This is an angry poem. Enjoy, I guess.

People ask me why I look

So calm all the time, even in

The most dire of situations.

People ask me why, when I say

"I love you," I look at them


People don't know what I

Have to do just to get

Through the day.

People don't see the monsters

In the dark, but I do.

I don't see the homeless man on the

Street corner. I see a

Psychopath with a bloody knife,

Grinning at me through the dark.

People don't have to deal

With the voices of doubt,

Day in and day out.

So yeah. I look calm

All day. I have that

Blank look. I have that

Blank look so people don't see

The storm behind these blank eyes.

The storm of thoughts, all

Going so fast you'd think

The bogeyman were after


The storm of conversations,

All clamoring for attention,

Until you can't hear what

The real world has to say anymore.

The storm of doubt and

Depression, forged in the fires

Created from comments

And glares received throughout the day.

The storm of senses,

All overlapping and


The storm behind blank eyes.

It torments me, day and night.

And I hope no-one else can say the same.