Title: Chris Pratt is my figurative father and the symbol of humour itself



Social Cancer, I always wanted to be called the social cancer, where everyone is talking about at the same time, they are reading about my writings about the society today, filled with bullshit and shit, that's the metaphor for "I'm God, yet the devil inside", humour is hard to predict on who are we talking about, every word we speak is equivalent to every beat of our heart created, the joy they used to say, yet, ironically, saying Kill yourself is funny but at the same time sensitive to all of us, we all lived in a Ironically world he said, no, not the main character of this story, some dude who do comedy, classic comedy he used to say.

Every one should always have the guy who inspired us to live, 75% of the world will say God, which God you may ask? Yes, the celebrity, not the fiction being, who knows everything, no, that would come in the second handbook of yours, but yes, celebrity, who ever you call it, mom, dad, that next door baker, youtuber, doctor etc, then what's the other 25% then, well, themselves of course, there is no such thing great or greater than God himself, herself or itself, for me, Chris Pratt isn't a God, he is just a normal like us, but much farther and maybe he is having more problems than I do, and that's the mystery I always wanted to feel, feeling that he is an adult and they say that adult face problems more serious than we teenagers, that's Generationist you say, but, who cares, society trusted us more than those smart adults.

Every time I go to my technologies, believe me or not, I always feel bad for myself, I don't get why the world itself still have religion, it's an old trend, but, surprise surprise, I shouldn't judge too quickly, in fact, Chris Pratt himself is a religious person, and Ironically, I'm not, one time, I see his post where it's literally a verse in pslam, plsam, idk, but, normal people who follow him would read it, but I don't, literally if the post is just about religion, then I'll skip a step, some will say, "The Bible contain the moral goodness of living" but I would say "Yeah, the whole book is just making metaphor of not being a dick to other people" but I was too innocent to rant about it, we humans are the smartest creatures, life made us perfect, we are able to walk in two legs in a long period of time, run with two legs again, which all animals can do, but, we also have logic, common sense, like what's danger and what's not, which all animals can do that too, but, we have our self conscience, that made us question why we are living in this very world, and that's the tumour of the human race itself, we are too smart to lived in this cruel world, which ironically, we also destroying our own world, if we all look back at the greatest creation of all, you all must say is bacon, thank god we lived in a world with bacon, and also don't forget him also, not the ex, you know, whoever the guy who inspired you to live.

New things are always new, because it's new, it made us curious to seek what the truth behind, kinda like liking someone, you see his layer of your all time favourites, but every time you go back, you always dig deeper and discover something new, it's either to be good or bad, like, he is in fact a religious person, or, he is married, but married celebrities are cute for me, so he's in a good position on talking to me, and you should know that the title of this story, wait, this isn't a story as well, but yeah.

Figurative father for you is another word for "Daddy", believe me, you are telling the truth as fuck, but what's the role of "figurative father" well, 99.9% will be resulted as: Hot as fuck, you want to be fucked by that person and hot as fuck" and the other 0.01%, "idk, maybe a good friend" to be honest, both are correct, no, I won't do that to him, saying he is hot as fuck, because you see, if he was like us,mbut still famous, he would see some comments will go like this, "Damn prattprattpratt how do you look better than me and my fucking boyfriend" or " FUCK ME INSTEAD prattprattpratt" and I'm pretty sure you don't see people asking you to fuck them, unless, like you are good at fucking other people's lives, like our exes, I actually feel bad for writing that second comment here in this paragraph.

Opportunity, a very mouthful word to say, you know what else mouthful? My name, no, not "Gyroprattasaur" but, my real name, here's a hint, take the first 3 letters from the spanish translation of "William" then add "th" and the capital city of Italy, and that's just my first name, second name is kind of tricky, so I won't give you any clues.

Regret this sentence, "Chris Pratt is my father" well, unless you're Jack Pratt, damn he is so lucky that his father is Chris Pratt, and his mother is Anna Faris, ANNA FARIS, speaking about Anna Faris, don't you love that when you walk across the street then the car stop just for you to cross the road and you'll ended up saying "Wow, that driver is nice" well seriously, it just there is a girl which you are friend with and the driver just saw her legs so he just let the lady cross the street, Chris Pratt is a good example of respecting women, they at least had one child, he cares about women labour, and her beauty,

God, I felt so old, okay, he was born on 1979, and he will be 40 at 2019, WHAT?!, he is way too early to turned 40, and I'm just 18 in that year, then 19 after November, but, I hate to say this that age gap or generation gap is bullshit, they say, "Only 80's kids will remember this" bullshit, more like "Everyone will know this because of internet is provided just for them to look" shit stuff,

Of course, this whole thing doesn't make sense for you, here let me recap for you: Religion is just a long step for saying to everyone "Don't be a dick head", Daddy is figurative father and figurative father is a good friend, not a fucking sex toy of what so ever, God is an image, The correct term for God as real image is just normal people with greater life than you, bacon is not life, it's just it's really misleading to everyone, except the guy, the truth will always be truth, so just believe at it, my name or something, Generationist is a big no no for me.