CIF – M26 – G15 "Whisper"

Greatest length: 8, 67 m

Greatest width (Wingspan): 14 meters (wings folded 2, 67 meters)

Greatest height: 1, 67 (wings folded 7 meters)

Engine systems: 1 Congress fusion thruster, gravity dampener sheath

Power systems: Hydrogen fuel cells, 1 standard vehicle electric power battery (48 hours total duration)

Weapon systems: 1 class III mass thrower cannon

The Whisper class is a one man interceptor fighter very common to Congress forces. The fighter, like all airborne UTC military vehicles has been designed to operate both in space and in an atmosphere. Per its role as an interceptor craft, the Whisper class fighter has been designed with speed and agility in mind. "A fighter so lightly built that it is only slightly heavier than a whisper" is a common description of this fighter, giving the class its name. This fighter is very lightly armed carrying only a single mass thrower cannon. This cannon carries only six reloads, a feature mean to lighten the construction further and allowed by the cannons destructive power. Against most targets the whisper class is meant to engage, the fighter can often achieve a kill with a single hit. This light level of armament means that the Whisper class prefers to kill its opponent in the opening moments of the battle. The limited ammunition of the mass thrower cannon means that the Whisper class will exhaust its ammunition fairly quickly, and thus is outmatched by many fighters in a prolonged dogfight. After its ammunition is gone, the Whisper class has no choice but to withdraw. Fortunately this fighter's extreme speed gives it an edge it can use to destroy its target quickly. Pilots trained to fly the Whisper are taught to make every shot count, as every miss is a costly mistake. The fighter is equipped with a gravity sheath, a field system that surrounds the fighter and when triggered, can be used to rapidly alter course and travel speed. In the case of the Whisper class, the gravity sheath allows the fighter to practically turn on the spot, all the while protecting the pilot from the effects of such aggressive maneuvering. This system also allows the fighter to protect itself from the effects of air friction when descending through atmosphere from orbit, as well as allowing economical travel from ground to orbit. In space the gravity sheath provides a strike crafts directional thruster system. The gravity sheath is not likened to a fictional "shield system", as it is simply not possible to efficiently make the gravity field strong enough to meaningfully affect weapons fire. Nonetheless the usefulness of the gravity sheath means that it is commonly used by Congressial air vehicles, although the sheath rarely offers such a mobility advantage as it offers the Whisper class. Like Many Congress vehicles, this fighter is outfitted with an optical countermeasure, an active camouflage based on nanotechnology, in addition to the usual jammer and decoy systems. Like many vehicles, the Whisper class uses an autolink halflink connection to create extremely natural pilots and an impressively fast reaction time. The fighters' wings can be "folded" to better fit in storage or docking compartments. Possible future generations of the fighter might include an optional slot for a pulse laser gun for more lengthy combat situations.

The Whisper class was originally designed to counter the Monk class fighter during the war against the people of light. While the Monk class has superior flat out top speed, the Whisper class has greater acceleration and maneuverability. On weapons the two classes are on roughly equal terms, although the missiles carried by the Monk class give it a slight advantage in this regard. The most common battlefield role of the Whisper is hunting down enemy aircraft, in particular heavy, slow moving craft like bombers, gunships, transport aircraft and heavy fighters, eliminating them in swift, ruthless raids. In such battles the Whisper class uses its speed and agility to maximal advantage. A fairly typical trick used by the more cunning pilots is allow the enemy to pursue them for a moment, then suddenly pull up, cut speed with the gravity sheath and deliver a mass thrower shot at point plank range as the enemy passes under them ("Shot in the back" or the "Backbreaker" is the common reference used by pilots for this maneuver.) Ordinarily, neither the pilot nor the plane could react fast enough to successfully complete such a maneuver, but the autolink connection combined with the gravity sheath allows this trick which can completely surprise an enemy that believes to have the upper hand by chasing down a Whisper class fighter. The Whisper class also assists ground forces by taking out hard ground targets, like heavily armored vehicles or bunkers. The Whisper class is also used to make surgical assaults against enemy starships, being capable of maneuvering through defensive fire. Once at range the fighters target turrets, sensors and external components of main cannons, clearing the way for other strike craft and projectile fire. The Whisper class is a challenging fighter class to use, a favorite of skilled, experienced pilots.