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Ep 9: The Knight goes to the pool

In break time, Alexander went out to the school garden taking his lunch. He seemed worried about something.

Asuka realized his move. She was ready to leave but she noticed Cassandra was following him.

Outside, Alexander was ready to eat his lunch.

Alexander: (Worried) I wonder what was that power I had. (Remembering his battle against the golem at the mall) I'll have to find out. (Smelling his lunch) I wish I had learnt cooking class by internet.

Cassandra: You seemed uncomfortable for your lunch.

Alexander: Cassandra. No, it just…

Asuka: What are you talking about? (Noticing his lunch) Oh, your lunch… (She was confused to see it) Alexander…

Alexander: What?

His lunch was wheat bread, cooked corn, minced fish and potatoes.

Asuka: Your lunch is a little antiquated.

Alexander: Well, I'll hunt some deers or birds. But they don't seem taste as well as in my time.

Asuka: (Funny hysterical) Don't even try that!

Alexander: If you say that.

Asuka: Were you been eating that?

Alexander: I tried to learn to cook but it's very difficult your modern meal.

Cassandra: It's useless. In that case. (She sat at his side and took her lunch, which was regular lunch) I guess I should share my lunch with you.

Asuka: What?

Cassandra: (Taking a piece of meat with chopstick and giving to him) Here, Alexander-kun, say ah!

Alexander: (Little blushed) Wait, Cassandra, you shouldn't…

Asuka: Hey! What are you doing?

Cassandra: This is not your business! Besides, you said his lunch is antiquated. (To Alexander) If you want, I can make you lunch so we can eat together.

Alexander: Well that's so nice from you.

Asuka: (Upset) A-le-xan-der!

Alexander: (Little nervous) I mean… It's helpful for me.

Other students were watching that environment. They were funny angry.

Student 1: (Angry) That Alexander bastard!

Student 2: (Angry) Getting attention of our Golden beauties!

At night, at her house, Asuka was in the living room, thinking little serious.

Asuka: Maybe I should try.

At next day at morning, Asuka was cooking something. Then her mother appeared.

Mrs Hisakawa: My, are you making your lunch?

Asuka: Yes!

Mrs Hisakawa: But why two? Don't tell me you plan to give this to your friend, that Alexander boy.

Asuka: (Blushed) No! I was just making to share with Nao!

At school, Alexander was sat checking his lunch. It was the same like yesterday.

Alexander: Geez! It's difficult to learn modern cooking.

At that time, Asuka was carrying a lunch box, she was a little nervous.

Nao: (Appearing at her back) Are you having problem to talk with Alexander-san?

Asuka: (Blushed and in funny shock) Nao! No! It's just…

Cassandra: (Coming to him) Alexander-kun! Here, it's the lunch I promised.

Alexander: Oh, Cassandra. Are you sure you want me to eat this?

Cassandra: (Smiling) Of course!

Alexander: Then, thanks.

He ate a little portion of meat.

Cassandra: So?

Alexander: (Happy) Hmm! It's delicious!

Cassandra: Indeed, after all I made it with all my love!

Asuka gets upset and then she went to Alexander.

Asuka: Alexander, here I brought you something too.

Alexander: What is it?

Asuka showed him the lunch box, opened and it was another modern lunch.

Alexander: Wow!

Asuka: (Little embarrassed) Go ahead! Try some.

Alexander: Okay. (He ate a portion of the lunch) Delicious!

Asuka: Really?

Nao: Nice one, Asuka.

Alexander: Of course. If you show more of your cooking talent, you could be a great wife!

Asuka: (Funny blushed) Wife?

Cassandra: Wait! Unless I had the initiative to make his lunch!

Asuka: Shut up! This isn't a competition!

Alexander: (Trying to calm them down) Hey, take it easy.

Asuka: (Upset) Alexander! You really want her lunch than mine?

Alexander: No! It's not for that!

Cassandra: Come on! Eat mine!

At the other side, detective Mizushima was at police station reading the reports about the previous events.

Detective Mizushima: I'll found you, Dragon Knight. I'll make you confess everything you know.

At next day, at school, Alexander was at the school ceiling. He felt worried for something.

Alexander: I have to be stronger. (Flashbacks about him unable to help Asuka and Cassandra went they obeyed the Dark knights) I can't permit they suffer for that. (Then he was sweating) Phew! I felt hot today.

Meanwhile, Asuka was walking with Nao.

Asuka: Are you sure?

Nao: Yeah, my dad is investigating about that event at the mall, which involved strange monsters along with knights in dark armors.

Asuka: I see.

Nao: I heard you were a hostage of them. I'm really sorry to obligate you to go that day.

Asuka: Don't worry. After all, we were rescued.

Nao: But the most strange is that mysterious knight who defeat that monster and those strange guys. Also a magic girl was fighting with him.

Asuka: Really? I didn't remember about that.

Nao: This is becoming more strange in our town.

Asuka: (Feeling hot) Wow! Today is so hot!

Nao: Yeah, they announced the weather would be sunny, but I didn't expect very warm.

Then Cassandra appeared.

Nao: Hi, Cassandra-san.

Cassandra: Did you see Alexander-kun?

Nao: I guess he went up there.

Cassandra: Thanks, I'll talk to him. (She leaves)

Asuka: I think I'll go too. I have to ask Alexander about something. (She leaves)

Nao: (Smiling with suspicion) This is going to be a great battlefield.

Asuka and Cassandra were walking, side to side. Asuka seemed walking little fast, Cassandra noticed and she walked fast. Then Asuka walks fast too and Cassandra walks fast. They keeped the same speed, and suddenly began running desperated. They run through the stairs to up in a funny way. The male students were surprised to see them running.

Student 1: Oh! Our Golden beauties!

Student 2: They look beautiful, even running.

Alexander was on the ceiling, feeling hot.

Alexander: I must train to use that mysterious power, like that time.

Suddenly he realized Asuka and Cassandra arrived to the ceiling. They seemed funny exhausted. They look each other angry.

Asuka: You, coquette!

Cassandra: Lusty girl!

Alexander: It's you. What are you doing here?

Cassandra: Alexander-kun, well, I wanted… oops! I didn't think about what to ask.

Asuka: And you just noticed?

Alexander: Listen, I don't want to talk right now. I have to go to work. I must gain enough money to fix Speedy.

Asuka: Speedy?

Alexander: Yeah, the motorcycle that I broke accidentally in the escape from that centaur. (Flashback about what he said) My boss was sad and I had to take responsibility about it.

Asuka: Eh, you name a bike? It's not like a horse.

Alexander: Whatever, I have to do it, besides it's too hot to talk.

Asuka: (Sweating) Yeah, I wish to take a cold wash.

Cassandra: (Realizing something and smiling) He! Then, what about if we two go to the pool?

Asuka: Eh?

Alexander: Pool? Oh, it's something like a little lake?

Cassandra: You need to learn faster, Alexander-kun. And of course, we can enjoy tomorrow, it's reported this hot season will be in some days later.

Alexander: Okay, then, I'll go.

Asuka: In that case… I'll go too!

Cassandra: Eh? Nobody invites you!

Asuka: I don't need your permission to go!

Alexander: Calm down, we can go to the pool to have fun.

Asuka: What? You want to play with both of us! You pervert knight!

Alexander: I didn't say that!

Cassandra: Wow, she hit the title I gave you.

Asuka: I bet you want to go to the pool to see girls in swimsuits, right? You don't have respect to girls. You don't know how to treat girls.

Alexander: Actually I know! In fact, I had a lot of experience before and here in the school.

Then he was nervous by realizing what he said. He noticed Asuka and Cassandra were angry to hear that.

Asuka: (In her state) Alexander! What did you mean by experience?

Cassandra: Alexander-kun! Explain!

Alexander: Well, I mean I had spoken with different girls, but I didn't involve me those kind of relationships.

Asuka and Cassandra: (Funny serious and closer to him) Really?

Alexander: It's the true.

They continued talking, but at the back of the door, Natsu was hearing their chat.

Natsu: Let's see if you enjoy your day at the pool tomorrow.

At next day, at the bus station. Alexander was waiting.

Alexander: I hope I choose the right clothe to swim. I found out at internet.

Then Asuka and Cassandra arrived.

Asuka: Alexander, you get early.

Cassandra: Well, it seems you can't wait to see two pretty girls.

Alexander: (Little blushed) We just meet to swim, so let's go.

Inside the bus, Alexander felt little uncomfortable. He noticed many male passengers were looking Asuka and Cassandra.

Boy 1: Wow, those blondies look sexy!

Boy 2: Are they sisters?

Boy 3: I think I recognize them. From a school of our town?

Alexander: Their reputation seems better than mine.

Then, they arrived at the public pool.

Alexander: Okay, I'll change my clothes. I'll see you at the pool.

They retreated. Alexander was changed at boy room. While Asuka and Cassandra were ready to change but they were seeing their swimming clothes.

Asuka: (Little worried) I should have choose another instead of this that Nao gave me in our last trip at the pool.

Cassandra: What? Aren't you sure about conquering Alexander-kun with that?

Asuka: No!

Cassandra: It doesn't matter, I'll surprised him with mine.

Asuka: Oh no, you won't!

Then, Alexander was near of a big pool, he was wearing a red boxer. He saw many people were having fun and swimming.

Alexander: This clothe is more usual from men for swimming.

Cassandra: Alexander-kun! We're ready!

Alexander: Really?

He was in silent to see them. Asuka was wearing a pink bikini while Cassandra was wearing a white bikini. He was blushed to talk; he seemed impacted to see them in gorgeous bikinis, specially their breasts bouncing.

Alexander: (Thinking blushed) "What kind of seducing clothes exist in this time?"

Cassandra: So? What do you think?

Alexander: (In his state) Well…

Asuka: (Blushed and covering her chest with her arms) Stop looking on me.

Alexander: No! I didn't do purposely.

Cassandra: Geez! Stop just looking on Asuka, what about me? (Doing an attractive pose) What do you think about my bikini?

Alexander: It's pretty.

Asuka: (Realizing that) In that case. (Doing an attractive pose too) What about me?

Alexander: You are pretty too.

Cassandra: Geez! You can't be more outgoing when boys like seeing girls in bikinis.

Alexander: I don't have those kind of likings!

Cassandra: No matter. Let's go swimming!

They went to the pool.

Asuka and Cassandra were walking. Many boys were impacted to see them while many girls seemed jealous by their figures.

Boy 1: Holly crap! Those girls look sexy!

Boy 2: Wait! Aren't they the Golden Beauties from our school!

Boy 3: Yeah, it's them!

The girlfriends of some boys noticed them in lust mood and they pulled them from their ears in anger.

Asuka and Cassandra jumped to the pool and then swam. Alexander entered to the pool too.

Alexander: Wow! It's fresh, I feel better.

He noticed Asuka having fun at the pool. Then he had a flashback about a lake, and then Helena was naked and went out of the lake and noticed his presence.

Later, Asuka and Cassandra were swimming like a competition.

Asuka: I remember my skills at swimming.

Cassandra: And for your information, I swam a lot at magic academy.

Asuka: Yeah, yeah, but in this modern time, there are many swimming classes and you could learn.

Cassandra: I'll take one later.

Then, Alexander was thinking little worried in the pool. Asuka noticed him.

Asuka: I wonder what's the matter with him?

Cassandra: Probably it was because of that power.

Asuka to hear that she remembered that time Alexander fought with the power of his sword that changed his behavior.

Asuka: If he uses that strange power again, he could lost his mind like before.

Cassandra: I'll buy some ice creams, maybe that could cheer him up. (She got out the pool)

Alexander: (Taking a light breath) If only I could understand that power. Maybe it could be from the Millennium Dragon. But I killed it many years ago.

Asuka: (Coming to him) Alexander. Let's talk.

Then Alexander and Asuka were under an umbrella at side of the pool.

Asuka: Alexander, are you worried about your last fight?

Alexander: Sorry, I didn't want you to see me in that way.

Asuka: No! It's not your fault!

Cassandra: (Arriving) That's right, he couldn't have control when his anger blew up. Here. (Giving them ice creams)

Alexander: Oh, thanks.

Asuka: So, are you worried about that?

Alexander: My identity also was revealed by some people at the mall.

Asuka: Yeah, but I don't think they remember your face at all.

Alexander: Maybe but (To Cassandra) Your identity was exposed too, Cassandra.

Cassandra: It was a risk, I had to help you even in that situation. Besides, I used magic to delete some of the recording cameras of the mall. Our identity should be in less risk.

Alexander: I hope so, I'll have to become stronger to take my duties.

Some boys were watching them together. They were in jealous and anger.

Boy 4: That bastard!

Boy 5: Isn't he that transferred student?

Boy 6: Why is he always attached with our idols?

Asuka: I guess I'll swim a little more.

Then Alexander and Cassandra felt something. Asuka was attempting to jump to the pool, but suddenly a monster appeared from the pool. It was a giant eel that screamed. Many people were scared and run away.

Asuka: (In shock) A marine monster?

The eel grabbed Asuka using its tail.

Alexander: Asuka!

Then the giant eel spat water to him but he dodged at time. That water power destroyed a part of floor.

Cassandra: Watch out! Its water can drill the ground!

The eel continued attacking. Then Alexander jumped to the eel's head. It moved its head trying to throw him. He unhanded to its tail liberating Asuka.

They fall to the floor. Cassandra went to them.

Cassandra: Hey, are you okay? (But she was in silence to see them) Eh?

Alexander was on the ground but his face was buried by Asuka's breasts on him. She screamed in embarrassing and got separating from him.

Asuka: (Blushed) Ah! Don't touch me! Pervert!

Alexander: (Blushed) No! I didn't touch you as I wanted it!

Cassandra: Hey you two! Can you stop doing…

Suddenly she slipped and fell on Alexander. His face was buried by her breasts too.

Cassandra: (Blushed) Ahn! Alexander-kun! You dirty Knight!

Alexander: (Blushed) Hey! But you fell on me!

Asuka: Alexander! You are really a dirty knight!

Alexander: No! It's a misunderstood!

Cassandra: Guys! Let's focus on that monster!

The giant eel attack them again. They dodged at time. Alexander took his emblem.

Alexander: (After transforming to his Knight armor) Cassandra, we have to keep that thing here.

Cassandra: (Taking her staff) Roger! (Transforming to her Sorceress costume) Let's do it!

Alexander: Asuka, stay back. Cassandra and I are going to handle that thing!

Asuka: (Little worried) Okay.

Alexander and Cassandra went to attack that eel.

Cassandra: Flame daggers!

The eel received a big damage, then Alexander used his shield to knocking it.

Alexander: Rest in peace, water worm!

But then, the eel rises and attacks again.

Cassandra: We have to defeat that before…

At that moment they heard some cop patrols are arriving.

Asuka: Oh no! The police is arriving!

Alexander: Shit!

The eel shot a water drill to Alexander. He dodged but he didn't notice the eel strikes him with its tail. The eel shot another water drill to him.

Cassandra: Flame arrow!

She used her super attack to save Alexander.

Alexander: Thanks, Cassandra.

Cassandra: (Smiling) You should be glad I'm here.

Asuka was little uncomfortable to hear that.

The eel seemed anger and was ready to attack.

Alexander: (Thinking) "This is difficult, I should use that power again (Looking his sword) But if I lost the reason"

Cassandra: Alexander-kun, let's finish this quickly! Hurry!

Alexander: Yeah, I know!

Then, he took his sword and summoned flames on it.

Alexander: Burning sword!

He used his attack against the eel. It was burned into ashes.

Alexander: At time.

Cassandra: Good job, Alexander-kun!

Alexander: Thanks to be with me in these situations.

Cassandra: It's a pleasure. We can be a good team like you was with Helena.

Alexander: That's right. We can fight together.

Cassandra: I'm sure we can be invincible. Like the legend Knight and Sorceress!

Alexander and Cassandra were smiling and they gave them five.

Asuka was worried and sad to see them together.

The cops arrived at the pool. The detective Mizushima arrived too.

Detective Mizushima: Hurry!

Alexander: Let's get out of here!

Alexander, Asuka and Cassandra retreated at time.

The police entered but they didn't find anyone, anything either.

Detective Mizushima: Not again!

Police officer: Detective, people reported a huge monster in the pool. But I don't see anything. Also they said they saw a Knight and a magic girl.

Detective Mizushima: Another monster and that knight kid. He escaped again without leaving tracks!

Police officer: What do we do now, detective?

Detective Mizushima: (Serious) It's time I start my own investigation.

Outside, Natsu was hidden and saw what happened. She was with someone who seemed a girl.

Natsu: Sorry, Demitri, but your monsters aren't enough. I have to prepare everything to execute the prohibited spell to blast this world. (To the girl) You'll have to distract that Knight and keep those girls from interrumpting us.

Girl: Yes, I'll keep Alexander busy while you execute that spell. (It's revealed she was a pink-haired girl, someone familiar) Alexander, you and your Sorceress friend will be annihilated this time.

Later outside; Alexander, Asuka and Cassandra were walking little calmed.

Alexander: A little more, and those polices could have found out our identities.

Cassandra: Yeah, but the problem is there are more monsters that took people's attention.

Asuka was still worried about before.

Alexander: (Noticing her state) Asuka… (Suddenly he realized a patrol car was passing) No way!

Cassandra: Alexander-kun, it's the police!

Alexander: Just keep walking.

They keep walking discreetly. The police patrol was passing at side of them. The detective Mizushima was driving and he looked at Alexander who was little calmed and uncomfortable.

Alexander: (Realizing his presence) It's him! That detective!

Asuka: Eh? Nao's father!

The detective was looking at them with suspicion, but he just drove, away from them. They were little calmed.

Detective Mizushima: (While driving) Nao told me about a boy from her school who was acting as if he were a knight. Besides, that kid is with her friend Asuka. Perhaps?

At next day, at school; Alexander was eating his lunch. He seemed uncomfortable.

Alexander: I must learn that power and control it.

Then, Asuka appeared and showed him a lunch box.

Asuka: You shouldn't be thinking about taking all your duty by yourself.

Alexander: Yeah, but as a Knight I have to, if you know about…

Asuka: We can wait later. (Giving him the lunch box) Here.

Alexander: Eh, so you were worried for me, and you give me this lunch.

Asuka: (Blushed) Just… don't get exaggerating ideas. It's just I want to know more about those Dark knights.

Alexander: Asuka, you're right I'll count you everything. Beginning from my past.

Alexander opened the box and attempted to eat but suddenly Cassandra appeared to his side.

Cassandra: You're right, we two have to tell Asuka about our past. (Trying to feed him with her lunch) Here.

Alexander: Hey, it's not necessary! I can feed by myself!

Asuka: (Upset) Hey, enough! Alexander, eat mine!

Cassandra: No! Mine!

The two girls were arguing, pushing each other, and accidentally their lunch fell on his head.

Asuka: Sorry, Alexander!

Cassandra: Yeah, it's her fault!

Asuka: What?

Alexander: (Little uncomfortable and smiling) Well, unless I learnt how modern food tastes.

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