Like a crack

Of thunder, my God's glory is told.

Undeniably greater

Than any story that been told.

His Mercy is great,

Singing Hallelujah forevermore;

The angels will sing

The Love rocks to the core.

Like a flash of lightning,

My God is by my side.

And not one foot will hit a stone,

For He will make me glide.

If my time comes soon,

At least I'll know there's no harm.

Because I'll be falling back into

My Father's arms.

Holy, holy,

He is the most jealous of us.

He wants us now

And we will not give Him fuss.

We were meant for Hell,

Yet He bought us at a price.

Therefore, let us be His

In His Grace and worship the Name Christ.

Cry nothing more,

The Savior rest in our hearts.

Let it be soft like a pillow

And let Him enjoy our praise as art.

For our God,

O our God.

Is like a storm.