UTC (United Terran Congress): Technology

In this file are described the various, ships, weapons, and technologies of the UTC, as well as those ships unique to the factions "People of light" and the "Ivorian republic"

A quick explanation of the Congress catalogue system

Congress engineers of the regular engineering branch employ a special system of cataloguing to identify the technology they develop, as well as the non – Congressional technology they come across. To explain how this system works, the CIF – M26 – G15 "Whisper" interceptor the C – RI – PLR – M5 – G20 Pulse laser rifle and the CM – AI/ALV/AA – M5 – G3 "Knife" missiles are used as examples. The first sets of letters in the system signify the faction responsible for the creation of the technology in question, as well as often identifying the type of technology. For instance the case of the Whisper class fighter the CIF stands for "Congress Interceptor Fighter". In the case of the "Knife" missile the "CM" simply stands for "Congress Missile". This is followed by a series of optional markers that reveal additional information about the technology in question. For instance in the case of the C – RI – PLR – M5 – 20 the "RI – PLR" tells that the device is a regular infantry pulse laser rifle. In the case of missiles it is typical to note the type of the missile. For instance, the Knife missile is noted to be an Anti – infantry, Anti – light vehicle and Anti – Air missile. Next in the system is noted the model of the device in question. In the case of the "Whisper" fighter, it is the twenty sixth model of interceptors designed by United Terran Congress forces. Next is noted the generation of the specific model. For instance the CIF – M26 – G 15 is the fifteenth generation of the twenty sixth interceptor fighter model. Each generation represents a minor improvement made on an existing model. Whether a new design requires a new model number or a new generation number depends on what has been made. A totally new design or a radical alteration of the purpose of an existing design requires a new model number, a design alteration that improves the performance of existing features or adding new features while preserving the main purpose of the design warrants a new generation number. To improve the engine performance of an interceptor fighter or giving it a new secondary weapon is a new generation of that model, turning the said interceptor design into an assault bomber or designing a new kind of interceptor from scratch is a new model of the appropriate type. Most vehicles and devices also carry a name for easier reference to specific pieces of technology. Technologies created by factions other than the UTC are also categorized using the same system when these technologies are encountered, although these devices are rarely referenced by this system outside engineering circles. Unless it is proven otherwise, it is to be assumed that a newly encountered device is the first model and the first generation of its kind. The branch office of space engineering does not make use of this system, preferring instead to refer to various vessels as "classes".