watch on her wrist as it began to vibrate. She was needed elsewhere. "I have to go. Call mom. I will talk with you tonight." She informed me. "Just... be careful." She added quietly as she took flight.

I sighed as I glanced around and realized that I was stranded downtown several blocks out of my way without any shoes.