Villa 4

People in Heat!

It was a hot day. The trees and grass swayed as the heated wind swept through the branches and leaves. Tabby looked out the window as the mountains and valleys passed them by in the distant.
She was bored. It was a hot day, and this silent group of stupid men were not helping with the situation as they drove towards the dot set on the google map app.
Harvey kept on trying to lighten the mood by suggesting different games, none of which could interest the other three occupants of the car.
The loud on going music wasn't helping the mood either. This trip had just begun and a hint of disaster in the form of boredom was already visible. Tabby shuddered at the thought of the entire trip going on the same way as the dead mood in the car.
Radnor sat behind the wheel, concentrating on the road ahead. He could do his usual thing and give these stupid baboons something to laugh about but he was in no mood to do so. He didn't know if it was the lack of some good music in the car or Aden's constant talks with his dad and his dad's colleagues, or the fact that he didn't abuse someone for an entire hour, that kept him on the edge. Radnor was worried. He really wanted to do something this summer. Not the 'party all night and puke all day' kind of thing. The 'get some work in some company' kind of thing. He hoped whatever Aden was trying out would work for both of them. Even his mind couldn't stop the word 'nerd' from popping into his head with all this work thought.
"What route do we have to take? Left or right?" Radnor's words hung in the air, as the rest stared at him. He was driving. Nobody else bothered to check the route they had to take for this trip. Everyone kind of just expected him to know the way since Radnor always boasted about his knowledge of restaurants and bars across the city, sometimes ones which nobody had even heard of before.
" WE TRUSTED YOU, YOU BASTARD!" Harvey screamed, overdramatically, which in turn caused Tabby to smack him on the back of the head. Aden just ignored the ruckus and reached for his phone to check the navigation.
"Just take the road straight ahead from here. The one on the left will probably get us stuck in traffic". Harvey put on a serious face and started discussing the right path to take with Aden. Since he drove through here last time, Harvey kind of knew the way. Well, after 10 minutes of discussing and trying to one up each other, it was apparent that the female voice of google maps knew better than both the bickering babies.
Tabby just rolled her eyes and put on her shades. If someone told her that Aden and Harvey could be such big idiots instead of the serious aura they gave off at the beginning of their college life, she would have asked them to go and shove something nice and painful up their output hole. But now, these pair of monkeys could be arguing about the sky and earth having sex at the horizon and she would believe it.

Harvey usually sat quietly anywhere he went and observed the behaviour of the people around him. And after the first hour of the travel in the car and the failed attempt in getting the guys to get interested in anything…. that's what he did. He put on his shades and just sat quietly and observed. Not before groaning out for the hundredth time that they didn't have a pack of cards to play.
The atmosphere quickly got dead in the car, as the guys got bored of each-others company.
"How much money did the owner of the bungalow ask for?" asked Tabby to no one.
Aden sat up in the shot gun seat at the mention of the bungalow cost "Don't know. The only people who talked to the owner were Hadi and Alex." .
"Well that sucks! I don' know where exactly this place is. Maps can only help us so far ya know" said Radnor. He really didn't like the feeling of not knowing the exact location of his destination when he was driving.
"Just … call one of them or better yet! Contact the owner. I wish I could myself but am drivin so its up to you retards".
Harvey took offence to that. "The only retard here is Radnor".
"Do you want me to drop you in the middle of nowhere and take all your money?"
"Now now boys" Tabby intervened "Do all of you want to die? Cause I won't mind hitting you Radnor, while you are driving".
When Tabby sat up and reached for the driver seat, All three boys got terrified and asked her to stop. The three of them knew, after being friends with her for three years, that she just might do it. She might not, cause she was smart and all, but she was kinda throw you off a chair and dig her nails into your face crazy too so she just, just might. And so once again silence settled in the car.
"Just one of you call someone and figure out the way. I will pull over to the left so we can calmly" Radnor pointedly looked at Tabby "Decide what route to take"
Tabby reached for her phone and dialled Alex's number. She put it on speaker phone so everyone could hear the conversation and she wouldn't have to go through the whole process of repeating the conversation to every one of them. They could really get annoying with all the 'what? What?' over and over.
Alex picked up the phone on the 5 th ring. Loud Music blasted out of the loud speaker of the phone.
"Turn down the volume you retards!" Tabby screamed into the microphone of her mobile.
"What's up bitches ?!" Alex screamed back into the phone as he dialled down the music.
Tabby went straight to the point "Do you know the way to the bungalow?". She didn't have the patience to make the conversation last cause frankly, Alex and group sounded like they were having a blast….. and here she was. Sitting in the car and staring out the window and slowly turning into a tree. And no, she was not jealous of his group. NO she wasn't. But her tone betrayed her inner thoughts.
Alex of quick to catch on to what Tabby was feeling. "We are having sooooooo much fun here you know" he said, gleefully. Alex always found it funny when Tabby got mad over the little things.
"Just shut up and answer my question". Well, Alex thought, chuckling to himself, he hit the target this time.
Meanwhile Harvey and Radnor just enjoyed watching her get annoyed. Before the conversation would continue and take a turn for the worse Radnor decided he needed to calm down this time bomb of a female. "Just hurry up and tell us man. We must reach there by the afternoon".
"Well I talked to Hadi and he said the owner will call me and let me know the location in a while. And we can all meet up at the Macdonalds on the highway and discus this further. We can all grab some breakfast and confirm the location of the bungalow together to avoid any confusion"
Before Tabby could agree with Alex, she heard a string of abuses from the phone followed by laughter. "Well" Alex continued "we better get going, because Donna here has gone full retard. She saw some bald guy in some hatch back earlier on the highway and she has been laughing since".
Alex sighed over the phone which was over shadowed by Donna's laughter. Tabby knew what he meant. Donna would start laughing at the most ridiculous of things and once she did she would not stop laughing for 20 to 30 minute. And whenever Donna got like that, Tabby could not understand a word she would say.
"Any way" Tabby said, in a hurry to end the conversation since she could not handle the amount of fun those people were having "Lets get going then. We will meet you guys at the Macdonalds and discuss this further if we have to". And with that Tabby hung up the phone.
Radnor started the engine and they began their awfully boring journey again, this time with a fixed destination in mind at least.

The room was damp and silent, as if haunted by something, or someone. The only light in the room, dangling from the ceiling, illuminated a single desk with a phone on it, next to a small book shelf in the corner of the room. A man sat at the desk. His hands holding his head, as if to prevent the darkness of the room to enter his brain. He wore a long leather coat and black jeans. His hair messed up in a manner only a skilled barber could correct. A huge meat knife sat next to the phone on the table, its tip lined with rusted blood. Silent sobs rushed into the room from the distance, coming in through the open door leading out of the room, into darkness, wrapping the sullen silence of the room and moulding it into a thicker , more sinister kind. The kind of silence only the great lumbering presence of a mad house at end of an empty road could create…..
The phone rang and broke the silence of the dark room. The man, sitting next to it, picked up the phone with haste. He had been expecting the call for a while now and…..really didn't appreciate being made to wait. It always made him want to do things to those poor people in his basement.
"I have told them to wait for further instructions to the villa" said a husky voice from the other end of the phone.
"This will hopefully be more fun than the last group of cunts who had showed up here" the man replied, as he shifted in his chair with excitement. His voice, dripping with madness.
"No killing this time though" the husky voice replied.
"yeah yeah, just make sure I get paid properly this time" and with that he hung up the phone and got off the chair. He reached for a note with a number and the name Alex written on it, kept on the top shelf of the bookshelf next to the phone.
"You are all welcome to my villa, little lost lambs" the man whispered to himself, as he reached for the pocket knife in his coat pocket.
He took the knife out and pricked his finger and watched as a bubble of blood form at the tip of his finger. He drew a smiley face on the side of the note with his bloody finger. The smiley looked ominous next to Alex's name, like a tick on a hitlist.
"Welcome to villa 4" he whispered to himself as a hysteric smile grew on his grim looking face, with locks of hair covering his eyes which shined with madness. He sat back next to the phone in the cold damp room and started dialling the number from the note.