Hello! I saw that someone commented on the last chapter and even though it's just one comment, it made me happy! Even though a couple of weeks have passed since my last chapter (I had just graduated from high school and went on vacation) I've decided to write another chapter. In other words, regardless of everything that's happened in my life and here, here's a new chapter with five new drabbles! Hope you enjoy space cowboys!

6. My Brother.

"C'mon, Liam, I know you can fight, you're better than they are!" the blonde haired, Prince Harold told his companion. He was more a jokester, just wanting to goof off with his friends and not do work; However, Harold wanted Liam snap out of it his fearsome trance, now.

"I can't; they'll make fun of me for- "

"So what if you're bisexual; that doesn't matter to them; they only want to know how tough you are, that's it!" Prince Harold told him, as the nineteen year old's glasses were bouncing up and down in his nose.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Liam told him, the assassin touching his arm. The reason why he had to fight was that a cult kidnapped his girlfriend, Princess Bella. If he didn't show them what he was made of, they would kill her. Liam feared that if they knew he was bisexual, it would be the end of him and the literal end for the princess as well.

Fortunately, Prince Harold helped him with that.

Prince Harold smiled. "Alright, my little sister needs you, go on, my brother; we'll be behind you soon!"

Liam nodded. He smiled, but before he ran off into the shadows, he kissed Harold briefly. Harold looked stunned, as Liam ran.

Harold muttered, "Damn…" as he lightly blushed. Deep down, he sort of liked it!

7. Kiss Me on the Sands.

Prince Basil-Husam was standing on the sand dune, as his milky, cream, colored cape was flowing behind him. The boy rubbed his arms, as another prince, Prince Rais-Lian-Sagar walked up to him.

"Basil…" The older boy asked him, as his dark blue hair shone in the sun. The dirty blonde haired prince looked at him, with a light look on his face.

"Good morning, Rais." He said as he lightly smiled. "I went to go relieve myself, but then I got distracted by the sun… I'm sorry." He said as the sand danced over his sandal-covered feet.

"I know how that feels, who else doesn't love the sun? But… I don't like it when you leave my side… you know that correct?" the older boy said, touching the younger boy's side.

"I know…" Basil said, his brown eyes looking at his sharp, black ones.

"I want you now…" Rais said, bringing the boy closer. He carried the boy bridal style back to their room, and spent the rest of the day there…. In bed.

8. Letter.

It was the next morning at the Lockefort Mansion, and a half-bare Alexander woke up on his bed, groggily, rubbing his tired, brown eyes. As he was scratching his pastel blue briefs, he saw a note left on his nightstand. As soon as he figured it was Rocky's handwriting, everything from last came back to him like a boomerang.

"Dear Alex, I'm so sorry I dragged you into that. I dunno what happened, but I was so alone knowing my mom was in the hospital and all I could think of... was you. You are the GORGEOUS man I have ever seen in the whole wide world. If you were in a million men, I'd choose you. If you weren't, either in billions, millions, or even tens, I'd still choose you. I love you, Alex. Always.


It was the best thing Alexander had ever received in his whole life. He hugged it to his bare chest, the seventeen-year-old biting his lip. He sighed, looking at it. Aw crap, he needed to make sure this didn't fall into the wrong hands. He pulled out some tape from the nightstand shelf and taped it onto the inside of his closet. He sighed, setting the silver tape to the ground, closing the closet. He fell back onto the bed, closing his eyes for more rest.

He didn't know about it, but above him, a green haired, gothic boy was laying on his stomach in the utterly large air duct, smiling as he was silently crying. He had seen the whole scene happen all throughout the night and loved every minute of it.

9. Let's Run Through the Rain Through the Town.

Thirteen-year-old Calvin Leo cried out, as he stepped into another puddle, making his favorite pair of converse get wet. Calvin was a short boy, standing at only five-two, while the rest of his friends were either five-five, five-six, or even just as tall as Karen, one big Amazon girl. Why they were running was because their bus got a flat tire, and not wanting to sit through the bus tire-remedying process, they ran. They were guitarist and bassist respectively, of a young rock band, and if they weren't up in time, then their kid manager Skipper would crap popsicles at them.

"Uhm," Calvin whined, as he looked at his feet. Oh man! He asked Karen if they could take a break, when said girl interrupted him, telling him, "C'mon, Cal-Cal!" as she smiled at him. "We can't stop now! Ol' Skippy needs us!" she said.

Calvin looked at her with wide eyes, but more like at her hair. Her smooth blonde hair made his face brighten, even if the skies above him were gray. Her hair flowed like fire on the sun, as her violet eyes reminded Calvin of the blueberry manju his mother would whip up on his birthday.

Calvin smiled, saying, "Alright, by my calculations, if we run at ten miles per hour, we should be there soon!"

By the how her gray skirt and purple corset went along with the wind, the black haired, brown eyed, Japanese boy felt like he was running through a field of flowers with her.

10. "We Were Born To Make History."

Ten-year-old Jaden O'Riley ran down on the snow-touched hill, donning on a puffy, orange coat with a green hat on. The young boy bore a great smile on his face, enjoying the snow fall before like a child watching his favorite TV show after having a bad day. He laughed, running down the hill with his hands swinging around. "C'mon!" he called out to his friend, asking for them to come along!

"Oof!" cried out another child, donning the same puffy jacket as Jaden's but white. The child bore bowl-cut, brown hair, and a peach winter cap with round glasses. She adjusted her glasses, hoping to keep them on tighter while she and her friend were in the snow. The young girl bore a pair of red shorts underneath, with white colored tights underneath with brown boots.

"I'm coming, Jaden!" she called out, catching up to him.

Jaden laughed, as he reached the frozen lake. It was perfect, it wasn't too slippery, and it was at its right thickness to support someone living, let alone two children playing right on it. Jaden set his boot on the ice, giggling as he set himself on it.

Giggling, Sarah joined after Jaden, balancing herself on the glass, looking at herself in the ice's reflection in joy.

"Isn't this so much, fun, Sarah?" Jaden asked her, smiling as one of his left teeth missing, showing how much of a child he was.

"You were right, nothing can get to us now," Sarah told him. They grabbed each other's hands, spinning around on the ice. They laughed; as the sun merely peered over they were at, as the woods sheltered them from any other beings. Sarah knew she liked the boy so much, she wanted to be his girlfriend, forever.

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