A wise man once said that we inherit this Earth from our parents, and gift it to our children.

I inherited this world when the U.S. was 5.7 trillion dollars in debt and a third of the population was in poverty, including my family. Unemployment was at an all-time high, and truancy due to an inability to pay tuition ran rampant. Long story short, the U.S. was going to shit. And now it was at least partially my responsibility.

Skip forward 16 years, 3 months. The U.S. is 20 trillion dollars deep in national debt. Natural disasters and gun violence are increasing by the day, not to mention the entire federal government is filled with nazis after the recent election. Poverty and homelessness is even worse than before, and racism is increasing to the point that anti-segregation laws might as well not exist. To summarize this two paragraph rant, the U.S. has become a cancer cell. And now the immune system is getting ready to wipe it out with nuclear warfare.

And I'm scared. I'm scared that a second holocaust is about to start. I'm scared that the U.S. is about to turn into a dictatorship. I'm scared that this world is going to go out in a blazing inferno of radioactive heat. I'm scared that I'll lose my father to being drafted.

And I'm angry. I'm angry that people refuse to do anything. I'm angry that people have become complacent and ignorant. I'm angry that we elected a nazi, fascist, rapist cheeto for president.

But most of all, I'm tired. I'm tired of sticking my head in the sand. I'm tired of waiting and hoping for someone to actually do something. I'm tired of asking adults, who are too ignorant to know determination from stupidity, to help save a world that no-one cares about anymore.

A wise man once said that we inherit this Earth from our parents, and gift it to our children.

Do you want your children to grow up in a country ruled by a cruel and vicious dictator? Or battered by war? Or turned into a radioactive wasteland by nuclear fallout?

Change the Earth. Sculpt and shape it into something beautiful. Give your children a garden, not a bomb shelter. It doesn't have to be perfect. Every garden has it's weeds.

Just a little better.