Hello everyone; I've decided to write these drabbles, the reasons why are because they're very fun to write, I have so many thoughts for my characters, some who are in love with one another clearly, and since I can't just write a full story on every pair I have that are in love, I figured just write a couple of drabbles for them instead, while the time being, to help satisfy them and myself! This will also contain some Boys' Love (M/M), so if you are not comfortable with that, please leave. With that, please enjoy, and forget to read and review!

One - The Cave

Bella was a sight to see when she slept. Her wavy blonde hair seeped over her neck and shoulders like silk scarves, as her cheeks glistened smoothly in the moonlight, making her look like the real princess she was. Liam stroked her hair, smiling lightly before he closed his eyes, drifted into slumber.

Liam bit his lip, raking his teeth against them as he woke up the next morning. The young, black haired assassin looked up and his heart almost dropped when he didn't see Bella next to him. Oh wait, there was a message written on the ground.

"Good Morning, I went to go get more bandages for you, I'll be back in twenty minutes… Love you." –Bella.

Liam smiled, looking at it. The girl was obviously correct, ever since the stab wound he obtained from the dark lord himself, he had been bleeding heavily ever since. If it wasn't for Liam being able to find a cave and Bella escaping from her captors and giving him help, he would've clearly died by now.

Knowing that Bella would be getting some supplies for him very soon, he laid back down. The young assassin sighed, closing his eyes for more rest.

Two – By the Sea

Alexander Lockefort laughed, holding his boyfriend's, Rocky, hand as their bare feet walked across the beach's soft sand. It was both eight o'clock and a Wednesday night, a school night, but Alexander didn't care.

Alex was laughing because of a joke Rocky told him, about how a hot dog landed in his old high school's headmaster's hair. It happened one day while Rocky was at a school fair back home. Rocky was an Irish teenager, donning hair so orange it was the same color as dawn before the night fell. He wore a red Irish football jersey and khaki shorts. Rocky had moved from Ireland to the United States because his mother had gotten a new job; he had been here for at least five months since. During his third week here in the United States, Rocky met Alexander while in his Physics class for an assignment that was due the same day; three days after, he couldn't take his eyes off Alexander at all.

Girls with long hair, large busts, and almond eyes, were nice, but there was something about Alexander that rocked the Irish boy's world. The way he walked into class, the way he sat on his chair, the way he slouched back while the teacher droned on, and the way Alexander laughed made Rocky look at him with wonder.

That soon developed into a crush, and when Rocky was able to get Alexander on his own in two weeks. It was by just talking to him while he was practicing American football outside; when he did, Alexander got close to him as well. The way Rocky's muscles looked in the sun and his voice, which was indeed clearly Irish as expected, and how his hair looked, it made Alex's heart flutter with wonder as well. When another month passed, they confessed to each other and soon they were in love. They had been together for about three months now and no ever knew.

"Wow," Alexander stated, his brown chin length hair swishing in the air. "Your old headmaster sounded like an unlucky guy, Rocky. Thanks for telling me tha—"

Alexander grunted as he fell.

"Alex!" Rocky cried out, kneeling down to his man.

"I'm fine!" Alexander stated; he had tripped over a rock.

"No you're not; c'mon, there, I got ya!" he said, the other boy now standing correctly.

"As I was saying, your headmaster sounds like a pretty unlucky guy… well, more than me that is." Alexander stated, laughing as he looked at his feet.

"Well, you know who is lucky… you." Rocky stated. "Get ov'r here!" Rocky stated.

They kissed. And they continued walking right by the sea, together.

Three – Market Place

Jessica Moncivais looking at some of the corn husk dolls the lady and her young daughter and son had out for display on the table. The little dolls were dressed in folklorico dresses, such as one doll in a pink dress with white trimmings, and green, black, and orange colored wrap on its shoulders. They were absolutely beautiful, the shy, 19-year-old accounting major thought, eyeing them.

"Te gustan, mijita?" The woman asked her.

Jessica replied in her family's language. "Si, senora."

Jessica was in Mexico for the week, visiting all of the nicest places, Acapulco, Monterrey, and the Aztec temples, she and her male companion were able to visit over that time period. Right now, her companion Thomas was looking at some of the crystal crosses a man had out for display and hoped to purchase one as a souvenir for his mother back home. The young woman knew the boy for about three months now, talking to him because they sat next to in class and because he treated her properly like all boys should! When Thomas scored tickets for Mexico, there was no one else close to him than Jessica so he took her with him, the permission of her parents, who were weary of who Jessica was with due to her shyness.

"Si te gusta puedo venderte uno y te doy otro para gratis." The woman told her, as Jessica looked at her right in the eye. "Para nomas setenta y seis pesos."

Jessica gasped in excitement. That was four dollars in American, the right price for her!

Jessica looked at the dolls over. She noticed that she liked the one with the teal dress, green trim and with the black, orange, and white wrap. She picked it up. She thought it was pretty and wanted to take it and she looked over and saw a male doll with a mariachi suit and hat with brown paint on it as hair, and figured that it reminded her of Thomas.

When she made her decision and paid for her items, she walked away with two dolls in a plastic bag in her hand.

"Thomas," she called out to her companion, who was a young with curly copper brown hair and donning a red shirt. He was about twenty years old.

"Jessica, hey, I found this." He said, showing her a crystal box with a crystal cross, with a red, rose in the middle of it that backed up with smaller, pink roses.

Jessica smiled. "Oh I found these," she pulled up the dolls and showed them to him.

"Whoa, those are so cool, but… there's something I need to tell you, Jessica. I think you're pretty cool too and I like you, a lot."

Jessica's eyes widen at the sound of that. She felt as if her heart exploded from inside. "I don't know what to say."

"Well, don't say anything, just kiss me!" he stated. He pulled Jessica closer to him, and he kissed her.

Jessica pulled back, striking his chest lightly. "Thomas! Cheeky! Only, would you do that again please?" she asked. They kissed again, standing in the middle of the Market Place.

Four – Thank you.

Two boys, one eighteen years old and one sixteen years old, were running down the streets of New York City together. They were holding each other's hands, as they were panting for breath. Ryan, the one with lightly tanned skin and black hair, was holding onto Kenneth, until he stopped at a corner of an apartment building, pulling him beside him.

Kenneth bit his lip, obviously worrying about how upset his stepfather would be if he came home late, asked Ryan, "Ryan, what if my stepfather is—"

Ryan interrupted the dirty blonde haired boy, putting his hand to his cheek. "Don't worry about it, you're gonna be fine." He said.

Ryan rescued Kenneth from the hands of an abusive boyfriend and was escorting him home. Kenneth was held tied up in his old boyfriend Calhoun's house, when Ryan the boy next door, stomped down the door and saved him. The reason why he rescued was that even though he was too shy to confess to him, he was in love with Kenneth. Even if Kenneth had a boyfriend, Calhoun, he still loved him. And when he found out that Kenneth was taken by him, Ryan's blood bubbled with anger. It was cliché, you being shy to confess your love for someone you desire, waiting too long, rescuing them from the hands of evil, and finally confessing to them after. He still saved Kenneth and all of those clichés didn't matter, but the love was important.

"You sure?" Kenneth asked.

Ryan nodded.

They ran back to the street as to where their respective homes where, and stopped in front of them. Kenneth rubbed his arms and bit his lip.

Ryan bit his lip, finally spitting it out, "Kenneth, I don't how to say this but," even after what's happened, Kenneth getting kidnapped and having a boyfriend before that, "I love you. I've always loved you, but I was too shy; I hope you can understand that one day."

Kenneth didn't care about the last few parts, but inside he didn't know if he should believe in Ryan, after trusting Calhoun so foolishly, but looked at him. "Ryan, I thank you for saving me." Kenneth's voice croaked, about to cry.

Ryan came over to him and soothed him. "Dude, don't cry," he said, touching the other boy's arm. Two seconds later, Kenneth bit his lip harder and kissed Ryan on the lips hard. Ryan was taken aback, but took the kiss in, going deeper into it. Ryan took a long gasp, as Kenneth pulled away from him.

"If you did love me, then clearly you would've loved that kiss," Kenneth told him. He was right. Ryan did enjoy it.

"Thank you, Ryan. I guess I'll see you soon, then!" he said, giving a light smile. Ryan did the same.

"Goodnight then," Ryan told him.

"Yes…" with that, Kenneth ran up the path to his home.

Ryan's smile never came off the whole time he was running back to his own house that night.

Five – Nightmares.

Liam cried out, sitting straight up from the bed, shirtless. Even though he bore no sweat, he looked down at the sheets. He felt the bed make a noise and felt his girlfriend's hands on his shoulders.

"Liam, what happened?" she asked, worried about him clearly.

"I-I had another dream of when I was seven, I was taken hostage by slave traders and my father was confirmed dead before that by the leader of my old home." He stated.

The girl gasped, wrapping her arms around her bodyguard/boyfriend. "I'm sorry," she said, kissing his cheek as a way to comfort him. "I wish I was there with you when that happened."

"It's fine but whether or not you were there, that doesn't matter. I could really use that much help I can get. Thank you, Bella." He told her, smiling at her.

She giggled. "A girl's job is to care for the one she loves."

"C'mon, time to go back to sleep." He said, wrapping his arms around her.

Bella giggled, burrowing herself into the young assassin's chest.

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