Chapter 1

It is a Monday evening. The day so far had been slow and lazy. No phone calls, no visitors. Nothing. But even so, Kendall refreshes her blog page over and over with bleak hope that something, even just spam, will show, and Gregory skims over ads in a London Times paper.

Shaking his paper as he turns the page, he looks over at Kendall. "Hey, come see this."

Kendall sets the laptop aside on the crowded coffee table and walks over. She leans from behind him, her curly brown hair spilling over his shoulder. "What am I looking at?"

"Third person this month found dead on the Thames bank. I recognize this one."

"Friend of your family?"

He shakes his head. "Not bloody likely. The bloke was always drunk, a heavy gambler. Father banned him from every event he puts on. I would have deemed this a serial set, but he could have been plastered and fell in."

"Well, if you wanted to know bad enough we could go ask Amber and Daan."

"No, it's not that important to me. And we aren't desperate enough for a case to go stepping on Scotland Yard's toes."

Kendall sighs loudly. "Maybe not desperate, but surely bored enough."

"Nothing on your little website?"

"Nope. No emails, no phone calls, no letters. We very well could just close up for the night."

"Someone's awfully antsy. Some special plan you need to rush off too?"

Kendall shakes her head. "No, not really. I'm just helping out with a play this week. Still much to do before it goes on stage Friday night."

"Oh?" He looks up at her. "What play?"

"The Importance of Being Ernest."

"Are you acting in it or just helping with the set?"

Kendall shrugs, walking back over to her computer. "I'm not entirely sure."

"How can't you be sure if it opens in a week?" He lowers the paper to look at her.

"It depends on if Elizabeth is well enough to perform or not. Last week she called in sick and hasn't been back sense."

"Well if you ask me, that sounds like you'll be performing. Who will you be playing?"

"Maybe no one if Dr. Wren reassigns the part."


She sighs, sitting down. "I might be playing Gwendolen Fairfax."

Gregory then smiles. "That's not surprising. I think your personality fits her well."

"Maybe...But the stage, Gregory! What if it's all too much and I just—" She peeks over the top edge of the laptop. "Can't do it?"

"You'll do fine." He shakes the paper, flipping the page. "I'll get a ticket for each night, if it would calm your nerves."

Kendall laughs shortly, nearly choked. "Yeah, I really see that calming my nerves." Her cheeks softly redden at the thought.

Gregory's cellphone then starts to ring and he answers it. "Hello?" He is quiet for a moment before nodding. "Okay, Ian, we'll be right over." He then hangs up. "McIntosh wants us to drop by."

"What did you do this time?"

"Why do you always think I've done something when he rings?" He glares at her.

Kendall begins shoving her computer into its case. "Maybe because usually you have."

Gregory rolls his eyes. "Anyway, he didn't say anything specific over the phone. He'll fill us in at the MET." He grabs his jacket and fedora from the hooks by the door. "Well? Are you coming or not?"

"I'm working on it! Unlike you I can't just jump and go." She mutters, picking up her laptop bag before hustling over to grab her jacket and deerstalker cap. "Plus, I had time. It's not like you have already flagged down a cabby or anything."

"Don't have to."

Outside of the door, there is a police car waiting for them. Kendall looks at Gregory with a raised brow. "Didn't do anything, hmm?"

"Oh shut up, this proves nothing." He snorts, walking over to and getting in the car.

"If you say so, Greg." She chuckles, getting in after him. She glances at the two men in the front and groans inwardly as it is none other than Inspectors Greene and Patel.

Inspector Greene turns around in the driver's seat. "Well, well, well. Fancy seeing you here, Kendall."

Kendall opens her mouth, but then shuts it in a thin line, shaking her head. "Not really, Simon..."

Simon smirks as he reverses onto the road. "Oh come now, Kendall. You know every time we cross paths it's fancy." He glances over his shoulder at her.

"Eyes on the road, Greene." Greg rolls his eyes. "And preferably with your trap shut. It's been a long day and my tolerance for idiocy has long reached its limit."

Inspector Patel snickers in the passenger seat, but stops when Simon flashes a glare.

"Much better, boys. Keep this up and you might be decent cabbies one day."